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UK Chart Update...

'My Love Is Your Love' is down to No.39 (from No35) on the new UK Albums Chart on it's 50th charting week.   The single is down to No.17 on the R&B Singles Chart.  Sales figures for the single come from import sales as the UK issue of 'My Love Is Your Love' was deleted some time back.

For the year to date, 'My Love Is Your Love' holds at No.17 in the best sellers list and 'It's Not Right But It's Okay' holds at No.20.

Columbia House...

Columbia House Music Club, 1 of the largest mail order music clubs had the
following info printed about a few of Whitney's album in their Holiday season
magazine insert:

50 Music Milestones:
Landmark Albums You Can't Live Without

Whitney Houston - Whitney Houston. 

Staying on the American charts for over four hears and selling more than 15million copies, this celebrated, indispensable set started it all for the pop superstar.  Her golden voice glitters on  hit after hit like 'You Give Good Love, 'Saving All My Love For You', 'How Will I
Know', 'Nobody Loves Me Like You Do', 'Thinking About You', 'Greatest Love Of All'. (Arista) 1985

[Thanks Lopez]

I Learned From The Best - MTV Reminder...

Don't forget to watch the MTV Making Of special on Whitney's "I Learned From The Best" video this coming Tuesday in the US.  A UK/European airdate for the video is not known.

I Learned From Austria...

There is a story here on the Austrian BMG Website which says that the video for 'I Learned From The Best' plus the MTV Making Of special will air in the country on 8 November.

[Thanks Sebastian]

Austrian Success...

Whitney With BMG Austria

[Thanks Sebastian]

The Austrian BMG Website has a special report on Whitney Houston's recent visit there.  She recently collected a special plaque commemorating sales of some of her albums:

Whitney Houston - Gold
I'm Your Baby Tonight - Gold
Whitney - Platinum
My Love Is Your Love - Platinum
The Bodyguard - Multi-Platinum

You Can Read The Report [In Austrian] Here

German Compilation...

'You'll Never Stand Alone' features on a German multi-artist compilation called 'Kuschel Rock 13.'

[Thanks Lopez]


UK Airplay Success...

In a Music Week round up of the biggest airplay hits of the third quarter in the UK, 'My Love Is Your Love' comes in as the 6th biggest radio hit for that period.  The song was played 20,013 times and had an audience impression of 611,388,000.

The song remains a current radio success in the UK.  Almost six months after it's airplay debut, the song is No.23 this week on the Music Control UK Airplay Chart.

The airplay article has  the following comment:

While TLC is one of the acts to come in-house, regional promotion for Whitney Houston will remain with independent company Terrie Doherty Promotions for the time being.
'I have worked all the tracks from what is her first studio album for eight years,' says Doherty.  'Radio was a bit hesitant with It's Not Right But It's Okay, but stations realised My Love Is Your Love (6) was a strong track that would stay around for months.'   She began servicing radio with the follow up, I Learned From The Best, the ballad due to be released on November 8, at the start of this month.

I Learned From The Best does not appear to have been serviced as their are no reports of airplay for this song as yet and the release date has been put back to 22 November [as confirmed on Nikesh's Website] - Manish.

New Stations...

New request radio stations in Detroit, Philadelphia and Columbus, OH have been added to the Global Request Whitney campaign - go request.

[Thanks Lopez]


In an e-mail response, Arista have confirmed that they plan to issue a DVD & Video of Whitney's videos on 7 March 2000.  This ties in with the release of the Greatest Hits album also due that day.

[Thanks Neal]

A Request...

If you quote news/information from, don't be shy, cite your source.


World Exclusive...

Arista Records have confirmed the tentative release date for Whitney Houston's Greatest Hits album is 7 March 2000.

Arista also confirms that 'I Learned From The Best' will be see it's commercial US release on 29 November 1999.

[Thanks Lopez]

Think It Over...

Billboard Magazine reports that Jennifer Holiday has completed a cover of Cissy Houston's disco nugget 'Think It Over'.  The song has been remixed by Thunderpuss 2000.

This is the song that features on the Cissy & Whitney Houston album 'A Family Affair' and apparently Whitney is a backing vocalist on the original.

Show Cancelled...

Whitney's Munich, Germany show was cancelled last night due to illness.  Her October 30 show in Oberhausen is due to go ahead as planned.

Whitney has already played 32 shows in Europe.


'My Love Is Your Love' is down to No.27 on the CNN Worldbeat Albums Chart - the drop is consistent with the album's cooling throughout Europe.  The next single from the album, 'I Learned From The Best' has yet to be serviced to radio stations.


Global Request Whitney...

Check the stats - 'My Love Is Your Love' posts further gains at US radio stations and the song is now a top 30 airplay hit.  Fourteen new stations (mainly pop orientated) come on board this week.

Feeling motivated?   Whitney's fans have been an integral part of the gains that have been seen over the past few weeks.  Keep requesting - Global Request Whitney is the first request drive ever for Whitney on the internet and it's success here shows we can make that difference.

The Billboard Update...

