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Billboard Chart Update...

The Billboard update for the week ending 9 November 2002:

Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks - New Entry at No.74 with bullet - 1 week on chart;
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay - New Entry at No.73 with bullet - 1 week on chart.

Hot Dance Music/Club Play Chart - Down to No.26 (from No.11) - 11 weeks on chart.

Hot 100 Singles Sales - Down to No.46 (from No.35) - 68 weeks on chart.


[From Click2Music]

Whitney to perform at MTV Europe Awards

Whitney's new single Whatchulookinat is out now and set for a new entry on Sunday in this week's Top 20. So Whitney's coming to Europe.

Whitney has confirmed she'll be performing live at the MTV Europe Awards in Barcelona on 14th November.

She's promised an amazing performance of her new single Whatchulookinat which is looking at being a new entry in this week's top 20.

We've got clips from both the P Diddy remix and the Full Intention remix for you to listen too. Enjoy!

UK Club Charts...

Music Week Club Charts for the week ending 2   November 2002:

Urban Top 30
Down to No.29 (from No.11) 11 weeks on chart




[From Platinum Club]

"One Of Those Days" Number One On Urban and Urban AC formats!

Whitney's new single, "One Of Those Days" produced by Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs has hit radio by storm as one of the most heavily added singles across various radio formats, coming in at number one on the Urban and Urban AC formats! Be sure to be on the listen for Whitney's new single, "One Of Those Days" and call and request Whitney's fantastic new song from your local radio station!

Urban Most Added
Artist Title (Label) Adds
Whitney Houston One Of Those Days (Arista) 41

Roots Break You Off (MCA) 30
Lil' Romeo True Love (New/Universal) 23
Jim Crow Hot Wheels (Interscope) 16
Joe Budden Focus (Spit Records) 13

Urban AC Most Added
Artist Title (Label) Adds
Whitney Houston One Of Those Days (Arista) 27

Sounds Of Blackness Don't You Ever... (Sounds Of Black) 8
Nicci Gilbert My Side Of The Story (MCA) 6
Vivian Green Emotional... (Columbia) 4
Tyrese How You Gonna Act... (J) 4

[Thanks Dave W./Lopez]

Rival Releases...

The LA Times website features a report titled 'They've got the name; do they still have game?' and Fox 411's column features an report titled 'Whitney Vs. Mariah', both of which focus on the potential rivalry between the two artists and labels as the release their respective albums a week apart.

Shut Out By Sony?...

[From Groovevolt.com]

Sony Shut Mary J. Blige and Whitney Houston Out

Sony Music recently released, VH1 Divas Las Vegas, but two artist were missing from the CD’s tracklisting. While Cher, Shakira, Dixie Chicks, Anatacia, and Celine Dion all made the final cut. Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige are not present on the live set. "This had a lot to do with politics. MCA wanted Mary on the CD, Arista on the other hand was not wowed by Whitney’s performance." According to the insider, "The CD was released on Sony and [Mary and Whitney] were the only artist who were not on the Sony Label aside from Cher." Other sources confirm that MCA Records and Mary J. Blige feel shutout. "This is one of the biggest moments in Mary J. Blige’s career, and she feels like they have stolen the glory from her. It hurts but as we’ve seen in the past. Mary is as strong as a rock," according to another source.

[Thanks Alejandro]


Just Whitney...

[Click Image To View Larger Image]

Whitney Houston pictured for what appears to be the cover of the limited edition release of 'Just Whitney...'

[Thanks Roland]

One Of Those Media Clips...

Doing the rounds within the music industry is This Media Clip which is being used to promote 'One Of Those Days' which goes for radio adds in the US this week.  The clip centres around the Billboard Magazine review of the song.

Just One Of Dem Days...

[From Launch Music]

Whitney Houston's Having 'One Of Those Days'

(10/29/02, 10 a.m. ET) -- Whitney Houston's "One Of Those Days" impacted at radio Monday (October 28) as the new release from the singer's album, Just Whitney, which is expected to hit stores during the holiday season.

The feel-good ballad was produced by She'ksphere, who is known for providing music for TLC's "No Scrubs" and Destiny's Child's "Bills, Bills, Bills." "One Of Those Days" interpolates portions of the Isley Brothers' "Between The Sheets."

