I Learned From The Best: UK CD Single...'I Learned From The Best' - The New Single - Out Now In Germany & CD1 In The UK - The Remix CD Will Be Available Next Week...

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UK Record Of The Year...

'My Love Is Your Love' is one of 20 records that have been nominated for ITV's Record Of The Year 1999 (UK).   The 20 records will be run down to just 10 records by public voting and the final ten records will air on ITV on 11 December 1999 when the winner will be chosen.

The 20 contenders are as follows:

9pm (Till I Come) - ATB
Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
Better Off Alone - DJ Jurgen presents Alice Deejay
Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65
Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom! - Vengaboys
Bring It All Back - S Club 7
Flat Beat - Mr Oizo
Flying Without Wings - Westlife
Genie In A Bottle - Christina Aguilera
I Try - Macy Gray
If You Had My Love - Jennifer Lopez
Livin' La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin
Mambo No.5 (A Little Bit Of...) - Lou Bega
My Love Is Your Love - Whitney Houston
No Scrubs - TLC
Perfect Moment - Martine McCutcheon
Sweet Like Chocalate - Shanks & Bigfoot
Turn Around - Phats & Small
That Don't Impress Me Much - Shania Twain
When You Say Nothing At All - Ronan Keating

Sports Illustrated...

Whitney's performance on the CBS special Sports Illustrated - 20th Century Sports Awards will be shortly before 10PM (2 December 1999).

The show airs from 8PM to 11PM.

[Thanks A.J.]

I Learned From The Best: UK Airplay...

Airplay for I Learned From The Best is a bit odd this week.  The song drops from last week's No.28 spot to No.34 this week (it's third week on).  It's audience impression is down 18% to 22.76 million.   However, the number of spins it received last week has increased by 71% to 486.   It is also the most added record across UK radio stations for the week.  All things accounted for, expect the song to resume the upward trend next week.

It remains the No.5 pre-release single.   It won't qualify for this chart next week as it will debut on the UK singles chart on Sunday.

'My Love Is Your Love' has dropped out of the Top 50 Airplay positions after 27 weeks on the chart.


German Chart Update...

'I Learned From The Best' has debuted on the German singles chart at No.54 (a fairly strong debut for Germany)  'My Love Is Your Love' is down to No.63 this week having had an appearance on this chart since June.

The album, 'My Love Is Your Love' is at No.36 this week.

[Thanks Sebastian]

UK Living...

'The Preacher's Wife' will air on UK Living on Friday 3 December 1999 at 9PM.

[Thanks Neal]

My Love Is Your Import...

On the UK R&B Singles Chart, 'My Love Is Your Love' holds at No.24 this week on the strength of import sales alone.  The commercial single was deleted some time back.



[Part Text Of RIAA Commentary On November Certifications - Very Similar To The Billboard Announcement]

“The Bodyguard” soundtrack, the best-selling soundtrack of all time, hits the 17 million mark, which makes it the best-selling album of the 1990’s. Tied in second place as the decade’s best-sellers, with sales of 16 million each, are Garth Brooks’ “No Fences,” Hootie & The Blowfish’s “Cracked Rear View” and Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill.”


I Learned From The Best UK: Day One...

UK retailer Woolworths have historically predicted the debuts of Whitney's singles a place or two below the actual debut of her singles from the 'My Love Is Your Love' album.  'It's Not Right But It's Okay' was predicted for a No.5 debut (it debuted at No.3) and 'My Love Is Your Love' was predicted for a No.4 debut (it debuted at No.2).

This week, Woolworths predicts 'I Learned From The Best' will debut at No.6.  However, this is only an indication and it really can go either way as has happened a few times in the recent past.  Celine Dion is predicted as the highest new entry at No.4.  Her single is discounted and available on 2 CDs.

If Whitney debuts in the UK top ten on Sunday, it will be the first time in her career that she has lifted four top ten singles from one of her albums.  Her previous best is three (which she's managed to do four times).

Whitney Houston is joined by Geri Haliwell, Mel C and Mariah Carey as the only female artists to have three Top 5 singles from one album in the 1990's.  Whitney is the only female artist to do this on two occasions ('The Bodyguard' & 'My Love Is Your Love').  A fourth Top 5 debut would solidify Whitney's place as the most consistent hitmaking female artist in the UK for this decade - a title she already has for the number of Top 5 successes on 'The Bodyguard' and 'My Love Is Your Love'

None of Madonna's six album releases this decade have generated more than two Top 5 UK Singles although she is a virtual guarantee for top ten every time.

Whitney does have her work cut out - London radio stations are slow on the uptake (possibly waiting for a radio edit of one of the remixes) and the single is available only on one CD this week which has not been discounted.


Simply The Best: The Bodyguard...

[Text From Billboard Online]

The soundtrack to "The Bodyguard," which is already the best-selling soundtrack ever, is now also the best-selling album of the '90s. The Arista set is certified for sales of 17 million copies, putting it ahead of Brooks' "No Fences" (Capitol Nashville), Hootie & the Blowfish's "Cracked Rear View" (Atlantic), and Alanis Morissette's "Jagged Little Pill" (Maverick/Warner Bros.), each of which has sold 16 million copies.

[Thanks Kevin]

I Learned From The Best: MusicNewsWire Review...

[Review From www.musicnewswire.com]

I Learned From The Best (Arista)

WHY do all these divas want to sound so much like Lauryn? Simple really. If you're going to copy anyone, you imitate the best. So no surprise that Whitney Houston should have sought to revive her career with some Hill-isms on her current album 'My Love Is Your Love'. It worked a treat, too, and produced her best record in years but 'I Learned From The Best' is Whitney sounding more like Whitney used to sound on a big, gorgeous ballad written by Diane Warren and produced by David Foster. The vocal is great, the arrangement breathtaking and the song, with its strongwoman/broken heart imagery, is irresistible. * * * 

[Thanks Lopez]

MTV Europe Performance: US Broadcast...

Whitney's MTV Europe Music Awards performance of 'Get It Back/My Love Is Your Love' aired on MTV in the US today on MTV Jams.

As much as we've mailed MTV to complain about this performance, it may be a nice gesture to mail them to show appreciation for airing this performance and request further showings.  Nothing excuses the editing down of the performance from the actual show (where it was likely to get it's best audience) but showing it now does go some way to making amends.

[Thanks Lopez]

Upcoming Appearance...

Whitney will be performing on the Sports Illustrated Awards this coming Thursday December 2 on CBS.  It will be a live event.

This date has been added to the Upcoming Television Appearances Section.

[Thanks Joe/David]


UK Chart Update...

'My Love Is Your Love' is down seven places to No.62 on the UK album chart (54 weeks on).  Eight albums debut above it.  The album may have posted a sales gain over last week - will confirm later this week.

UK Single...

UK fans - Don't forget to pick your CD single of 'I Learned From The Best' which has it's first CD issued tomorrow.

Top Ten Downloads...

These are the most popular RealAudio sound clips on Classic Whitney for last week:

Could I Have This Kiss Forever
Get It Back/My Love Is Your Love - MTV Europe 1999
My Love Is Your Love - Salaam Remi Remix
I Learned From The Best - Top Of The Pops
My Love Is Your Love - Marvel & Eily Vocal Mix
I Will Always Love You - Classic Whitney
My Love Is Your Love - Wyclef Mix (European Release)
Porgy/And I Am Telling You/I Have Nothing - 1994 AMAs
MTV Europe - Best R&B Acceptance Speech
When You Believe - 1999 Academy Award Performance

Hispanic Opinion Tracker 2000...

[From Billboard Magazine]

The first Hispanic Opinion Tracker 2000 compiled by People en Espanol Magazine done by NuStats International in which 1,449 self-identifed Latinos aged 18 and over were interviewed. 

Whitney Houston was chosen as the 2nd favorite female singer as chosen by Hispanic women. Celine Dion was number one.  In the All Time Female Artist category (as chosen by both male and female respondents), Whitney came in seventh place:

Celine Dion
Ana Gabriel
Gloria Estefan
Jennifer Lopez
Whitney Houston
Olga Tanon

No doubt Whitney's position on this listing will increase next year once the duet with Enrique - Whitney's first foray into latin sounds - has been released as a single.

[Thanks Lopez]

New York Newsday Review...

[Excerpt from "In Plain English, Enrique Tops 'Enrique', "Richard Torres' NY Newsday review of Enrique Iglesias' English debut album]

"Best of all is the prerequisite Diane Warren-penned ballad "Could I Have This Kiss Forever." Produced by David Foster, the song is a heartfelt duet with diva Whitney Houston. The two work incredibly well together. Houston turns down the bombast and turns up the heat while Iglesias croons with sensual confidence. It's the unmistakable highlight of an uneven album."

[Thanks Monte]

Wall of Sound Review...