For the week ending 6 November 1999, "My Love Is Your Love"  holds on at No.72 for the second week on the Billboard 200 (it's 49th charting week) with eight albums debuting above it.  The album is up four place to No.34 on the R&B Albums chart.

Here's the single's stats:

Hot 100 - Up to No.7 (from No.8) with bullet - 10 weeks on chart ;
Hot 100 Airplay - Up to No.30 (from No.33) with bullet - 10 weeks on the chart;
Hot 100 Sales - Up to No.4 (from No.5) - 8 weeks on the chart;
R&B Singles Chart - Remains at No.6 - 16 weeks on chart;
Hot R&B Airplay - TBC - 16 weeks on the chart;
Dance/Maxi CD Sales - Remains at No.2 (4th Week) - 9 weeks on chart.

[Compiled By Lopez]

Billboard 20th Century A-Z...

Billboard Online is marking the end of the century with a special section entitled 20th Century A...Z.

Already on the site are the top chart performing singles of each decade in the '90's - Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" is listed as this decade's 4th biggest hit.  The calculation is not based on actual sales but Billboard's own chart points methodology (hence Elton John's "Candle In The Wind 1997" is listed in third place when it is in fact the biggest selling single of all time.

Billboard are also alphabetically listing memorable events, names & labels of the 20th Century.  A-C appears this week and D-F will appear next week.


Australian Update...

'My Love Is Your Love' is down to No.39 on the Australian Singles Chart this week - no word yet on whether the album has re-appeared in the top 100 positions since being re-packaged.

[Thanks Scott H]

Canadian Update...

Here's an update on this week's Canadian chart performance:

SoundScan Top 50 (which is based solely on sales)
Up to No.16 (from No.27) - 5 weeks on chart
BDS Top 100 Airplay - Up to No.41 (from No.59) - 5 weeks on chart

BDS Top 100 Airplay - Down to No.93 (from No.91) - 22 weeks on chart

[Thanks Darrell]

UNICEF '98...

I have some new fan-taken-photo's from Whitney's famous Aschaffenburg, Germany UNICEF show last summer - you can check out Katerina's photographs here - much closer to the stage than the photo's I took.

[Thanks Katerina]


Totally Hits...

Totally Hits
Arista Records has a new compilation album due called 'Totally Hits'.

The album features
'Heartbreak Hotel' by
Whitney Houston Featuring Faith Evans and Kelly Price.

Other featured artists/songs on the set include:





The complete set list can be found on Arista's Totally Hits Page

UK Chart Update...

'My Love Is Your Love' is down to No.34 on the UK Albums Chart (49 weeks charted).  The [deleted] single is up to No.14 on the R&B Singles Chart.

For the year's best selling singles, 'It's Not Right But It's Okay' is now down to 20 for the year to date and 'My Love Is Your Love' remains as the year's 17th best seller.


The Awards Section has been updated and is now far more  up to date and comprehensive than ever before - check it out.

[Thanks Jason A.]

Global Request Whitney...

I'd like to think that Global Request Whitney has had some impact on the US Airplay profile for 'My Love Is Your Love'.  Since the start of the campaign, airplay has climbed 48-38-36-33.

Global Request Whitney is supported by Websites by Sky, Nikesh, Sebastian, Andy, Lisa and now Bryn.  The Whitney Houston Platinum Club are also considering being involved.

Let's keep up the great work - Request away.


French Release...

According to the French radio station NJR, the next single in France will be 'It's Not Right But It's Okay' (France got 'Heartbreak Hotel' when the rest of Europe had 'It's Not Right But It's Okay').

[Thanks Bruno]


My Love Is Your Love is down to No.13 (from No.10) on the CNN Worldbeat Album Chart on it's 32nd week (the third longest charting album on this Top 30 listing).


One Moment In Time...

Another Classic Whitney exclusive  - finally available on the internet in it's entirety, Whitney's 1989 Grammy performance of 'One Moment In Time.' This will blow you away.

First Ladies Of Song...

[Article About New Arista Records Benefit CD]

-As National Breast Cancer Awareness Month gets underway in October, eof Arista's high-profile 'First Ladies of Song' have responded to the challenge of raising awareness and much-needed funds for research into this life threatening disease.  An all-star compilation CD has been specially manufactured by Arista's Special Markets Division, for sale exclusively in Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft stores.  Net profits from he sales of the CD are being donated by Ann Taylor, Inc. to the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund.

The eleven tracks-each chosen for its positive, uplifting message include: 'A Rose is Still a Rose' by Aretha Franklin, 'Possession' by Sarah McLachlan, 'Nobody's Supposed To Be Here' by Deborah Cox, 'Precious' by Annie Lennox, 'As Time Goes By' by Carly Simon, 'Sweetest Decline' by Beth Orton, 'Deja Vu' by Dionne Warwick, 'You Mean the World to Me' by Toni Braxton, 'Here With Me' by Dido, 'The Real Thing' by Lisa Stansfield, and

'Step by Step' by Whitney Houston.