She'ksphere and Houston began working together in early 2002. In February, She'ksphere explained to LAUNCH his plans for Houston. "I want Whitney to appeal to Whitney's people," She'ksphere said. "I'm going back to the essence. I'm not trying to do anything outlandish. It's just great songs, great melodies, simple grooves, so that when you first hear it from the get-go whether you're 15 years old or you're 46."

She'ksphere, who has also worked with Mariah Carey and Pink, added that Houston is the "cream of the crop." "Whenever she opens her mouth, just even to do a little ad-lib or to even ask if she could do it this way, everything sounds incredible," She'ksphere said. "She's truly a molded individual in the singing game. She has it locked down to a tee."

Houston's first single "Whatchulookinat?" was released in August.

-- Billy Johnson Jr., New York

[Thanks Matt]

Arista.com Blurb...

[From Arista]

Whitney's having One of Those Days?

Ever have one of those days where you just need to kick your feet up and take some time out just for you? Whitney does too. "One Of Those Days" is the first domestic single to be released off of Whitney Houston's upcoming album, Just Whitney. Check it out here at ARISTA.com!


Single Release...

Whatchulookinat: CD1 Whatchulookinat: CD2

The first UK Whitney Houston single in nearly two years is released tomorrow.  Issued on four formats, the release will have the following track listings:

1 - Whatchulookinat (Radio Mix) 3:35
2 - Whatchulookinat (P.Diddy Remix) 4:08
3 - Whatchulookinat (Full Intention Club Mix) 7:02

1 - Whatchulookinat (Radio Mix) 3:35
2 - Love To Infinity Megamix 9:22
(Contains portions of 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)', 'So Emotional', 'I'm Your Baby Tonight', 'I'm Every Woman' and 'It's Not Right But It's Okay').

1 - Whatchulookinat (Radio Mix) 3:35
2 - Whatchulookinat (P.Diddy Remix) 4:08

12 inch
A1 - Whatchulookinat (P. Diddy Remix) 4:08
A2 - Whatchulookinat (Thunderpuss Club Mix) 7:42
B1 - Whatchulookinat (Full Intention Club Mix) 7:02

The promo blurb on the Click2Music e-card reads:

Whatchulookinat is a fantastic track that rips into the press and others who have intruded on Whitney's personal life over the past few years, telling them to get a life so she can get on with hers.

Written by Whitney Houston, Jerry Muhammad, Andre Lewis and produced by Bobby Brown & Muhammad 2G for Black Angel Productions, the formats include a blazin hot remix crafted by P. Diddy, who also features on the track and samples the KRS-One joint Step Into My World.  There are also additional remixes by Thunderpuss and Full Intention.

This track has 'hit' written all over it.

Her highly anticipated new album is due this autumn with production from She'kspere and Babyface.


Still based on airplay points only, 'Whatchulookinat' is up to No.15 on the London Top 40 (from No.19) as per Capital Radio's weekly run down.


New Review...

[From Billboard]

Singles Reviews: Spotlight

One of Those Days
Producer(s): Kevin Ske'kspere Briggs
Writer(s): K. Briggs, P. Stewart, D. Reynolds, Isley Brothers
Publisher(s): Shek'em Down/Hitco South/ Buttaphly 2Phly/Classic South/ Music of Windswept/D.A.S./Ground Breaking/ Sony/ATV/Bovina/EMI-April, ASCAP
Label/Catalog Number: Arista 5197 (CD promo)
Source: Billboard Magazine
Originally Reviewed: November 02, 2002

Jennifer, Mariah, Ashanti, Brandy, Christina, and all you other ladies bidding for R&B glory . . . Miss Whitney would like to show you the way it is to be done. "One of Those Days" marks the joyous, triumphant return of one of the great singers, who delivers the goods in glorious voice, singing a groovy, hip-swaying composition that is at last worthy of her immense talent. The previous "Whatchulookinat" was a frightening curve ball, not only a bitter pill lyrically but also a chaotic mess of a rhythm with Whitney's vocal drowning somewhere on the sidelines—making this Shek'spere-helmed track all the more satisfying (if not a relief). "Days" possesses enough of an R&B edge to mount current radio trends, but its wonderfully melodic instrumental pallette will also satisfy longtime pop fans, as it sashays along to a melody line lifted from the Isley Brothers' top five 1983 R&B hit, "Between the Sheets." A spate of recent A-level artists have delivered mediocre material, and Houston was certainly in the danger zone. It's a happy day when you know a hit—and love it—the first time you hear it.—CT

Radio Promotion...