[Exerpt from the Wall Of Sound review of Enrique Iglesias' CD]

In many ways, Enrique is even better than Martin's own chart-topping English-language debut, with a depth and richness of songcraft (he wrote five of the 10 tunes) that goes beyond "Livin' La Vida Loca" and shaking your bon-bon. "Rhythm Divine," "Bailamos," "Alabao," and "Oyeme" work just fine for the dance floors (and the bon-bons), while gentler, Spanish guitar-dominated songs such as "I've Always Loved You," "I'm Your Man," and "Could I Have This Kiss Forever," Iglesias' well-met duet with Whitney Houston,  are convincingly romantic and neither contrived nor overdone.

[Thanks Lopez]

Could I Could I....

The complete lyrics to Could I Have This Kiss Forever are now in the Lyrics Section.

Upcoming TV Appearances...

Classic Whitney now features an Upcoming TV Appearances Section.   Currently, it features only UK appearances - if you know of a TV show which will feature Whitney, please Let Me Know so it can be added to the page.

The link to the upcoming appearances section will permanently feature at the top of this Newsfile.

[Thanks Neal M. For Getting The Ball Rolling]

I Believe In You And Me...

The RealAudio clip of Whitney's UK National Lottery Live performance of 'I Believe In You And Me' appears to have been clipped down to less than 1 minute when Classic Whitney was launched.  The complete version in stereo is now available in the Audio Downloads.


Vote Whitney On TOTP...

The TOTP Website has a section which allows us to vote for the best performance on the show.  Whitney's performance of I Learned From The Best was in third place with 13% last night before a request on the bulletin board took it to first place with 50% of all votes.

The power of requesting is huge and clearly we are a far more formidable fanbase, our request culture on the net is proven.   Please take a moment to vote for Whitney on the TOTP website.  The performance they aired last night  (RealAudio Clip Available) appears to have been edited down.   If TOTP can see that people were impressed with the performance, they will have to make an effort to show the complete performance when the song debuts on the UK Singles Chart - I believe the site allows you to vote three times.


Top Of The Pops Performance...

Another Classic Whitney Exclusive - The TOTP performance of I Learned From The Best is now available - just follow the link below [If you can't see it - you're not using Internet Explorer 4 +].

Also Available - The TOTP Performance Screen Captures - Essentially the same as her My Love Is Your Love performance but they have been included for the sake of being complete with all Whitney's TOTP performance.  The only performance left to air is Heartbreak Hotel which is likely to see UK release in the New Year.

Radio One...

I Learned From The Best is B listed for a third week on UK National pop radio station, Radio One.

Clive On Good Morning America...

Quotes to note: Clive  referred to Whitney and Aretha as 'geniuses of the voice'. He said that Whitney and he were always 'creative partners'.

Clive also said that 'Top 40 radio doesn't discriminate but they don't like to play urban radio unless they are forced to.'

[Thanks Lopez]

Top Of The Pops...

[This is the blurb on the TOTP Website about tonight's performance]

Tina Turner was 'Simply The Best', Janet Jackson believed that 'The Best Things in Life Are Free' and now Whitters is taking her slice of the pie with her striking ballad 'I Learned From the Best'. This is the third single taken from the platinum selling 'My Love is Your Love', an album which marks a change in direction for Ms. Houston. Recorded with the help of Wyclef Jean, Missy Elliot, Faith Evans and Lauryn Hill, Whitney made a conscious effort to modernise her sound and use the creative talents of the new generation of R&B and soul stars. 'I Learned From The Best' is a more traditional Whitney single than many of the tracks on the album, particularly the edgy sounding 'It's Not Right But It's Okay' and gives her a chance to show off famously emotive vocal range in front of a TOTP audience again.


The Billboard Update...

It's a mixed bag of news for Whitney on the Billboard Charts for the week ending 4 December 1999.  'My Love Is Your Love' slips to No.97 (from No.87) on it's 53rd chart week - the lowest position it's hit to date with 14 albums debuting above it. On the R&B Albums Chart, the album drops to No.45 (from No.35).

Here's the singles update:

Hot 100 - Remains at No.6 (2nd week) with bullet - 14 weeks on chart ;
Hot 100 Airplay - Up to No.11 (from No.16) with bullet - 14 weeks on chart;
Hot 100 Sales - Up to No.5 (from No.6) - 12 weeks on chart;

Top 40 Tracks - Up to No.17 (from No.23) with bullet - 5 weeks on chart;
Top 40 Mainstream - Up to No.23 (from No.25) with bullet - 5 weeks on chart;
Rhythmic Top 40 - Up to No.26 (from No.27) with bullet -  6 weeks on the chart;
R&B Singles Chart - Remains at No.17 (2nd week) - 20 weeks on chart;
Hot R&B Airplay -Down to No.31 (from No.27) - 20 weeks on chart;

Hot R&B Sales - Down to No.11 (from No.9) - 12 weeks on the chart;
Dance/Maxi CD Sales - Down to No.6 (from No.4) - 13 weeks on chart.


Dance/Maxi CD Sales - Down to No.45 (from No.38) - 27 weeks on chart.

[Compiled By Lopez]

Dotmusic Link...

The Dotmusic Whitney Houston Page now provides a link back to Classic Whitney.

Canadian Certification...

'My Love Is Your Love' has been certified Double Platinum in Canada representing sales of 200,000 copies.

[Thanks Scott H.]

Arista's Whitney Party...

[Photo & Story From Music Week]

Whitney Houston & Clive Davis It happened days before these stories of Clive Davis's retirement began doing the rounds, but it couldn't have been a more timely reminder of The Legend's success this year.  Davis held a lavish party for Whitney Houston at London's Waldorf Hotel at the end of her 40-date European tour and presented her with an award for 8 million sales of the album he co-produced, 'My Love Is Your Love'.   Stars in attendance included All Saints and Heather Small.
It was a busy week for Davis who, a few days later, hosted The Artist's album playback at London's Mermaid Theatre.  He joked, "If I was ever asked who I had never worked with that I would like to, I would always say - depending on the year - Prince...or The Artist."

UK Airplay Profile...

Although most London radio stations have only paid the smallest amount of attention to 'I Learned From The Best', throughout the country, airplay for the song is making impressive moves.  This week, the track moves up to No.28 (from No.43) on the UK Music Control Airplay chart.  Spins increase 31% to 285 for the week and it's audience is now 26.89 million - 34%.

'I Learned From The Best' is No.5 on the pre-release chart (airplay hits which are not available commercially as yet).

'My Love Is Your Love' deserves another notable mention - on it's 27th week on the Airplay Chart, the song is up to No.43 (from 49).  A 10% spins increase to 602 for the week and an audience increase by 4% t 18.68 million listeners assist the climb.


In Total Control...

I Learned From The Best - UK Postcard



Clive Davis...

Clive Davis' appearance on Good Morning America is actually scheduled for tomorrow - 24 November 1999.

Apologies for the confusion.

Limited Edition...

The release of the limited edition 'My Love Is Your Love' CD has had it's UK release date put back to 6 December, the same date as the 'I Learned From The Best' remix CD.


Could I Have This Kiss Forever...

Another great exclusive - the complete recording of the Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias duet, "Could I Have This Kiss Forever" is available on Classic Whitney!

For The Record...

Enrique Iglesias - Enrique

The Enrique Iglesias album "Enrique" is available this week.  "Could I Have This Kiss Forever" is the seventh track on the CD and is credited as being performed by Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias (as opposed to the standard format of citing it as a 'duet with Whitney Houston').

The song's executive producer is Clive Davis.

Top Of The Pops...

UK Fans - Whitney Houston will perform 'I Learned From The Best' on Top Of The Pops on Friday as confirmed by the BMG Backstage Website.

The performance was probably recorded before Whitney left the UK.

[Thanks Bryn/Craig]

VH-1 Story Teller...

Wyclef Jean performed My Love Is Your Love as part of his VH-1 Storyteller performance which aired in the US last night.  Wyclef spoke of how he had invited Whitney to come and perform the song with him that evening but she couldn't do to European touring commitments.  He also said he asked her whether she'd mind him performing the song to which Whitney's reply was that he'd "better not mess up my song."

[Thanks Andrea]

BMG Post Card...

[This is the text of the BMG UK postcard detailing next week's Whitney releases]

I Learned From The Best will be available Monday 29th November.

I Learned From The Best will be available on CD featuring "I Will Always Love You" (Hex Hector Club Mix) and "Its Not Right But Its Okay" (Thunderpuss Radio Mix), The Cassette features "I Will Always Love You" (Hex Hector Club Mix)

As if that is not enough, an additional CD Single will be available on December 6th featuring fantastic dance mixes by Junior Vasquez and Hex Hector.

Available on November 29th for a limited period only - the album with a specially packaged BONUS Club Remix CD featuring remixes of Heartbreak Hotel, My Love Is Your Love and Its Not Right But Its Okay........Grab it while you can.

[Thanks Neal]

Top Ten Downloads...