In order to focus attention on the CD as an important fund-raising device, all Ann Taylor instore music for the month of October (programmed by Muzak, who played a key role in   development of this project) will feature the CD itself as well as repertoire by the eleven artists represented.

Ann Taylor has a long-standing commitment to this cause, and is known for being a platinum sponsor of the New York Race For the Cure.  In addition to these activities, Ann Taylor store associates will be offering their clients the familiar symbolic pink ribbon during the month of October (one of which is visibly packaged in each CD).

[Thanks Lopez]


Charity Single Performance...

[This Article Appears In British Tabloid Newspaper The Mirror Today]

Only Rock 'n' Roll charity disc line-up is just perfect

The line-up for the BBC's new charity single reads like a Who's Who of pop music. It's Only Rock'n'Roll, a cover of the Rolling Stones' 1974 hit, features more than 30 of the world's biggest names in music.

And today, yours truly can unveil for the first time the full, historic rock 'n' roll-call. The Spice Girls join forces with Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Annie Lennox and Natalie Imbruglia.   Chrissie Hynde is featured too, alongside Skin from Skunk Anansie, the Cranberries' Dolores O'Riordan, Mary J Blige, Mariah Carey, Alison Moyet and Cerys Matthews.

The list of male stars is just as impressive though it includes a few not renowned for their singing prowess. Comic Robin Williams is there as is ex-Python Eric Idle.

But there are also some huge pop names on the BBC's list too. Godfather of Soul James Brown is on it as is the Godfather of Punk, Iggy Pop. Blues legend BB King makes a show alongside laid back American crooner Jackson Browne and Womack and Womack.

Sir Elton John pops up alongside Stevie Wonder, croaky old Joe Cocker, Ocean Colour Scene, Bon Jovi and Fun Lovin' Criminals.  American shock rapper Kid Rock, Welsh band the Stereophonics and Jamiroquai's Jay Kay have all committed to do a spot.  And my sources assure me that Robbie Williams, George Michael and Bono will all do a turn.

Most of the artists, who have all given their time free, have recorded their contributions at London's Abbey Road studios with Beatles producer Sir George Martin.

The single will be released at the end of the year. The dream? That it should debut at Number One in the first chart of the new millennium.

It's Only Rock'n'Roll will raise money for the Children's Promise campaign, which will share the cash with seven charities, including Children In Need, the Children's Society, Childline and the NSPCC.

I am awaiting confirmation of Whitney's contribution to this track; watch this space - Manish.

[Thanks Curtis]

Billboard Update...

For the week ending 30 October 1999, "My Love Is Your Love"  climbs to No.72 (from No.75) on the Billboard 200 (it's 48th charting week) and is down five place to No.38 on the R&B Albums chart.

Here's the single's stats:

Hot 100 - Down to No.8 (from No.7) with bullet - 9 weeks on chart ;
Hot 100 Airplay - Up to No.33 (from No.36) with bullet - 9 weeks on the chart;
Hot 100 Sales - Up to No.5 (from No.7) - 7 weeks on the chart;
R&B Singles Chart - Down to No.6 (from No.5) - 15 weeks on chart;
Hot R&B Airplay - Remains at No.13 - 15 weeks on the chart;
Rhythmic Top 40 - TBC - 8 weeks on the chart;
Dance/Maxi CD Sales - Remains at No.2 (3rd Week) - 8 weeks on chart.

[Compiled By Lopez]


Triple Platinum/European Tour Success...

[The following article from Entertainment Wire confirms 'My Love Is Your Love' has been certified for US sales of   three million copies and cites Whitney's European Tour as the most successful tour of the continent in 1999]

Whitney Houston World Tour '99 Becomes Europe's Highest Grossing Arena Tour of the Year New York- (Entertainment Wire) Oct 19. 1999

'My Love is Your Love' Album certified
Triple Platinum in the U.S.- Eight Million Worldwide
'My Love is Your Love' is No. 1 across the European Continent, as it passes 48th week on the Billboard 200 Album Chart in the U.S.

Arista recording artist Whitney Houston's World Tour 1999 has become
Europe's highest-grossing arena concert tour of the year - selling out every date in advance.  By the time Whitney finishes her itinerary - dates have been added to extend the tour through November 8 - 'The Voice' will have played to almost million people.

After six consecutive weeks at No.1 on the European charts, Whitney's latest album, 'My Love is Your Love,' remains in the Top 10 in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland, with international sales in excess of 5 million copies.

To date, the album is in it's 49th week on the Billboard 200 chart and is certified RIAA triple-platinum in the U.S. 'My Love is Your Love' has amassed worldwide album sales exceeding 8 million copies.

The RIAA certified gold single, 'My Love is Your Love,' is bulleted top 10 on both the R&B (No.5) and Hot 100 (No.7) lists.

Houston, nominated for MTV Europe Awards Best Female Artist and Best R&B Artist, is scheduled to perform on the broadcast on November 11 in Dublin, Ireland.  She will also make an appearance on Germany's high profile awards show, The Bambi Awards where she is nominated for 'Most Successful International Artist.' The special airs on November 19.

Recently in Germany, Whitney shot the music video for 'I Learned From The Best,' her next single, due for release at the end of the year.