[Click On Image To View In Larger Scale]

Pictured above is a new radio promotion advertisement for the US single, 'One Of Those Days', which goes for radio impact on 28 October 2002.

[Thanks Margaret G.]

Diane Sawyer Interview Confusion...

Fox 411 today reports on some confusion around the planning of Whitney's planner interview with Diane Sawyer.

Seemingly in a response to Whitney's fans questioning his recent run of reports about her, Roger Friedman writes "Personally, I'm not interested in running daily Whitney updates, but I am told that she is so isolated she doesn't even know how all this reflects on her. And that is terrifying."

You can read today's report which covers a number of issues here.


Some International chart updates:

Switzerland down to 45 (last week 39)
Germany down to 96 (last week 85) sales charts
Netherlands Mega Top 100 down to 40 (last week 29)

[Thanks Roland]

Release Note...

[From Click2Music Mailing List]

Whitney Houston
Whatchulookinat» Released Monday 28.10.02

First single from Whitney's forthcoming album - one CD includes the P Diddy Remix (look out for a screaming guitar solo), and the other features a classic Whitney Megamix, which we're particularly keen on

[Click2Music may be referring to 'Tell Me No' which was promo'd to them last week -- Manish]



Billboard Chart Update...

The Billboard update for the week ending 2 November 2002:

Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles - New Entry at No.4 - 1 week on chart.

Hot Dance/Club Play Chart - Down to No.11 (from No.9) - 10 weeks on chart.

Hot 100 Singles Sales - Down to No.35 (from No.22) - 67 weeks on chart;
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales - Down to No. 74 (from No.53) - 33 weeks on chart.




The retail promotion CD for 'Just Whitney...' lists the following credits:

* One Of Those Days is produced and arranged by Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs
* Tell Me No is produced by Babyface
* My Love is produced and composed by Teddy Bishop
* Things You Say is produced by Missy Elliott
* Love That Man is produced by Rob Fusari

Album cover photo by Sherly Nields / Montage Photography

[Thanks Alan M.]

Album Confusion...

For the third consecutive day, Roger Friedman's Fox 411 column reports on Whitney's album leak and the confusion that surrounds the leak.  Click Here to read the latest chapter according to Friedman.


MTV Europe Performance...

Whitney Houston is crossing the pond for the 2002 MTV Europe Music Awards.  The show takes place on Thursday 14 November in Barcelona.  Read the MTV Europe News Announcement.  mtveurope2002001.jpg (3843 bytes)
No word yet on what other promotional activities Whitney will undertake during her time in Europe.

One Of Those Videos...

[From MTV News]

Whitney Houston Has 'One Of Those Days' With Her Girls, Mr. Biggs

The first video from Whitney Houston's November 26 release, Just Whitney ..., is scheduled to hit the airwaves on October 30.

The clip is for the album's second single, "One of Those Days." "Whatchulookinat" was released a few weeks ago as the album's first offering (see "Whitney Houston 'Back To Goose-Bump Time' On New LP"), though no video was shot for the song. A remixed version of "Whatchulookinat" was also released.

On "One of Those Days," Houston takes a melody from the Isley Brothers' "Between the Sheets" and sings about getting away from stress ("Oooh baby, baby, you don't know what I been going through ...").

The video was shot on October 18 and 19 in Atlanta by director Kevin Bray, according to the singer's label, Arista. The plot revolves around Whitney and her girls having a day for the ladies, highlighted by time at the spa. They end their evening by hitting the club, and who should be there but Mr. Biggs himself, Ron Isley.

—Shaheem Reid

LA Reid...

Fox News are keeping busy this week and keeping the focus on Whitney Houston and her 'leaked' album, 'Just Whitney...'.  Today, Roger Friedman reports that some of the songs that are likely to make the final track listing are published by Hitco, a company owned by LA Reid.  You can read the report here along with details of why this might be an issue.

The report also mentions some premature reviews of the new album based on the 'leaked' tracks.