These are the most popular RealAudio sound clips on Classic Whitney for last week:

Get It Back/My Love Is Your Love - MTV Europe 1999
MTV Europe - Best R&B Acceptance Speech
My Love Is Your Love - Salaam Remi Remix
I Will Always Love You - Classic Whitney
My Love Is Your Love - Wyclef Mix (European Release)
My Man/All The Man That I Need - 1991 Billboard Music Awards
One Moment In Time - 1989 Grammy Awards
Eternal Love
Exhale (Shoop Shoop) - Classic Whitney
Porgy/And I Am Telling You/I Have Nothing - 1994 AMAs.

Canadian Update...

SoundScan Top 100 Albums - Down to No.74 (from No.67) - 40 weeks on chart
SoundScan Top 50 R&B Albums - Down to No.10 (from No.9) - 52 weeks on chart

SoundScan Top 50 Singles - Down to No.29 (from No.17) - 9 weeks on chart
BDS Top 100 Airplay - Steady at No.29 - 9 weeks on chart


SoundScan Top 50 Singles - Down to No.45 (from No.37) - 9 weeks on chart.

[Compiled By  Darrell]

MTV Arista Report...

MTV Online has a report about the recent issues surrounding Clive Davis' standing as head of Arista Records.

[Thanks Arthur]

Clive Davis...

Clive Davis will appear on Good Morning America tomorrow morning.  Likely topic of discussion is the recent confusion over his position are C.E.O. of Arista Records.



Enrique Iglesias' album, 'Enrique' is released tomorrow in the UK and Tuesday in the US.  The album will feature the duet with Whitney Houston, 'Could I Have This Kiss Forever'.

TV Guide: Movie Of The Decade...

Go to the TV Guide Website and vote for The Bodyguard as the movie of the decade (the most likely to be nominated movie of Whitney's considering it's global success).  Voting ends 29 November, the winners will be announced on 1 December 1999.

[Thanks David]

UK Chart Update...

'My Love Is Your Love' is up two places to No.55 on the UK Album Chart this week, it's 53rd charting week.  Eight albums debut above it.

I Learned From The Best: UK Release...

The Capital Radio website confirms 'I Learned From The Best' will be commercially released as a single next week in the UK.    Capital also confirms the single will appear on two CDs and will not be discounted.

MTV Europe Music Awards Outrage...

Whitney's performance of 'Get It Back/My Love Is Your Love' was edited down to just 'Get It Back' on MTV in the US last night.

There is no apparent reason for cutting out My Love Is Your Love - a song which is Top 20 on the US Airplay Chart and still in the Top 10 of the Hot100 reaching it's highest position just this week.  Indeed, the performance was one of the highlights of the show.

Please E-Mail MTV To Register Your Disappointment.

When mailing, please do not use foul language but sound reasoning.  We want MTV to listen, not to dismiss our complaints.

Whilst MTV reserves the right to edit the show to cater for the demographics of their viewership, clearly a performance by an artist they describe themselves as being renewed and newly relevant should not then by subject to such blatant disregard and butchery.

It is noteworthy that whilst the US MTV Music Award winners are nominated and selected by some form of panel (hence the usual same winners and nominees each year), the MTV Europe award winners are selected by the viewers of the channel.  Whitney Houston's win was on the fan's say so and her performance was clearly warranted and relevant to the show.

Voicing opinions about this to MTV is the only way in which to bring about change in the way the channel operates and some of it's curious decisions to exclude globally relevant artists from programming are questionable.



Statement From Whitney...

[Whitney Houston's statement reaction to the recent Clive Davis/BMG issue]

"Clive and I are family, and it hurts me to think he is being treated with disrespect. He is on top as he always has been. He deserves total honor and respect from everyone, including BMG. As far as his age is concerned, he's younger than me, so maybe I should be retired. Clive is my partner."

[From Hollywood Reporter; Thanks Marc]

MTV Europe Music Awards...

Don't forget - the 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards will air tonight on MTV in the US.


Mariah On Whitney...

This is what Mariah Carey had to say about Whitney on last night's Ian Wright Show (UK):

"The only songs that I have not wrote are the covers, also I did not write "When You Believe" with Whitney. I love Whitney, people can say what they want, I love Whitney, but I really do, I was there at the MTV Europe Awards when she won, I was backstage applauding for her when she won her award, so eat, drink, dance, Whatever!! she is a good person I appreciate her and she's been an influence on so many people and she was around long before me, so I have to give respect to the people that are pioneers and that have done this."

[Thanks Neal]


I Learned From The Best: The Billboard Review...

You have to read this - possibly the most stunning review of a song by Billboard magazine by any artist ever!!

Whitney Houston I Learned From the Best (4:09)
Producer: David Foster Writer: Diane Warren
Arista 3603 (CD Promo)

Whitney Houston has cruised through four sleeper singles from her current 'My Love is Your Love': the initial 'When You Believe' with Mariah Carey, 'Heartbreak Hotel,' 'It's Not Right But It's Okay,' and her previous top 10 hit with the title track. Now-surprise-here's the most immediate single from her now multi-platinum set, a song that has most added stamped all over it.

Written by the ultimate pop/R&B scribe of the '90's, Diane Warren, this gorgeous ballad will take fans old and new to that sacred territory that Whitney established back in the years of classics like 'Saving All My Love For You, and 'All The Man That I Need.' but make no mistake; the Houston of today is a fully seasoned, well-travelled Diva, leaving the wannabes in scattered remains with this spine-chilling performance. 

You'll be throwing your hands in the air over the wisdom she's gained in this tale of the strong woman who's breaking bad with her lessons about heartbreak. Producer/Arranger David Foster, meanwhile, puts forth all that he's learned in the past two decades with a forceful instrumental package that borrows from his days of commandeering the horns-heavy Chicago through its comeback in the early '80's. The three together-Houston, Warren, and Foster-simply can't miss in this stellar effort that brings together the best of their talents. It all adds up to a certain No.1 that will fill hearts, enrapture ears, captivate Top 40 and R&B radio and leave remaining detractors clamouring for their copies of this deep, forward-stepping album.   Bravo.

[Thanks Lopez]

UNCF Performance...

The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) will kick-off the year 2000 with its annual fund-raising gala, "An Evening of Stars: A Celebration of Educational Excellence," which will air on approximately 70 top television stations Saturday, January 8(a) (check local listings for station, date and times).

Hosted by Lou Rawls, Debbie Allen, Star Jones and Lynn Whitfield, the four-hour special will feature concert performances by superstar recording artists, including Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Barry White, Earth, Wind and Fire, and many more. In addition, there will be special celebrity guest appearances that include Quincy Jones, Gen. Colin Powell, Tom Joyner, and Barry Bonds.

(Excerpt taken from Variety)

[Thanks Dave]

1999 Billboard Music Awards...

The nominations for the 1999 Billboard Music Awards have been announced with Whitney Houston being named in three of the fourteen categories:

Female Artist

Whitney Houston
Britney Spears
Shania Twain

Hot 100 Title

Cher "Believe"
Whitney Houston Featuring Faith Evans and Kelly Price "Heartbreak Hotel"
Monica "Angel Of Mine"
TLC "No Scrubs"

R&B Singles Title

Deborah Cox "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here"
Whitney Houston "Heartbreak Hotel"
Maxwell "Fortunate"
TLC "No Scrubs"

Whitney is likely to collect in the R&B Singles category.  The awards will air in the US on 8 December 1999 at 7pm ET on Fox-TV.


New Bambi Award Pictures...

The Awards Image Gallery Has New Photos From The 1999 Bambi Awards

[Thanks Sylvie]

UK Radio/Video Support...

'I Learned From The Best' remains B listed on national UK radio station, Radio One and A listed on Radio 2.

MTV UK have the song B listed and was last week's 10th most played video.

Please total.request@mtv.co.uk and request I Learned From The Best.  You can also request the song on VH-1 via E-Mail.

You can also request the song on London's Capital Radio who still play My Love Is Your Love - Just click on Song Requests.


Billboard Update...

One year on - 'My Love Is Your Love' is this week's No.87 album on the Billboard 200 down seven places with 16 albums debuting above it.  On the R&B Album Chart, My Love Is Your Love climbs to No.35 (from No.36).

Here's the single's chart action for the week ending 27 November 1999 - the final chart tracking week of 1999:

Hot 100 - Up to No.6 (from No.8) - 13 weeks on chart ;
Hot 100 Airplay - Up to No.16 (from No.21) with bullet - 13 weeks on chart;
Hot 100 Sales - Down to No.6 (from No.3) - 11 weeks on chart;

Top 40 Tracks - Up to No.22 (from No.26) with bullet - 4 weeks on chart;
Top 40 Mainstream - Up to No.25 (from No.28) with bullet - 4 weeks on chart;
Rhythmic Top 40 - Up to No.27 (from No.30) with bullet - 5 weeks on the chart;
R&B Singles Chart - Down to No.17 (from No.15) - 19 weeks on chart;
Hot R&B Airplay - Up to No.26 (from No.27) - 19 weeks on chart;

Hot R&B Sales - Remains at No.9 - 11 weeks on the chart;
Dance/Maxi CD Sales - Down to No.4 (from No.3) - 12 weeks on chart.