[Thanks Lopez]


The announcement that 'My Love Is Your Love' has been certified triple Platinum in the US for shipment of three million copies means that each of Whitney Houston's seven album projects have register at this level as a minimum.

Whitney Houston
I'm Your Baby Tonight
The Bodyguard
Waiting To Exhale
The Preacher's Wife
My Love Is Your Love

13 Million
9 Million
4 Million
16 MIllion
7 Million
3 Million
3 Million

Also, Whitney's total US certification of 48 million albums further increases her lead over her nearest rivals Madonna (46.5 million) and Mariah Carey (46 million).  Barbra Streisand remains the front runner in this category with US album sales certified at 61.75 million.

Airplay Like This...

'My Love Is Your Love' is enjoying an incredible run on UK Radio - the song has spent the past month climbing the airplay chart and this week returns to the top 20 after 22 weeks on the chart - it posts significant gains in the number of plays and the number of audience impressions (the number of listeners).

Airplay That's Needed...

Lopez has been really busy finding more prominent radio stations and TV stations to add to the growing list for the Global Request Whitney campaign.   New additions include Chicago,  San Francisco, Greensboro-Winston Salem NC, Richmond VA,  Phillipines, VH-1 and a couple of Canadian TV stations.

Alot of works gone into this - make it work, do your bit, request Whitney.

[Thanks Lopez]


I Learned From The Best...

The BMG-Backstage Website confirms 'I Learned From The Best' will be released on 8 November 1999 in the UK.  As stated before, this is also the final date of Whitney's European Tour which will be at London's Wembley Arena.


3 Million Europeans...

'My Love Is Your Love' has been certified triple Platinum by the IFPI, representing European sales of three million copies according to the trade publication Music and Media.  The IFPI website has yet to update this information.

[Thanks Curtis]


After much campaigning, some of us regulars at the Dotmusic Website have finally managed to get a Discussion Forum opened about Whitney Houston.   The forum has yet to have a moderator appointed but is well under way.  You will need to 'register' with Dotmusic in order to post messages on the board.

You can find the Dotmusic Whitney Houston Discussion Forum Here.

Lottery Performance...

I'm still looking for confirmation on this - word is, Whitney will perform on the UK National Lottery Live show on 6 November 1999, the night before her penultimate European Tour Date.

[Thanks Dale]


'My Love Is Your Love' is down to No.36 (from No.27) on the Australian Singles Chart in it's third week.  No word yet on whether the album has re-appeared on the Australian Albums Chart.

[Thanks Scott H]


The Classic Whitney Image Gallery has some great new additions including Live Pictures, Whitney & Peers, 90's Pictures.  The TV Stills Gallery includes a few screen captures of Whitney rehearsing for this tour (taken back in June).

With over 1,100 different images on the site, Classic Whitney houses the most comprehensive Whitney Houston Image Gallery on the Internet.


Audio Exclusive...

Marvel & Eily have remixed 'It's Not Right But It's Okay'.  They originally remixed 'My Love Is Your Love' for the UK CD Single release of the song - a mix which has not surfaced anywhere else.

This new mix of 'It's Not Right But It's Okay' keeps with the speed garage theme that worked so well with 'My Love Is Your Love'.

UK Chart Update...

"My Love Is Your Love" is up to No.25 (from No.30) on it's 48th Chart Week.  The album is the UK's 12th Best Seller for the year to date.  On the R&B Singles Chart, "My Love Is Your Love" is up one place to No.21.

The single "My Love Is Your Love" is the year's 17th Best Seller and "It's Not Right But It's Okay" is the year's 18th Best Seller to date.

Last week, "The Bodyguard" was the UK's No.1 selling mid-price album and "Whitney" was the No.19 best seller on that chart.  Both albums already have UK sales in excess of 2.5 million copies a piece.

Anomaly Explained...

Two weeks back, "My Love Is Your Love" rose 25-8 on the UK albums chart before slipping back down to No.30 last week.  Music Week (the UK equivalent of Billboard Magazine) confirms the reason for the surge in sales was a one day sale pricing at HMV stores where the album was sold for 5 on Thursday 30 September.  This is about a third of it's normal retail price and it remains one of the highest priced CDs around.

Other albums have continued on the discount but "My Love Is Your Love" was a one day special which sent sales soaring.

Global Request Whitney...

Please remember to take the time to do some requesting - The Global Request Whitney campaign has been designed to make it easier.  New additions have been made to the page including a section for the Seattle area [Thanks Kelli]. 
You can easily write your own short dialogue and copy and paste it to as many of the addresses listed as possible.  Requesting works!


Earlier this year, I took over the management of the Whitney Houston Webring which has over 30 Whitney Houston Websites listed.  If you have a Whitney Website which isn't listed in the ring, please  join the ring

For Whitney's fans. the ring is a great way to explore some of the other great Whitney websites around.


This Whitney Houston Web Ring
Site is owned by Manish.

Want to join the Whitney Houston Web Ring?



