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Year - 1997
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Paul Robeson Performance Reports 28 November 2000
Hollywood Reporters: Miracle On 34th Street Performance 21 December 2000
New York Times: Mircale On 34th Street Performance 21 December 2000
Associated Press: Wyclef Jean Jams At Carnegie Hall 20 January 2001
NY Post:Hip-Hop Hooray! Wyclef & Friends Wow Them At Carnegie 20 January 2001
Guardian: Come Together [Wyclef Benefit Report] 22 January 2001
Rolling Stone: Wyclef Takes Carnegie 22 January 2001
NY Times: Wyclef, Hip Hop Master Invokes Cultural Deities 22 January 2001
USA Today: Wyclef Gives Jokes Pause For A Cause 22 January 2001
NY Newsday: For Wyclef Jean, Music Is His Message 23 January 2001
Classic Whitney Exclusive: Whitney's Oscar Evening 26 March 2001
Associated Press: Michael Jackson Concert At MSG 17 April 2001
MTV: Whitney & Michael To Duet At Tribute Concert 17 April 2001
Reuters: MJ To Reunite With Jackson 5 17 April 2001
Worldpop - Michael Jackson To Duet With Whitney, Britney 17 April 2001 - NSYNC, Britney, Whitney & Bobby On Tap For MJ 21 June 2001
Entertainment Wire: MJ's First Mainland Performance In 11 Years 3 July 2001
Associated Press: Michael Jackson Concert Sold Out 1 August 2001
MTV: Whitney To Sing Ballad At MJ Tribute 14 August 2001
PRNewswire: Whitney To Perform At Both Michael Jackson Shows 16 August 2001
Associated Press: Jackson Concert A True Spectacle 8 September 2001
E-Online: Michael Jackson Tribute: Off The Wall! 8 September 2001
Billboard: Stars Honor Michael Jackson In New York 10 September 2001
Hollywood Reporter: CBS Preps 2-Hour Jackson Show 10 October 2001
CBS Confirm MJ Tribute Concert 17 October 2001
Billboard: Whitney's MJ Performance Will Be Included In TV Show 17 October 2001
PRNewswire: Liza Minnelli Tribute 24 November 2001
PRNewswire: The Eyes Of Christmas 10 December 2001
NYNewsday: Whitney To Sing At Gest/Minnelli Wedding 12 December 2001
Billboard: American Bandstand 50th Anniversary Special 11 April 2002
NY Daily News: Whitney Wouldn't O-Blige On Rehearsal 26 May 2002
MTV UK: MTV Europe Music Awards Performance Confirmed 22 October 2002
MTV UK: Backstage At Barcelona 12 November 2002
NY Daily News: Whitney Still Hits A High Note (Lincoln Center) 8 December 2002
NY Newsday: Whitney Houston 'Holds Her Own' At Lincoln Center 9 December 2002
Telegraph: Whitney's Bid To Come In From The Cold 10 December 2002
Fox 411: Super Bowl Show: Who Will Join Santana? 9 January 2003
NY Daily News: Whitney Shifts Into Emotional Overdrive 6 April 2003
Billboard: Dion, Houston, Others Join 'Divas' 28 April 2003
PRNewswire: Beyonce, Lisa Marie, Whitney & Celine Join 'Divas' 28 April 2003
Fox 411: Whitney & Bobby Stir Things Up In Vegas 23 May 2003
ET: The Whitney Houston Interview (World Music Awards) 15 September 2004
PRNewswire: Whitney & Clive Reunite 16 September 2004
Sky News: Whitney Back On Form 16 September 2004
Fox411: Will Whitney Houston's Star Rise Again? 2 February 2005
EUR: The Return Of Whitney 3 February 2005
MosNews: Russian Billionaire Pays Christina Aguilera $1M Per Wedding Song 5 September 2005
USA Today: BET Honors Its Rich Past 27 October 2005
Torino2006 Winter Olypmics: Whitney Houston to Perform 19 February 24 January 2006
Billboard: Artists on fast track for exposure at Olympics 28 January 2006
Daily Mail: Whitney Houston arrives for X Factor performance with a diva-sized mountain of luggage 16 October 2009
The Sun: Cheryl sings ‘live’ on X Factor ... and Whitney has 'wardrobe malfunction' 18 October 2009
Daily Mail: Cheryl Cole delivers 'incredible' performance on X Factor as comeback queen Whitney Houston almost loses her dress 18 October 2009
Telegraph: X Factor: Cheryl Cole and Whitney Houston draw record ratings 19 October 2009
New York Daily News: Whitney Houston has 'wardrobe malfunction' on Simon Cowell's UK TV hit 'X Factor' 19 October 2009
Daily Mail: Whitney Houston stuns X Factor viewers with shambolic behaviour 19 October 2009
Daily Mirror: X Factor trounces Strictly with its highest-ratings ever at the weekend 19 October 2009
Daily Mirror: Whitney Houston gives Simon Cowell a dressing down over use of 'new' song 20 October 2009
Hello Magazine: Whitney Houston silences her doubters with spot-on Italian 'X Factor' performance 22 October 2009
Zap2it: Whitney Houston performing, getting award at AMAs 11 November 2009
OK! Magazine: Whitney Houston to Take the Stage at the AMAs 11 November 2009
Zap2it: Whitney Houston to perform on 'Dancing With The Stars' Finale 16 November 2009
Access Hollywood: Whitney Houston to sing on 'Dancing With The Stars' Finale 16 November 2009
The Sun: Dermot scared out of his Whits 16 April 2010



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