Entertainment Wire: Arista 6m Fiscal Report Impressive 17 January 1997
Arista Half Year Profits/Sales 24 July 1997
PRNewswire: Arista Posts Record Earning 12 January 2000
Arista 25: 25 Years Of #1 Hits (Press Release) 3 February 2000
Business Wire: dick clark To Produce Arista 25 Special 10 February 2000
Entertainment Wire: Arista Posts Personal Best Sales Revenue 4  April 2000
USA Today: Whitney Shines At Arista Anniversary 13 April 2000
Billboard: Arista 25, Reid Prepars To Helm & Davis Weighs Options 14 April 2000
BMG Singapore: Greatest Hits Press Release 2 May 2000
E Online: Goodbye Clive, Hello 'LA' 3 May 2000
NY Daily News: Music Is Over For Davis At Arista 4 May 2000
Reuters: Clive Davis - A Record Industry Legend 4 May 2000
Billboard: Arista's Reid To Seek A Calm Transition 6 May 2000
Billboard Salute: Arista 25, Exec VP/GM Goldstruck Interview 6 May 2000
Music Week: Advertisment For Whitney: The Greatest Hits 6 May 2000
Billboard Salute: Arista 25 - Top 100 Arista Albums & Singles 6 May 2000
BMG Backstage: UK Greatest Hits Promtion 8 May 2000
Billboard: Houston Gets Interactive On Greatest Hits DVD 9 May 2000
Sonicnet: Whitney Greatest Hits Expected To Sell Well 16 May 2000
BMG Backstage: Whitney Duet With George Michael 2 June 2000
PRNewswire: Whitney's 3 Duets Explode On Release Of Album 17 May 2000
Arista 25: TV Ratings 17 May 2000
Arista Press Release: Whitney Makes Her Move - Album Debuts 25 May 2000
Billboard: L.A. Reid Selects Arista VP Team 21 July 2000
Hollywood Reporter: Clive Davis/BMG Seal A Deal For Label 9 August 2000
NY Daily News: Come-back For Clive; Whitney Stays At Arista 14 August 2000
Billboard: J Record - Instant Major Company 28 August 2000
Reuters: Music Mogul Clive Davis Forms New Label With BMG 25 August 2000
Billboard: Arista Readies DVD Singles; Whitney Houston's "Fine" 11 October 2000
BMG Backstage: Whitney Houston New Single, Heartbreak Hotel 10 November 2000
BMG UK: Mail On Sunday Special Whitney Houston Promtion 8 December 2000
New York Magazine, LA Reid Interview; Abandons Greatest Hits 22 January 2001
Billboard: Clive 'Never Imagined' Whitney Would Leave Arista 26 May 2001
New York Post: "Whitney Seethes Over Mariah" [Denied] 24 January 2002
Hits: LA Reid Interview 22 March 2002
USA Today: CEO Hopes For Hit Parade 29 April 2002
Associated Press: LA Reid Overcomes Criticism 27 June 2002
The Hollywood Reporter: Dialogue With LA Reid 18 July 2002
Billboard: Santana, Whitney, Lavigne Head To DataPlay 5 August 2002
Associated Press: Artists Hopeful About Fall Albums 28 August 2002
Fox 411: Arista Chief Conflict On Whitney Album? 22 October 2002
NY Times: In Switch, Whitney Houston Has To Sell An Album 11 November 2002
NY Times: CDs Crowd Holiday Market 18 November 2002
Billboard: Labels Turn To Bonus DVDs To Drive CD Sales 29 November 2002
Businesswire: Just Whitney... Captures Highest 1st Week 18 December 2002
Businesswire: Just Whitney... Career High First Week 19 December 2002
Fox 411: Whitney's Album Claims Record Exec as Victim 28 February 2003
NY Times: And They Said He Couldn't Run A Major Record Label 2 March 2003
Fox 411: NY Times Arista Piece: Puff Daddy Of All Time 3 March 2003
Businesswire: Ultimate Dance Divas 22 April 2003
Businesswire: Ultimate Smash Hits 27 May 2003
Canada Newswire: Canadian Idol CD 22 August 2003
New York Times: Bertelsmann Encounters Some Turbulence 3 September 2003
New York Daily News: Sony, BMG Tie The Knot 13 December 2003
Associated Press: Arista President 'L.A.' Reid Exits 13 January 2004
BBC: R&B hit-maker Reid leaves Arista 14 January 2004
Hollywood Reporter: Label chief Reid quits Arista gig 14 January 2004
New York Daily News: Arista Boots Reid 14 January 2004
New York Post: Arista Bombshell 14 January 2004
New York Times: Arista Chief Executive Resigns 14 January 2004
Hits Daily Double: The Day After Arista CEO's Departure... 14 January 2004
Billboard: Clive Davis Takes Over BMG North America 2 February 2004
LA Times: Clive Davis Promoted to BMG's U.S. Unit Chief 3 February 2004
New York Post: BMG Puts Davis Back On Top 3 February 2004
Dow Jones: Davis To Oversee Arista 3 February 2004
NY Daily News: BMG Spins Clive Davis To Top Of Its Music World 3 February 2004
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: LA Reid Q&A 13 February 2004
Fox 411: Arista Records in Danger of Closing? 27 February 2004
Reuters: Bell Tolls For Arista Records 12 March 2004
Fox 411: Say Goodbye To Arista Records 22 March 2004
PRNewswire: BMG North America Announces Realignment 24 March 2004
The Village Voice: Undermine Your Own Business 6 April 2004
Billboard: BMG Hot In '04, Rebuilding Arista 25 June 2004
PRNewswire: Sony and BMG Unite to Create Sony BMG Music Entertainment 5 August 2004


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