The Classic Whitney Mailing List will be available shortly which will be an excellent tool for communicating developments and exclusives available here on Classic Whitney..

For discussion about Whitney, you can visit the Bulletin Board which I co-manage with Lopez and you can also join the Whitney Onelist Community which now has almost 100 subscribers.  This is a mailing list which subscribers can post messages on and discuss in much the same way that we do on the Bulletin Board except that this goes straight to your e-mail box.  The Whitney Onelist is co-managed by myself and Sieraaj.

Click Here To Join The Whitney Onelist Community.


The UK pop group Steps are considering releasing a cover of Whitney Houston's "One Moment In Time" as their millennium single.

Dexy's Midnight Runner...

Kevin Roland - former lead singer of Dexy's Midnight Runners - has recorded an 'ad-libbed' version of 'Greatest Love Of All' for his forthcoming "My Beauty" album.


Could I Have This Kiss Forever...

From Billboards' The Rhythm and the Blues section by Gail Mitchell:

STAY TUNED: Whitney Houston and Enrique Iglesias duet on "Could I Have This Kiss Forever" written by Diane Warren and produced by David Foster, the track will appear on both Iglesias' English Language "Enrique" album, due November 23 and Houston's planned greatest-hits package.

[Thanks Andrea]

Killer Remix...

Expect to see the Marvel & Eily G3 Mix of "It's Not Right But It's Okay" available right here sometime this weekend.


"My Love Is Your Love is back up to No.10 on the CNN WorldBeat Albums Chart - two albums debut above it.

A Slap From Diana Ross...

Diana Ross is in the UK this week and appeared on the Channel 4 programme TFI Friday hosted by Chris Evans.  He asked her about how she got along with certain other female artists:

Madonna - "she's not a flash in the pan, she's been here a while now"
Cher - "We've best friends" [confirming that she and Cher have never fallen out and she had never slapped Cher]

When asked about Whitney Houston (whom Chris Evans said he really liked), Diana replied "I'd like to slap her!" [laughs as the audience sound stunned] "No, really, I don't know Whitney, we've met but I don't really know her or anything".

Diana concedes she is the most successful female artist in history based on her longevity rather than anything else.


Billboard Update...

For the week ending 23 October 1999, "My Love Is Your Love"  remains at No.75 on the Billboard 200 (it's 47th charting week) and is down three place to No.33 on the R&B Albums chart.

Here's the single's stats:

Hot 100 - Up to No.7 (from No.8) with bullet - 8 weeks on chart ;
Hot 100 Airplay - Up to No.36 (from No.38) - 8 weeks on the chart;
Hot 100 Sales - Down to No.7 (from No.5) - 6 weeks on the chart;
R&B Singles Chart - Down to No.5 - 14 weeks on chart;
Hot R&B Airplay - Down to No.13 (from No.12) - 14 weeks on the chart;
Rhythmic Top 40 - TBC - 7 weeks on the chart;
Dance/Maxi CD Sales - Remains at No.2 - 7 weeks on chart.

[Compiled By Lopez]

Clive Talkin'....

[Article From Entertainment Weekly Online]

Enrique Iglesias and Whitney Houston collaborate on a new track. The duet will appear on Iglesias' English-language debut.

When it comes to musical matchmaking, it's tough to top Arista Records chief Clive Davis. It was his idea to load Santana's current smash album with superstar collaborators (a strategy he's also employing on upcoming CDs from Run-D.M.C. and The Artist). Now the canny exec has brokered a team-up between Arista diva Whitney Houston and Latin crossover hopeful Enrique Iglesias for Diane Warren's ''Could I Have This Kiss Forever.''

''Me and Clive were talking about this song that I'd heard a demo of and loved,'' says Iglesias. ''And he says, 'Why don't you do it with Whitney?' So we did, and it turned out fantastic. Clive was very nice about letting Whitney sing with me -- I'm not even an Arista artist.'' Davis' motives weren't entirely philanthropic: The track will appear on both Iglesias' first English-language album, ''Enrique'' (due Nov. 23), and on Houston's forthcoming greatest-hits collection, scheduled to drop next year.

Will it be a single? ''Probably. You know if Clive is involved, it's got to be a single,'' cracks Iglesias.


My Love Is Your Love: Top Of The Pops...

My Love Is Your Love - Top Of The Performance Gallery

Visit The 'My Love Is Your Love'
Top Of The Pops
Performance Gallery


My Love Is Your Love: New Audio...

The screen captures are just the beginning - the Top Of The Pops live vocal performance of
'My Love Is Your Love' is one of the best for this song.

My Love Is Your Love: Billboard Update...

"My Love Is Your Love" is up one place to No.7 on the Billboard Hot100 having sold 63,000 copies last week (it's also the 7th best selling single of the week) and the album holds at No.75 (47 weeks on the chart) with some eight albums debuting above it.

The full chart update as & when.

[Thanks Scott H]



Whitney In "You", September 1999 (UK)

Whitney Pictured In You Magazine (UK) Last Month -
Click On Image For Larger Version.


Chart Stats Website...

Dan has created a Website featuring Whitney's chart stats - Check It Out

Import 2 CD Set...