Dance/Maxi CD Sales - Up to No.38 (from No.47) with bullet - 26 weeks on chart.

[Compiled By Lopez]

Clive Davis...

Clive Davis Statement
NEW YORK, Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a statement from Clive Davis:

``I would like to make it clear that I have no plans whatsoever to retire. At age 66, I am absolutely at the peak of my powers producing the Carlos Santana and Whitney Houston albums, each of which is generating spectacular multi-platinum sales. Arista itself has never been more successful in both sales and profits. BMG has called Arista its 'crown jewel' for many years and that crown has never shined more brightly, with more new artists breaking and more established artists reaching new peaks than ever before.

``I will be weighing BMG's offers to me which involve both preserving my legacy and, ironically, major support of a new public media company that I would be forming. I am also very moved by the overwhelming outpouring of support from my artists, the officers and employees of Arista and those in the industry. I fully intend to live up to my contract ending June 30, 2000, and celebrate by far the greatest year in our twenty-five year history, culminating in the two-hour network NBC special in the spring of 2000 called 'Arista's 25 Years of #1 Hits.'''

You Can Read The Billboard Magazine Report Here.



Here are the updated Canadian chart stats for last week (sorry they're a bit late):


SoundScan Top 75 Albums - Down to No.67 (from No.56) - 39 weeks on chart
SoundScan Top 50 R&B Albums - Down to No.9 (from No.7) - 51 weeks on chart


SoundScan Top 50 Singles - Up to No.17 (from No.18) - 8 weeks on chart
BDS Top 100 Airplay - Up to No.29 (from No.37) - 8 weeks on chart


SoundScan Top 50 Singles - Down to No.37 (from No.19) - 8 weeks on chart

[Thanks Darrell]



The Junior Vasquez Website confirms that Junior is remixing I Learned From The Best and If I Told You That.

Hex Hector has already been confirmed as one of the remixers for I Learned From The Best.


Whitney Houston In Billboard: 20 November 1999

Whitney Houston featured in Billboard Magazine issue dated 20 November 1999

UK Airplay....

'I Learned From The Best' has got off to a strong start on the UK Airplay Chart.  It moves from No.81 to No.43 this week (which officially counts as it's first week as only the Top 50 positions are published). The 38 place climb is based on 217 spins (an increase of 89% over last week) and an audience of 20.04 million (up 95% over last week).  The song debuts at No.9 on the Top 10 pre-release airplay tracks.

'My Love Is Your Love' is now on it's 26th Airplay Chart week at No.49 (down from No.48).  It joins Madonna's 'Beautiful Stranger' as the longest running airplay hits on the list.

One Year On...

Don't forget to give 'My Love Is Your Love' a spin on your CD player today - the album is one year old now.  Check out the My Love Is Your Love Tribute Page.

Another Bambi Article...

Germans honor Houston, Dion

By Liza Foreman

BERLIN (Variety) - Staged for the first time in Berlin, the Bambi Awards, Germany's oldest media prizes, honored artists as diverse as Whitney Houston and Jean Paul Gaultier, who were both on hand to collect the golden Bambi trophies Saturday.

At the ceremony's 51st edition, the international film prize went to Goldie Hawn.

``I loved hearing myself in German,'' the actress said after seeing a trailer of her work presented in a dubbed version. ``What a riot.''

Hosted by German publishing house Burda, the Bambis honor those involved in endeavors ranging from sports and showbiz to charity.

The wisecracks of designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, winner of this year's fashion award, drew giggles from an audience of select German showbiz personalities.

``I am not going to say 'Ich bin Berliner' because someone has been here and said that before,'' he said. ``But I love the Eurovision song contest and I am especially glad to be here tonight because there are two people from the Eurovision Song Contest.''

One of these was Celine Dion, who was present to receive the Special Bambi Award for the hit single ``My Heart Will Go On.'' Whitney Houston took away the international pop prize.

Dr. Motte, founder of Berlin's infamous annual techno street party the Love Parade, which this year attracted more than 1.5 million fans, took home the prize for creativity.

The awards wrapped with a party in the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Potsdamer Platz, the future venue for the Berlin Intl. Film Fest, where Gaultier models took to the dance floor with local guests, and supermodel Claudia Schiffer put in an appearance.


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ml1ylogo.JPG (29846 bytes)



[Comment From Hitmaker Magazine]

Top 40 Tipsheet - Whitney Houston 'My Love Is Your Love' (Arista)

Once again, it's call-out research that's the story here!  Combined rotations grow past
2,300 and climbing with new adds @ WRVW, KDUK,KQIZ, KWTX and WKFR.

Don't forget - Global Request Whitney.

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Bambi Info...

Whitney Houston picked up her first Bambi on the weekend.   Heiko Schoenborn from 'The Break' reports that she was in Berlin, Germany on Saturday (along with Britney Spears, Phil Collins, Goldie Hawn, Tina Turner and Celine Dion) to receive a Bambi-Award from the German publishing house Burda.  Whitney received her gong for Best Pop International Artist.

Right after the presentation she was driven to the Kurfuerstendamn (Berlin's main shopping street) where she was presented the new BMW Z8 at BMW's huge showroom.  The Z8 is the car featured in the new Bond flick 'The World is Not Enough'.  A Burda spokesperson denied the car was a gift from the publishing house.

Other winners were:
Sasha-Pop National
Celine Dion-most successful single of the last 50 yrs
Goldie Hawn-film international
Laetitia Casta-shooting star
Dr. Motte-creativity
Jean Paul Gaultier-fashion

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Grammy Greats...

Whitney's 94 Grammy performance of I Will Always Love You will be featured in a VH1 special saluting great Grammy Performances over the years.  The show will air on VH1 Tuesday Nov. 16 at 8 PM EST in the U.S.

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Clemens has a new Whitney Website - check it out.


Bambi Awards...

Bambi Awards: Germany 1999


Actress Goldie Hawn and Whitney Houston frame German entertainer Harald Juhnke as they pose with their Bambi awards during the awarding ceremony organized by the German Hubert Burda Media company in Berlin, Germany, Saturday night, November 13 1999.

[Associated Press] 

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Diane Warren...

[Article from Music Week issue dated 6 November 1999]

Warren pens duet to appear on Houston's best of album

Diane Warren has penned a duet for Latin star Enrique Iglesias and Whitney Houston, which will appear on a forthcoming greatest hits package being put together for the R&B diva.

Warren revealed details of the track, Can I Have This Kiss Forever? - which will also feature on Iglesias' debut album, Enrique, due for release on Interscope/Polydor on November 22 - in an interview during a rare whistelstop visit to London last week.

Houston is understood to have recorded her vocals over the summer with producer David Foster.  The retrospective, expected to reflect her entire career, is due in March/April 2000 although there may be another two singles to come from 1998's double platinum album, My Love Is Your Love.

Another of Warren's key forthcoming releases next year is What Do I Do With The Love performed by Ronan Keating, while the writer says she is also keen to write for his chart-topping band Westlife.

A fan of UK acts, on the state of UK versus US artists, she says, "There's always talent out there [in the UK].  But there doesn't seem to be enough people out there finding it and spotting it."

Warren - one of the few songwriters who could write for artists as diverse and Aerosmith and Celine Dion - has been typically prolific recently, with her songs being covered by artists  as diverse as Eric Clapton, Chrissie Hynde, Toni Braxton, Christina Aguilera, Another Level, Britney Spears and Mariah Carey for her album Rainbow (released November 8).  The latter was the first time in several years she has co-written solo with another artist.  Those close to her say she hates the process - she "can't remember" when she did it last - but was persuaded in this instance by Sony Music president and CEO Tommy Mottola.  "I usually try not to tailor a song too much for someone, otherwise it sounds too much like them.  I prefer to write a great song, and then think about who it would be great for.  Then I can call them or their manager, or if it's someone like Whitney, call (Arista world-wide president) Clive Davis, " says Warren.  "But Mariah called me.  And at the right moment.  I just thought it would be interesting.   I sat at the piano and we knocked them out.  It was fun and we became friends.   But I'm not planning to do any more."

Warren, who was in the UK for an interview with Trevor Dann for a BBC Radio documentary he is making about her, admits she is notoriously self-critical.  "It's true you are only as good as the last record you write.  I am my own worst critic.  I beat the crap out of myself sometimes," she says.

A workaholic who admits to telephoning record company promotions departments to check on the progress of her songs, she describes herself as a "pop lover" above all.

But she admits to being a genre-hopper.   "I write records that get on Spanish-language, dance and Christian stations because hearing my records on radio - that's the best," she says.



I Learned From The Best: US Promo This is the three track US promo for 'I Learned From The Best'.

The tracklisting is:

1- Radio Edit [4:09]
2- Instrumental [4:09]
3- Call Out Research Hook [0:10]



[Image From EBay Website, Tracklisting Courtesy of Lisa D.]


UK Chart Update...

'My Love Is Your Love' remains at No.57 for a second week on the UK Album Chart.  The album has charted every week since it's release 52 weeks ago.


End Of Tour Party...

According to Capital Radio, Whitney was back in London last night for her end of tour party hosted by Arista UK.


'My Love Is Your Love' is up to No.26 (from No.29) on the CNN Worldbeat Album Chart.

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The 'My Love Is Your Love' single has been certified Platinum in Austria for sales of more than 50,000 copies.  The album is closing on Double Platinum sales of 100,000 copies having spent six weeks at number one.

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I Learned From The Best: Hex Hector Style...

[This From The BMG-Backstage Website Confirming A Hex Hector Remix Of
I Learned From The Best]

Whitney Houston: 'I Learned From The Best' released 29th November.

MTV Europe Award winner Whitney Houston is set to have her fourth consecutive hit with the release of a new single from the multi-platinum album 'My Love Is Your Love'.

I Learned From The Best: UK CD Single 'I Learned From The Best' is produced by David Foster, the man responsible for 'I Will Always Love You', the biggest selling single in history.
  'I Learned From The Best' is simply Whitney at her best... she sings with passion direct from the heart, conveying a woman who becomes wise after being ill-treated. 

The ballad beautifully demonstrates her 5 octave range, and has all the ingredients to make it go one better than it's predecessor 'My Love Is Your Love', which reached number 2.
The single is already 'Record Of The Week' on Radio 2, and will also be available as a club mix by Hex Hector.

Billboard 20th Century A-Z...

The Billboard Website has been running an A-Z profile of the top artists of the 20th Century.  Whitney appeared this week.   Here's what they had to say:

Whitney Houston
By Antracia Merrill

With her silky five-octave singing range, Whitney Houston captured the heart of America in 1985 with her self-titled debut album. From the start, Houston achieved a sizeable measure of success; the album reached No. 1 on the Billboard chart and stayed there for 14 weeks. Three cuts shot up the Billboard pop singles chart, including the No. 1 hits "Greatest Love Of All" and "Saving All My Love For You."

It seems the New Jersey native was destined for superstardom. The daughter of gospel singer Cissy Houston, Houston got her start singing in church and led her first song in the choir at the age of 12. She did a brief stint in the early '80s as a model, appearing on the cover of Glamour and Seventeen magazines. But singing seemed to be more suited for Houston, whose dynamic voice caught the attention of Arista's Clive Davis. After her debut album was released, People magazine wrote that "it will take an act of Congress to keep this woman from becoming a megastar."

Houston's 1987 release, "Whitney," made history when it became the first album by a female artist to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard chart. "Whitney" produced seven consecutive No. 1 hits, including "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)," "So Emotional," and "Where Do Broken Hearts Go." Three years passed before the 1990 album "I'm Your Baby Tonight," which featured another slew of hits, including the No. 1 title track.

In 1992, the same year that Houston married singer Bobby Brown, she made her film debut opposite Kevin Costner in "The Bodyguard." The film was a hit, but it was Houston's performance on the soundtrack that drew the most attention; the single "I Will Always Love You," stayed at No. 1 for a staggering 14 weeks, while the soundtrack earned a 1993 Grammy for album of the year. Houston continued working in film and on record in 1995, with the highly successful "Waiting To Exhale." She scored big a year later opposite Denzel Washington in "The Preacher's Wife," with a soundtrack that lingered on Billboard's gospel chart.

Houston's star power brought her to television in 1997, when she appeared in an ABC presentation of "Cinderella." The show gave ABC its best Sunday night rating in more than a decade. In 1998, Houston released "My Love Is Your Love," her first non-film-related album in eight years.


Radio One & Whitney...

[Short Interview With Radio One At Thursday Night's Awards]

Britney was bowled over when she met Whitney, who won Best R’n’B - beating Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, TLC and Jennifer Lopez. She told Radio 1 that it’s her family that keep her on top: "My husband. He’s very trendy, he’s very R’n’B, very bad boy, y’know what I mean? He keeps me up on a lot of things. My daughter. I’m like the kind of mother…I stay home and sit on the couch and vacuum and stuff, y’know. I like that", she told Radio 1.

Arista Joins Global Request Whitney...

The Global Request Whitney Campaign just received it's most influential supporter - Arista Records are pushing the campaign on their Whitney Houston Website.

Keep requesting 'My Love Is Your Love' - the record is not over yet.

I Learned From The Best: Germany...

This Is The German Issue Of 'I Learned From The Best' - Released This Week.


- I Learned From The Best
  Radio Edit
- I Learned From The Best

  Album Version
- My Love Is Your Love

  Jonathan Peters Radio Edit
- It's Not Right But It's Okay

   KCC´s Release The Love Groove
   Mix (Bootleg)

I Learned From The Best: Germany

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Seventeen Times The Bodyguard...

THE BODYGUARD Whitney Houston confirms her lead with the biggest selling album of the '90s in the US as 'The Bodyguard' takes it's seventeenth Platinum Certification.

The album was released in 1992 and spent 20 weeks at No.1 on the Billboard 200.  It generated the global number one single 'I Will Always Love You'.

The movie - Whitney's acting debut grossed over US$400 worldwide.

Here's how the figures look for Whitney now:

Whitney Houston
I'm Your Baby Tonight
The Bodyguard
Waiting To Exhale
The Preacher's Wife
My Love Is Your Love

13 Million
9 Million
4 Million
17 Million
7 Million
3 Million
3 Million

Whitney's total platinum certifications now stands at 49 Million according to the RIAA (Waiting To Exhale is not official recognised as a Whitney Houston album).  Her nearest rivals fall further behind - Madonna is at 46.5 Million and Mariah Carey stands at 46 Million (although the RIAA recently reduced her figure to 43 Million - awaiting clarification of this).
Barbra Streisand remains in the lead for female artists at 61.75 Million.

Radio One UK...

'I Learned From The Best' has moved up to the B list on Radio One in the UK.  Radio one is a national station so airplay profile here is excellent news.



MTV Winner...

Whitney Houston collected the Best R&B Act award at tonight's 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards.  She also performed a brilliant medley of Get It Back / My Love Is Your Love / My Love Is Your Love (Wyclef Remix).




The Power Of Requesting...

It has to be said, well done to everyone who has consistently requested 'My Love Is Your Love' using the Global Request Whitney page.   The song has made strong gains at radio again this week and is well positioned to become the third top 20 airplay hit from My Love Is Your Love.

You made it happen - keep doing what you do.

Special thanks should go to Lopez & Sky who came up with the concept and to all the Whitney Houston Webmasters who have helped push it forward.

Billboard Update...

Fifty-one weeks later - 'My Love Is Your Love' slips two places on the Billboard 200 to No.80 with nine albums debuting above it.   On the R&B Album Chart, 'My Love Is Your Love' is up to No.36 (from No.38).

The VH-1 Divas Live/99 album (going under the artist title of Whitney Houston, Cher, Tina Turner, Brandy) debuts at No.90.

Here's the single's chart action for the week ending 20 November 1999:

Hot 100 - Remains at No.8 - 12 weeks on chart ;
Hot 100 Airplay - Up to No.21 (from No.30) with bullet - 12 weeks on chart;
Hot 100 Sales - Remains at No.3 - 10 weeks on chart;

Top 40 Tracks - Up to No.26 (from No.29) with bullet - 3 weeks on chart;
Top 40 Mainstream - Up to No.28 (from No.34) with bullet - 3 weeks on chart;
Rhythmic Top 40 - Up to No.30 (from No.31) with bullet - 4 weeks on the chart;
R&B Singles Chart - Down to No.15 (from No.8) - 18 weeks on chart;
Hot R&B Airplay - Down to No.27 (from No.20) - 18 weeks on chart;

Hot R&B Sales - Remains at No.9 - 10 weeks on the chart;
Dance/Maxi CD Sales - Dowm to No.3 (from No.2) - 11 weeks on chart.

[Compiled By Lopez]

Billboard Newsflash...

Waiting for confirmation - My Love Is Your Love bullets up to No.21 on the Billboard Hot100 Airplay Chart!!  Do we need more proof of the power of requesting?!

Sales of the single hold at No.3 and overall the song holds at No.8.

The album is down to No.80 this week.   Full details shortly.

[Thanks John L.]

MTV Performance Reminder...

Whitney Houston will perform at tonight's MTV Europe Music Awards in Dublin.  The pre-show begins at 20:00 GMT.   Whitney is up for two awards; Best Female Artist & Best R&B.

Good Luck Whitney!

Enrique Album Review...

[Music Week Review of Enrique Iglesias' new album - a recommended release]

Within a matter of months, new fans have forgotten Iglesias' parenthood with his first English language single 'Bailamos' that not only went Top Five in the UK but stayed Top 40 for eight weeks.  As revealed in MW's A&R page last week, Enrique contains the Diane Warren-penned Whitney Houston ballad that will appear on her best of next year, alongside the Springsteen-penned 'Sad Eyes' and The Groove Brothers' forthcoming flamenco-tinged single Rhythm Divine.