The website is selling the reissued "My Love Is Your Love" 2 CD set for $17.88 from $21.99 - I think this is a direct link to the Artist Section.

[Thanks Lopez]

MTV Europe...

Rock On TV reports that the 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards will air live in the US (11 November) and the making of the new video will air 2 November 1999.

[Thanks Lydia]

Global Request Whitney...

Trust me, it's not a show-piece.   Please take the time to request Whitney's "My Love Is Your Love" in the US - it's been made really easy  - just follow the  Global Request Whitney banner and request away.   More stations and links have been added over the past couple of days.


"My Love Is Your Love" is the No.11 album on the CNN Worldbeat Top 30 Albums listing



Rolling Stone Online Poll...

Rolling Stone Magazine has an online poll for the Artist of the Year . I believe it is open only to U.S residents and the first prize is tickets to the American Music awards amongst other things.

The categories specific for Whitney are:

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
Best dance/Electronic artist
Best Dressed
Best r*b artist
Artist of the year
Best Female Performer
Best Album
Best Single 
Best Tour 

You Can Vote Here - After voting, you have to fill out a form and then Rolling Stone will send you an email.  You have to follow the instructions on their email. can also been nominated for Best Online Fan Site [Line #19].  Feel free to add your vote here too!

[Thanks Lopez]

Sing Joy...

Whitney Houston's "Joy to the World" featuring the Georgia Mass Choir can be found on Arista's Ultimate Christmas compilation in stores now.

[Thanks Lopez]

UK Chart Update...

"My Love Is Your Love" dips from No.8 to No.30 on the UK albums chart this week following it's anomalous hike up the chart last week.  The album should continue this steady downward trip until the fourth single is serviced to radio.  The album has charted for 47 weeks.


"My Love Is Your Love" is up to No.27 (from No.30) in it's second week on the Australian Singles Chart.

[Thanks Scott H]

Global Request Whitney...

Whatta start - by the end of the week, hopefully all the major Whitney Houston fan-websites will be involved in the Global Request Whitney campaign.   I'll be listing the sites involved over the next couple of days as they begin profiling this campaign.

Lisa has also been working really hard on her own Whitney Website to add airplay profile in the US for Whitney - You can also help the cause via her website.

Link Me...

Some more Whitney Websites have been listed on the Classic Whitney Links Page.   If you have a Whitney Houston Website, you may also want to link back to this website.



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I already had the website I would visit every day as a Whitney Houston fan - that's how I ran the other website - but from that has developed the desire to take it one step further.  To give back to Whitney Houston the credible profile on the internet that is afforded so many of her contemporaries by their professional associations and their fans.  I hope my work here will make Whitney proud, equally, I hope I have developed a website that Whitney's fans will be proud to be represented by.

Thank you for your patience - I trust you'll find this webspace worth your while.

Just to tempt you a little, here's just a small fraction of what you'll find here...

It's Always Been About The Music...
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The Music Of Whitney Houston

Image Gallery

The Most Extensive Whitney Houston Image Gallery Ever.

A Comprehensive Audio Gallery Featuring These Exclusives:

Audio Files From The Classic Whitney Show (Of Course!)

Whitney Houston DJ's For Radio One UK 1991 - All Four Days Available

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The Brits '99 Widescreen Image Gallery

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It's Not Right But It's Okay -
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These great photos come from the latest D&G fashion show in Milan which Whitney attended - the show was probably scheduled around Whitney's arrival in Italy for her show there.





MTV Europe Reminder ...

Don't forget to vote for Whitney in the MTV Europe Awards. She's nominated in the Best Female and Best R&B categories.

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Vibe Storming Ahead ...

Whitney Houston is storming ahead of her rival in the Vibe Poll - It's just a bit of fun.

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Whitney Houston Explains Appeal Of "My Love Is Your Love" ...

[Taken from MTV News Website]

R&B diva Whitney Houston is currently overseas in the midst of a European tour to support her newest album "My Love Is Your Love," and she's enjoying another Top 10 single in the U.S. with the reggae-inspired title track.

The song was written and produced by Wyclef Jean, who also appears alongside Houston in the video for "My Love Is Your Love," a song which, as Houston told MTV News, appealed to her because of its universal message.

"So [the song's] basically talking about the destruction of the world for the most part and when it all ends," Houston said. "When it all comes right down to it, somehow we're all intertwined, in some way or another. Every human being is intertwined."

"So my love is your love and yours is mine," she said, explaining the song's refrain. "You know, 'It's going to take eternity to break us up.' We're still here, everybody, black, white, green, yellow, we're all still loving here together. So we're doing something right, I think."

Houston is scheduled to play the Schleyerhalle in Stuttgart, Germany on October 10, and her European tour is scheduled to conclude on November 8 after a concert at London's Wembley Arena.

[You Can See & Here This Comment By RealVideo Courtesy Of MTV News]


I Learned From The Best Video...