I Learned From The Best: UK Release...

Music Week reports that 'I Learned From The Best' will be released on Monday 15 November in the UK on one CD and one tape.  No details of what the other two songs on the CD will be.

Whitney & Marc Anthony...

Marc Anthony And Whitney Houston To Duet? - CD Now Article

Whitney Houston / Marc Anthony Latin heartthrob Marc Anthony will tentatively be performing with pop diva Whitney Houston at a Dec. 5 benefit sponsored by the American Cinema Awards Foundation at New York's Marriott Marquis hotel.

The pop singer, who has also released three salsa albums and currently has a supporting role as a dreadlocked nut in Martin Scorsese's Bringing Out The Dead, was a little sketchy on details during an interview in Toronto on Monday (Nov. 7).

"I'm looking forward to it," says Anthony. "We'll be singing together, as far as I know, 'Greatest Love Of All' and I think I heard us singing, 'I Need To Know' together. Who knows? That's still in the works."

The New York native is also slated to appear on two Rosie O'Donnell specials, one the day prior to Thanksgiving, and another on Christmas Eve.

Anthony says collaborations with Billy Joel and Eric Clapton are also in sight. "I'm fascinated by both those guys," said Anthony, who worked with another legend, Paul Simon, on the short-lived Broadway musical The Capeman.

Anthony, whose eponymously-titled second English-language pop album has sold over a million copies since its Sept. 28 release, says such opportunities presented themselves long before his current success.

"They knew of my music before I decided to sing pop," Anthony says of Clapton and Joel. "They knew of my salsa stuff and had a lot of respect for what I was doing. When Eric came to the studio, he was like, 'Wow, so you're doing English now.' Billy, the same thing. He hadn't heard a lick of this album and was like, 'Wow, he's going to be singing in English. If he needs anything, let me know.'"

Anthony does have his own HBO special lined up for Feb. 11, called Marc Anthony Live At Madison Square Garden. "That will probably kick off the tour," he says.
-- Karen Bliss

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Century Leaders...

Beatles on top of the century
By Edna Gundersen, USA TODAY

The Beatles are the most successful recording act of the 20th century, according to a report due Wednesday from the Recording Industry Association of America.  The legendary British foursome has racked up U.S. sales of more than 106 million albums.

Garth Brooks, with sales of 89 million, ranks second on the RIAA's Artists of the Century list. The century's most successful male solo artist eclipses his female counterpart, Barbra Streisand (62 million).

The RIAA, a trade group for U.S. record companies, has certified gold (500,000 copies) and platinum (1 million) albums in the USA since 1958, the period in which its statistics show that the vast majority of record sales have occurred.

Though his total of 77 million lags behind Brooks, Elvis Presley has accrued more gold (80) and platinum (43) albums than any other act. He also leads in singles, with 50 gold and 27 platinum.

The Eagles' Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975, the first release certified platinum by the RIAA, is the century's top-selling album at 26 million, surpassing Michael Jackson's 25-million-selling Thriller, which held the top spot from 1984 through January. Thriller
still leads in sales of studio albums and albums by a solo artist.

Other leaders:

Single - Elton John, Candle in the Wind 1997
R&B male - Michael Jackson
R&B female - Whitney Houston
R&B group - Boyz II Men
Rock female - Madonna
Hard-rock group - Led Zeppelin
Alternative-rock group - U2
Country female - Reba McEntire
Country group - Alabama
Hip-hop album - TLC, CrazySexyCool
Live album, box set - Bruce Springsteen & the E Street
Band, Live/1975-1985
Debut album - Boston, Boston
Soundtrack - The Bodyguard
Classical album - The Three Tenors, In Concert

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Century Leaders II...

The American Recording Industry Announces its Artists of the Century

The Beatles, Garth Brooks, Elvis Presley, Barbra Streisand, Eagles and Sir Elton John Top the List

WASHINGTON, November 9, 1999 – Based on the Recording Industry Association of America’s universally recognized Gold, Platinum, Multi-Platinum © and Diamond © Award program, which has tracked the careers of artists since 1958, the recording community today announced its own “Artists of the Century” list.
Thirty-five years after Beatlemania reached its crest, the Fab Four remain the most successful recording act of the 20th Century. According to the RIAA, the Beatles have sold more than 106 million albums in the U.S. alone -- more than any other artist in this century.

Two of the award program’s brightest stars, Garth Brooks and Barbra Streisand, are the century’s most successful male and female artists. Brooks has sold 89 million albums in the United States -- a total second only to the Beatles. Streisand has sold nearly 62 million albums. Combined, these three artists alone have sold more than 250 million albums domestically -- epitomizing the explosive growth of the music industry in the past four decades.

The RIAA also announced today that the Eagles’ “Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975” has reached the 26-million mark, becoming the best-selling album of the 20th century. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” held the record from 1984, -- when the RIAA introduced Multi-Platinum awards -- until January of this year when the Eagles tied his record. “Thriller” remains this century’s best-selling studio album by a solo artist.

Elton John’s “Candle In The Wind 1997” is named the top-selling single of the century, with certified U.S. sales of 11 million copies.

Elvis Presley reigns as the performer with the most gold albums and the most platinum albums. The King’s wealth has surpassed 77 million units in the U.S. alone.

“These artists represent the very best of popular music,” said Hilary Rosen, president and CEO of the RIAA. “All have been major trendsetters, as well as record-breakers. Their exceptional talent has opened doors for other artists to follow. They deserve the highest accolades the music industry has to offer.’’

The Beatles and Elvis Presley revolutionized pop culture—reshaping music, fashion and society--in the 1950s and 1960s. Barbra Streisand proved that women could achieve and sustain stardom on par with any male artist. The Eagles have influenced a generation of rock and country artists. Michael Jackson’s success in the 1980s broke the barriers for other African American artists, in the same way that Garth Brooks’ success in the ‘90s blazed a trail for other country performers. Sir Elton John has been one of the century’s most enduringly popular and prolific entertainers.

Beatles: John, Paul, George and Ringo are the only act in history with five Diamond albums, signifying U.S. sales of 10 million copies or more. These include the three best-selling albums of the 1960s, “The Beatles (White Album),” “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and “Abbey Road,” as well as a pair of 1973 hit compilations. The Beatles received their first gold album, “Meet The Beatles!,” and their first gold single, “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” on the same day - February 3, 1964. Music hasn’t been the same since.

Garth Brooks: The country icon is the only solo artist in history with four Diamond albums. Brooks has the two best-selling country albums of all time - “No Fences” and “Ropin’ The Wind.” Brooks triggered the country explosion of the’90s and paved the way for such country crossover stars as Shania Twain and Alan Jackson. Brooks’ other two Diamond albums are “Double Live!” and “The Hits.” With all that Brooks has achieved, it’s hard to imagine that he received his first gold album less than 10 years ago. With sales of 89 million albums, Brooks has been officially recognized by the RIAA as the top male artist of the decade.

Barbra Streisand: The legendary performer has had 26 platinum albums, 13 of which are multi-million sellers. Four Streisand albums have reached the five-million certification plateau -- “Guilty,” “A Christmas Album,” “Memories” and “Barbra Streisand’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 2.” Streisand received her first gold album on May 12, 1964. In the years since, she has never been out of the limelight.

Eagles: The Eagles’ first greatest hits album was released in 1976 and has been a steady catalog seller ever since. The Eagles' "Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975" was the first Platinum album ever certified by the RIAA. Earlier this year, it caught up with “Thriller,” at the 25 million sales mark. Today, as it reaches 26 million, it stands as the best-selling album of all time. It is one of two Diamond albums by the legendary California based group. The other is “Hotel California,” which is certified at the 15-million mark. An array of top country artists saluted the Eagles on the multiplatinum 1995 album, “Common Thread: Songs of the Eagles.”

Sir Elton John: Sir Elton John and his long-time collaborator Bernie Taupin wrote “Candle In The Wind” for Elton’s 1973 album, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” Taupin rewrote the lyric in 1997 after the tragic death of Princess Diana. The revised version, “Candle In The Wind 1997,” soon surpassed Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” to become the best-selling single of all time.

Elton is represented with two other Diamond recordings - “Elton John-Greatest Hits,” which is certified at 15 million, and “The Lion King” soundtrack, which features his Academy Award-winning ballad “Can You Feel The Love Tonight.” Elton has been a regular presence in the RIAA certifications since February 1971, when he received his first gold album.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll has had 80 gold albums, 43 of which are platinum. His top-selling titles, both of which are certified at the 6-million level, are “Elvis’ Golden Records,” which is the best-selling album of the 1950s, and “Elvis’ Christmas Album,” the 1970 adaptation of his classic 1957 holiday release. In 1992, the RIAA marked the 15th anniversary of Elvis’ death at Graceland, with a commemorative wall of all of his gold records. Presley also has been awarded more gold (50) and platinum (27) singles than any other performer.