New Video Taping!! Today, according to our official source at the Whitney camps, Whitney managed to squeeze one more day away from her very tightly-scheduled, sold-out tour in Europe to tape the video for "I Learned From the Best." The taping took place outside of Cologne, Germany, and was directed by the visionary genius, Kevin Bray. You may say that he's the man responsible for the artistry behind her other videos released for tracks from My Love Is Your Love, including the title track, "My Love Is Your Love," "It's Not Right But It's Okay," and "Heartbreak Hotel." Bray has a great knack for capturing Whitney at her most fabulous! So a bomb-looking video will be out soon!

As soon as the Platinum Club [& Manish!] gets the date on the video's release, we'll let you know!

[From Platinum Club Website]


Enrique Duet Confirmed...

Surprises in store for Whitney's Greatest Hits Album

In Whitney's great tradition of fabulous duets (Luther, Stevie Wonder, Mariah, need we say more?), Whitney is planning on including a surprise for her forthcoming Greatest Hits album. Ms. Whitney managed to squeeze enough time away from her sold-out European tour to record a duet with Enrique Iglesias this past August. If all goes well, it should appear on the Greatest Hits album scheduled to be released some time next year.

Also, let us dispel some rumors--Whitney has not recorded a duet with Toni Braxton, contrary to what other websites are saying, according to an official source.

[From Platinum Club Website]


Additional Tourdates...

[News From Platinum Club Website]

Whitney Sells-Out!! - Concert arenas, that is! All over Europe, Whitney's dates have sold out! Whitney Houston Platinum Club just received information about additional dates Whitney will perform the last two weeks of October. Check out the Tour Page for more info.

Also, those going to the remaining concert dates, we know you will enjoy the show, even if Bobbi Kristina doesn't make an appearance on "My Love Is Your Love." It's true, earlier in the tour, Bobbi Kristina did come out to accompany her mom on the song, but unfortunately, she needed to come home to start school this September, so she's no longer on the tour.


D&G Party...

Exclusive Platinum Club Information - Dolce & Gabbana are tentatively planning on throwing Whitney a fabulous bash when she gets to Milan for her concert date on 20 October 1999.

[From Platinum Club Website]


VH-1 Divas Live 1999...

The Divas Live 1999 CD will be released by Arista on 2 November 1999. The CD will feature "Ain't No Way" (Whitney's duet with Mary J Blige), "I Will Always Love You" and "I'm Every Woman" (the duet with Chaka Khan).

The performances of "It's Not Right But It's Okay" and "My Love Is Your Love" has been omitted from this release as marketing of "My Love Is Your Love" continues.

[Thanks Lopez]


Billboard Update...

For the week ending 16 October 1999, "My Love Is Your Love" is down to No.75 (from No.70) on the Billboard 200 (it's 46th charting week) and down one place to No.30 (bulleted) on the R&B Albums chart.

Here's the single's stats:

Hot 100 - Up to No.8 (from No.9) with bullet - 7 weeks on chart ;
Hot 100 Airplay - Up to No.38 (from No.48) - 7 weeks on the chart;
Hot 100 Sales - Down to No.5 (from No.3) - 5 weeks on the chart;
R&B Singles Chart - Remains at No.3 - 13 weeks on chart;
Hot R&B Airplay - Up to No.12 (from No.17) with bullet - 13 weeks on the chart;
Dance/Club Play Chart - TBC - 13 weeks on chart;
Rhythmic Top 40 - Up to No.33 (from No.34) with bullet - 6 weeks on the chart;
Dance/Maxi CD Sales - TBC - 6 weeks on chart.

[Compiled By Lopez]


Whitney is featured on the MTV Online News Stream in which it is stated that Whitney would be recording the video to "I Learned From The Best" in Germany the following day.

[Thanks Tony/Sebastian]


Junior Vasquez...

[Info From The Junior Vasquez Website]

Whitney Houston - I Learned From The Best/ I Bow Out to be released as double A-side follow up to My Love Is Your Love Single at the end of the year. (Possible Junior Remix of one of these tracks).

TourDate Rescheduled...

The 8 October 1999 concert in Oberhausen, Germany (Arena) has been postponed to the 31 October. The reason being that on 9 October there will be a boxing match in the Arena and if the Whitney concert took place on 8 October, they would not be able to manage the building up of the stage in time.

The 2 Oberhausen concerts will now take place on 30 October and 31 October 1999.

[Thanks Christiane]


Vote Whitney: MTV Europe...

Please take a moment to vote for Whitney Houston in the two categories at the MTV Europe Awards Site.

It doesn't matter if you don't vote in all categories but please ensure your vote is registered for Whitney in the Best Female and the Best R&B Female categories.

[Thanks Sebastian]


For a low profile song, "My Love Is Your Love" makes an impressive Australian debut at No.30 this week.

[Thanks Scott H.]


MTV Europe...

The 1999 MTV Europe Music Award nominations were announced today in London. Whitney Houston has been nominated for Best Female Artist and Best Female R&B Artist.

Whitney has confirmed she will perform at the show in Dublin on 11 November, three days after her European Tour ends in London.


CNN Worldbeat...