Country Artists: In addition to his title as the best-selling male solo artist of the century, Garth Brooks was named the number one country artist. Alabama and Reba McEntire were identified as the top country group and female artist respectively.

Top R&B Artists: In the R&B category, the leaders are all major pop crossover stars. Michael Jackson is the top-selling R&B/pop artist overall. Whitney Houston is the top female artist and Boyz II Men are the top group in this category.

Top Rock Artists: The Beatles and Elvis Presley are the top group and male artist in rock. Madonna, whose music straddles the pop, dance and rock worlds, is the top-selling female rock artist. Led Zeppelin is the top hard rock artist and U2 is the top alternative rock artist of the century.

Other Honors: Whitney Houston’s 1992 blockbuster, “The Bodyguard,” was named top-selling soundtrack album. ``Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Live/1975-85” was cited as both top-certified live album and top-certified box set. Boston’s 1976 blockbuster “Boston’’ is the century’s top-selling debut album. “In Concert,’’ the 1990 release by the Three Tenors -- Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti -- is the top-selling classical album. Bob Marley & The Wailers’ “Legend” is the top reggae title; TLC’s “CrazySexyCool” is the top hip-hop album; and Kenny G’s, “Breathless” is the best-selling instrumental album.

The Recording Industry Association of America, which represents U.S. record companies, has been the official certification agency for single and album certifications since 1958. The gold award is bestowed on albums that have shipped 500,000 units. The RIAA added platinum awards, signifying shipments of one million copies, in 1976, multiplatinum awards, for 2 million units and above, in 1984, and Diamond awards, 10 million units for a single title, earlier this year.

# # #

(Editor’s Note: RIAA figures are based on the wholesale shipment of product to all retail channels, minus the returns for unsold product. Multi-disc sets are not doubled or otherwise multiplied for cumulative totals.)

Whitney On TV...

The Whitney Houston Platinum Club have listed all the upcoming TV appearances you can see.

Notable exception for the US is the 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards tomorrow night - Can someone please confirm when this show is due to air?

Date Show Time
Thu. 11/11/99 Before They Were Rock Stars #6 Divas 10:30pm
  VH1 The Best of Divas Live 1999 11:30pm
Sat. 11/13/99 VH1 The Best of Divas Live 1999 12:00pm
  VH1 The Best of Divas Live 1999 9:00pm
Sun. 11/14/99 VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars #6 Divas 10:00am
  VH1 The Best of Divas Live 1999 4:00pm
  VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars #6 Divas 8:00pm


End Of Tour Review...

Whitney Houston's sold out European Tour ended last night in spectacular form at London's Wembley Arena.

You Can Read My Review Of The Show Here.

Millennium Honours...

VH-1 UK has a Millennium Honours competition running - Use the link below to vote for Whitney's songs.

Tip - I Will Always Love You, My Love Is Your Love and Saving All My Love For You are probably the best front runners to vote for.   Whitney also had UK No.1 success with I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) and One Moment In Time.


[Thanks Lopez]

French Nominations...

Whitney Houston has received two nominations in the French Les NRJ Music Awards:

Best International Female

Whitney Houston
Mariah Carey
Lauryn Hill

Album Of The Year

My Love Is Your Love - Whitney Houston
Americana - Offspring
The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill - Lauryn Hill
The Hush - Texas
Synchronized - Jamiroquai

The show will be on the French radio NRJ ( the leading national station) and the French TV station TF1 (first TV in France and Europe) on 22 January 2000.

Please help Whitney win by Voting for her - E-mail NRJ and vote in these two categories.

Care: The site is all in French so follow the instructions :
On the first page click on www.nrj.fr
Then click on Pour voter cliquer ici
Then click for Whitney in the 2 categories and for a French artist in the French section
Then you have to answer a question : just input a large number because it's about how many people will vote for these awards.
And then your name.

[Thanks Bruno]


Here's this week's Canadian Chart update:

SoundScan Top 75 Albums - Up to No.56 (from No.60) - 38 weeks on chart.
SoundScan Top 50 R&B Albums - Up to No.7 (from No.8) - 50 weeks on chart.

SoundScan Top 50 Singles - Down to No.18 (from No.10) - 7 weeks on chart.
BDS Top 100 Airplay - Up to No.37 (from No.39) - 7 weeks on chart.

SoundScan Top 50 Singles - Up to No.19 (from No.25) - 7 weeks on chart.

[Thanks Darrell]

Global Request Whitney...

Please remember to request 'My Love Is Your Love' using the Global Request Whitney page.  Whilst the next single has had it's video aired on MTV in the US, the radio campaign should remain focused on 'My Love Is Your Love' until the song has stopped growing - last week it was No.30 for a second week but it did have enough gains to bullet (a minimum increase of 10%).


Mailing List...

Classic Whitney Mailing List


UK Shows...

Whitney Houston will perform the penultimate show of her very successful European Tour tonight at the Birmingham NEC and tomorrow night at London's Wembley Arena.

See You At Wembley!

UK Chart Update...

'My Love Is Your Love' is down to No.57 (from No.39) on the UK Albums Chart, it's 51st charting week.  The album should start to see some gains next week in benefiting from the two UK shows, the MTV Europe Music Awards and airplay for 'I Learned From The Best'.

The single, 'My Love Is Your Love', is down to No.19 (from No.17) on the UK R&B Singles Chart.  It's sales come solely from import copies of the single.


I Learned From The Best Video...



National Lottery...

Whitney was not a featured artist on the UK National Lottery Stars show tonight despite (curious) BBC statements that she would appear.  Go figure.


'My Love Is Your Love' is down to No.29 (from No.27) on the new CNN Worldbeat Top 30 Albums.  It has charted for 34 weeks to date.

Radio One Playlist...

'I Learned From The Best' has been 'C' listed on Radio One's play list as a new  addition to their schedule.

This Day In History...

I'm Your Baby Tonight - 1990 The Whitney Houston album, 'I'm Your Baby Tonight', saw it's US release this day in 1990 (and on the 5 November in Europe).  In the nine years since, the album has sold 12 million copies worldwide including four   million in the US and around 600,000 copies in the UK.

The title track and first single from the album marked the first time Whitney worked with LA & Babyface.  The album generated multiple singles including two US Hot100 number one singles.

The album picked up four Billboard Music Awards and also two Grammy nominations in separate years.

The Japanese release of the album features the bonus tracks 'Takin' A Chance' (co-written by Whitney Houston) and a cover of the Steve Winwood classic, 'Higher Love'.


Whitney Houston has arrived back in the UK for the final two shows of her very successful European Tour.  She will perform tomorrow night at the Birmingham NEC and at London's Wembley Arena on Monday Night.

I finally got around to putting the Blues & Soul review of Whitney's September Wembley Arena show on the My Love Is Your Love UK Tour Section - check it out.

Expect a full review of the final show right here.

Enrique News On MTV...

[Article from MTV News' Whitney Houston Section]

Enrique Iglesias To Include Springsteen Cover, Whitney Duet On New Album

If you love "Bailamos," but you're just itching to hear new music from Enrique Iglesias, fear not, the wait will soon be over: hitting record stores on November 23 will be "ENRIQUE," the singer's debut English language album.

The first single from the album will be "Rhythm Divine," which reunites Iglesias with the Groove Brothers, the production team behind Iglesias' first English language effort, "Bailamos," which hit number 1 on the singles charts over the summer (see "Enrique Iglesias Dances His Way To Number One With Surprise Hit").

"Bailamos," first released on the "Wild Wild West" soundtrack, will also be included on "ENRIQUE" (see "Will Smith Sizes Up Enrique Iglesias' 'Bailamos'-mania").

"ENRIQUE" will feature the singer's first duet, "Could I Have This Kiss Forever," sung with Whitney Houston. The song was written by Dianne Warren and produced by David Foster.

Another notable track on the album is "Sad Eyes," a cover of an obscure Bruce Springsteen song that went unreleased until it surfaced on last year's "Tracks" box set (see "Bruce Springsteen Mines Past For Box Set").

"ENRIQUE," featuring tracks produced by Patrick Leonard, Rick Nols and Iglesias himself, in addition to the Groove Brothers and David Foster, will feature Spanish language versions of three of its songs: "Rhythm Divine," "Sad Eyes" and "I'm Your Man."

For lots more info on Enrique, don't forget to check out the MTV News Online feature "Enrique Iglesias".


New Video UK Showing...

The video for 'I Learned From The Best' was shown on MTV UK this evening - I hope to have a few screen captures on the site this weekend.

MTV All Access UK...

Sorry this is such short notice - Whitney's MTV All Access special will air on MTV UK tonight at 23:00GMT, straight after The Late Lick which might show the video for 'I Learned From The Best'.

Billboard Update...