My Love Is Your Love falls one place from No.8 to No.9 on this chart for the week ending 1 October 1999. This is the 29th wk that the album has been on the charts.
Expect the position to rise next week due to the high chart position of the album in the UK.

[Thanks Lopez]


UK Chart Update...

"My Love Is Your Love" returns to the UK Top Ten Albums by sky-rocketing from No.25 last week to No.8 this week, it's 46th week on the chart. It's not clear what has induced this surge as there hasn't been any press advertising for the album and the next single has not been serviced to radio. Likely answer - sales from people who can no longer find the title track single which was deleted some weeks ago and is still very current on UK radio.

The single "My Love Is Your Love" is down to No.20 on the R&B singles chart.



Whitney Houston already has over 20,000 votes on the Vibe Poll - cast your vote now.


Classic Artist...

[The following article appears in this week's Music Week detailing the first time ever that Whitney's back catalogue is being promoted at mid-price in the UK]

The Release of Whitney Houston's first new album for five years has given BMG the perfect opportunity to ignite retail activity across her entire back catalogue.
The return of one of the world's biggest stars with a succession of hit singles, a critically - and commercially - acclaimed album and a world tour all add up to the sort of exposure of which catalogue managers dream.

"It will always give a big boost to catalogue sales when a major artist tours and has new product on the market and Whitney is one of our premier artists, so it was an obvious move to re-promote her back catalogue," says Charlie Stanford. "All the albums were still selling reasonably well at full price but as soon as we knew there was new product, we saw the opportunity to increase sales substantially by marketing them at mid-price."

To get clearance for such a radical marketing initiative involving one of the company's key assets - and the best selling artist of the last two decades - meant going all through lengthy discussions with Arista in the US. As a result, all Houston's six albums - Whitney Houston, Whitney, I'm Your Baby Tonight, The Bodyguard, Waiting To Exhale and The Preacher's Wife - were reduced to mid-price on August 2 and will remain at that price point until the end of the year, at which time the singer's catalogue will revert to full-price.

At full price, this catalogue has already achieved more than 3.5m unit sales in the UK alone, and Stanford is excited by the commercial possibilities created by the price reduction and it's associated retail-friendly benefits.

In August alone there was a tenfold increase in Houston catalogue sales, and he believes this may only be the tip of the iceberg. "Whitney's releases have always been strong selling, must stock catalogue items but with all the opportunities mid-price offers, the sky is the limit," he says. "We always work closely with the front-line labels to maximise profile and potential for reductions from full to mid-price. It not only generates valuable additional revenue, it increases the artists' overall profile and allows us to reach cost-conscious consumers who are reluctant to pay 14 for a CD."

Whitney's UK catalogue album sales are actually in the region of seven million copies - Manish.


Radio Success...

As part of Lopez' & Sky's Classic Whitney Bulletin Board campaign to get airplay profile to the "My Love Is Your Love" single, Lopez e-mailed Baltimore B102.7 to request the song - after being told the first time that they didn't have to serviced to them, Lopez' second mail received this reply:

Hey I'm right with ya, INRBIO is definitely burnt, plus I'm try'n to get the new Whit on hang in there hopefully by Tuesday!! Thanks for listening!!!! Later, Priestly

It's not a news story per se but it's a great example of the power of requesting. Expect some airplay request profile on the Newsfile this coming week.

[Thanks Lopez]


Gold Diva...

"My Love Is Your Love" has been certified Gold by the RIAA to become Whitney's 20th Gold single; the fourth to be lifted from Whitney's "My Love Is Your Love" album.

This is the second time Whitney has lifted as many as four Gold singles from an album - 1985's "Whitney Houston" also had four Gold singles. "Whitney" yielded two, "I'm Your Baby Tonight" (two), "The Bodyguard" (three), "Waiting To Exhale" (two for Whitney), "The Preacher's Wife" (two).


Complete Billboard Update...

As stated yesterday, "My Love Is Your Love" is up to No.70 on the Billboard 200 (with 11 albums debuting above it) and holds at No.29 on the R&B Albums Chart.

Here's the stats for 'My Love Is Your Love' (single) for the week ending 9 October 1999:

Hot100 - Up to No.9 (from No.11) with bullet - 6 weeks on chart ;
Hot 100 Airplay - Down to No.48 (from No.44) - 6 weeks on the chart;
Hot 100 Sales - Up to No.3 (from No.5) with bullet - 4 weeks on the chart;
R&B Singles Chart - Down to No.3 with bullet - 12 weeks on chart;
Hot R&B Airplay - Down to No.17 (from No.12) - 12 weeks on the chart;
Dance/Club Play Chart - TBC - 12 weeks on chart;
Rhythmic Top 40 - Down to No.34 (from No.33) with bullet - 5 weeks on the chart;
Dance/Maxi CD Sales - Down to No.3 (from No.2) with bullet - 5 weeks on chart.

[Compiled by Lopez]

Weekly Word...

Arista Records' confirm the Divas Live 99 CD will be released in November.

India Times...

Whitney Houston is the Artist Of The Month on the India Times Website - Check Out The Article.

[Thanks Steve]




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