Fifty weeks around and 'My Love Is Your Love' slips six places on the Billboard 200 to No.78 with twelve albums debuting above it.   On the R&B Albums listing, the album is down four places to No.38.

Here's the single's chart action for the week ending 13 November 1999:

Hot 100 - Down to No.8 (from No.7) - 11 weeks on chart ;
Hot 100 Airplay - Remains at No.30 with bullet - 11 weeks on chart;
Hot 100 Sales - Up to No.3 (from No.4) - 9 weeks on chart;

Top 40 Tracks - Up to No.29 (from No.37) with bullet - 2 weeks on chart;
Top 40 Mainstream - Up to No.34 (from No.40) with bullet - 2 weeks on chart;
Rhythmic Top 40 - Remains at No.31 - 3 weeks on the chart;
R&B Singles Chart - Down to No.8 (from No.6) - 17 weeks on chart;
Hot R&B Airplay - Down to No.20 (from No.15) - 17 weeks on chart;

Hot R&B Sales - Down to No.9 (from No.6) 9 weeks on the chart;
Dance/Maxi CD Sales - Remains at No.2 (5th Week) - 10 weeks on chart.

[Compiled By Lopez]

Global Request Whitney...

The successful Global Request Whitney campaign continues - please take the time to request 'My Love Is Your Love' at US radio stations.  Whilst the video for 'I Learned From The Best' has been serviced - and should be requested - the radio campaign should continue to focus on 'My Love Is Your Love' as it is still bulleted (which means it posted airplay gains of over 10%). 

A strong airplay showing for all of Whitney's singles from the album will prove it's commercial appeal as well as strengthen Whitney's standing as a viable artist for US radio.  There's alot involved here beyond the scope of just a hit single.  Go request!

Wall Of Sound...

[This is the Wall Of Sound review of the Divas Live '99 CD]

Various Artists: VH1 Divas Live/99
File under: The Bitches Are Back


By all backstage accounts, this year's edition of VH1 Divas Live was considerably bitchier than its predecessor, what with Tina Turner and Elton John (the night's designated div-o, according to Whitney Houston) feuding with Turner, Cher and John snubbing the rest of the bill by opting out of the all-star finale reprise of "I'm Every Woman."

None of that makes it to the disc, of course; VH1 Divas Live/99 is a ladylike lovefest, with Turner thanking John and Cher for backing her on "Proud Mary" (which she introduces as "the oldest diva of all"), Brandy offering innocuously scripted praise for Faith Hill after they duet on Bryan Adams' "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You," and headliner Houston paying respect to all of her cohorts and to Aretha Franklin, whose smoky "Ain't No Way" she and Mary J. Blige deliver with scorching intensity.

It's Houston's show, in fact; following solid performances from her fellow divas, she delivers a career rendition of her mega-hit "I Will Always Love You" and then brings on Chaka Khan for a thumping take on "I'm Every Woman," the Ashford & Simpson song they each turned into a hit — and showing the good taste to give leave plenty of space for Khan's vocal pyrotechnics.

The rest of the album is nothing if not exuberant, with all of the divas generally rising to the nationally spotlighted occasion (the Behind the Music Foundation benefit was VH1's highest rated show ever). Turner and John cook as they trade verses during "The Bitch Is Back," and "Proud Mary," while not quite the barn burner of yore, still packs a punch. Hill's rendition of "This Kiss" is revelatory, and even comparative lighter weights such as Brandy and LeAnn Rimes shine on their numbers. John's rocking self-affirmation anthem "I'm Still Standing" feels out of place, though — not because he's a guy but because it comes from an entirely different sonic sensibility than the rest of the album. That may be appropriate, though; on a night for the divas, the div-o should probably be supplicant before them. Gary Graff

[Thanks Lopez]

Whitney Website...

Check out Jonathan Ashley's Website www.jonathonashley.co.uk.   Jon incorporates a section dedicated to Whitney as well as profiles his own new album.



Here are the updated Canadian chart stats for the week:

SoundScan Top 75 Albums - Down to No.61 (from No.60) - 49 weeks on chart
SoundScan Top 50 R&B Albums - Up to No.8 (from No.9) - 49 weeks on chart

SoundScan Top 50 Singles - Up to No.10 (from No.16) - 6 weeks on chart
BDS Top 100 Airplay - Up to No.39 (from No.41) - 6 weeks on chart

BDS Top 100 Airplay - Up to No.90 (from No.93) - 23 weeks on chart

[Thanks Darrell]

Canadian Commentary...

[Commentary about Whitney Canadian Chart Performance This Week]

HOUSTON, WE DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM: Whitney Houston racks up her 10th top 10 single this week as the title track from her "My Love Is Your Love" album climbs 16-10. The song also climbs 41-38 on the BDS airplay chart. Houston's career began with "You Give Good Love" which got as high as No. 15 in the summer of 1985. Since then, Houston has reached the No. 1 spot twice - once in 1985 with "How Will I Know" and a second time in 1987 with "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" - and has charted in the top 40 a total of 27 times.

[Thanks Darrell]


Canadian Chart Profile...

ARTIST PROFILE: Here are Whitney Houston's 10 Top 10 Singles in Canada according to the book, Top 40 Hits: The Essential Chart Guide:

How Will I Know
Greatest Love Of All
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
Didn't We Almost Have It All
One Moment In Time
I'm Your Baby Tonight
All The Man That I Need
Exhale (Shoop Shoop)
It's Not Right But It's Okay
My Love Is Your Love
No.1 - 1985
No.3 - 1985
No.1 - 1987
No.4 - 1987
No.9 - 1988
No.4 - 1990
No.2 - 1991
No.9 - 1997
No.3 - 1999

[Thanks Darrell]

Chat ...

Andy is setting up a Fan Meeting (chat session) on his Whitney Houston website this Friday November 5 at 18:00 PM PST (22:00 PM EST) - you can click here to join him on Friday.


Whitney, Manish, Matt - 18 September 1999

Gest One More Time: A Gala to End All Millenniums in N.Y...

Article from The Hollywood Reporter

NEW YORK - David Gest, a fellow who has produced more than his share of galas and extravaganzas throughout the past two decades (raising considerable funds for various charities en route), has decided to not let the year fade away without delivering one more biggie before the millennium. Come December 4 in Manhattan, he's going to produce this year's American Cinema Awards as ``An All Star Holiday Gala Starring Whitney Houston,'' guaranteed to be a hot year-end ticket and geared to raise additional funds for the Whitney Houston Foundation for Children as well as Gest's ACA Foundation.

The honourees that night will be an illustrious group: The robust Anthony Quinn, who will receive the ACA's Lifetime Achievement in the Arts award (Gregory Peck will be flying in from the West Coast to present the honour to him); Rodney Jenkins and Kevin Briggs, to be honoured for Distinguished Achievement in Contemporary Music; Jimmy Webb, getting a nod for Lifetime Achievement in Songwriting; and former Doobie Brothers lead singer Michael McDonald and his wife Amy, who will receive the 1999 Leo Jaffe Achievement Award, named in honour of the late chairman emeritus of Columbia Pictures. Additionally, the ACA's annual Gloria Swanson Humanitarian Award will go for the first time to two major movers and shakers from the field of radio: Tom Poleman, senior vp programming at WHTZ/Z100, and Frankie Blue, vp operations and programming at KTV/103.5.

The things that always make a Gest gala worth writing home about (or writing a column about) are (a) the powerhouse entertainers he consistently lines up for these events and (b) the celebrity guests he gathers from all over the world to add glamour and wattage. Claudia Cardinale will be coming from Italy and John Mills from England, along with a major contingent from the West Coast, flying courtesy of American Airlines and American Eagle, co-sponsors of the event.

But the piece de resistance will be the headliners who will be entertaining the crowd that night in the Marriott Marquis' Broadway Ballroom, among them Whitney Houston, the equally hot Marc Anthony and Brian McKnight, Michael Bolton, Petula Clark (during a two-week hiatus from her touring ``Sunset Boulevard'') and others, including Sunday, a singing group discovered by Houston and just signed by Capitol Records.

That night, Gest will formally announce the creation of an Alzheimer's Wing to be located at the Actors Fund of America Home in Inglewood, N.J., and named in honour of long-time ACA supporters Quinn and Jaffe.

[Thanks Rodney]

Divas Live '99...

The 'Divas Live '99' is released today in the US. 

The duet with Mary J Blige, 'Ain't No Way', plus 'I Will Always Love You' and 'I've Every Woman' feature.

Making Of...

MTV in the US will air the making of the video for 'I Learned From The Best' today  - don't forget to watch.

Total Request Line...

'My Love Is Your Love' is no longer a video option on MTV's Total Request Line - you can still request under the 'other' option and after the MTV Making Of special, you can start to request 'I Learned From The Best' - but don't abandon 'My Love Is Your Love' on the Radio campaign.

[Thanks Lopez]

The Village Voice...

We missed this the first time around - The Village Voice review of 'My Love Is Your Love'.   It makes for an interesting read.

[Thanks Dave]





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