Whatchulookinat Video...

The Arista website now links to the Whatchulookinat video.

[Thanks Michael A.]


Official Word...

[From Platinum Club]

Just Whitney News!

If you are a true Whitney Houston fan, you will not download what some are saying is Whitney's new album across the Internet. This is not the complete or finished album! Stay tuned for the release of Just Whitney in-stores November 26!

Exciting news just in ~ Whitney has completed the filming of her new video "One Of Those Days" with director Kevin Bray. The video was shot in Atlanta, GA and will feature special guests. Stay tuned to Whitney's official Web site, whitneyhouston.com, for news on when and where the video will debut!

Fox News...

In his report, Whitney Houston's New Album Leaked One Month Early, Roger Friedman's Fox News discuss the leak and reviews favourably the songs that have been made available.

Diva Schedules...

The New York Daily News reports on the packed schedule of releases by "Divas" on 26 November.  The report suggests there may be an ABC Whitney Houston special forthcoming.  Read the report here.

Promotional Sale...

New promotional fliers sent to retail stores in the US contain details of Arista's plan on promoting 'Just Whitney...' with the assistance of placing some of Whitney's catalogue albums on sale for $13.98, including the three soundtracks.  The sale is planned to run from October 14th until November 8th. The planned street date for 'Just Whitney...' is still 26 November 2002.

The details on the flier are as follows:

Whitney Houston - 13x Platinum
Whitney - 9x Platinum
I'm Your Baby Tonight - 10x Platinum (likely to be global sales)
The Preacher's Wife - 3x Platinum
My Love Is Your Love - 13x Platinum (likely to be global sales)
Waiting To Exhale - 7x Platinum
The Bodyguard - 17x Platinum
Whitney: The Greatest Hits - 2x Platinum (not included in sale)

The following bio is included on the cover of the four-page layout:

* Over 100 million albums sold world wide
* 11#1 Billboard singles
* 6 Grammys
* 20 American Music

* Her self titled debut, selling over 13 million albums in the US, set the record as the biggest selling debut album by a solo artist

* The soundtrack to Whitney's first film, The Bodyguard, sas the biggest selling motion picture sound track of all time certified 17-times platinum in the U.S.

* 'I Will Always Love You' the first single from The Bodyguard became the largest selling single in history selling over 8 million worldwide.

[Thanks Alan M.]


'Whatchulookinat' is up to No.19 (from No.20) on the Capital FM London Top 40 based on airplay points only.  The commercial single is released next Monday.



Album Leak...

Eleven tracks from 'Just Whitney...' have leaked onto the Internet during the weekend.  The songs that have become available are:

Tell Me No (with Carlos Santana)
Love You Man
Things You Say
My Love (duet with Bobby Brown)
One Of Those Days
On My Own
Dear John Letter
You Light Up My Life
Whatchulookinat (P. Diddy Remix)

The tracks appear to come from an un-mastered pre-release copy of the album that had been sent to BMG Germany [Thanks Sabine].

None of these songs will be made available for download or on streaming media of any kind at www.classicwhitney.com until after they have been made available on the album or for promotional purposes by Arista Records.


'Whatchulookinat' is down to No.6 (from No.3) on the Canadian Top 50 Singles Chart this week.

[Thanks Margaret G.]


'Whatchulookinat' is back up to No.19 (from No.23) on the Danish Singles Chart.

[Thanks Stig N.]



The Nippy Online Website features short audio samples of the songs 'Tell Me No', 'Things You Say', 'My Love' and 'Love That Man', all expected to feature on 'Just Whitney...'.

[Thanks David]


'Tell Me No' will only feature on 'Just Whitney...' and not on Santana's CD as well.  The album will have a special package that will include the bonus DVD featuring a MegaMix video, the video for 'Whatchulookinat' as well as other behind the scenes footage (details to be confirmed).  The special edition CD will have an O-card sleeve with limited edition artwork.

Billboard Chart Update...

The Billboard update for the week ending 26 October 2002:

Hot Dance/Club Play Chart - Down to No.9 (from No.3) - 9 weeks on chart.

Hot 100 Singles Sales - Down to No.22 (from No.21) - 66 weeks on chart;
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales - Up to No. 53 (from No.66) - 32 weeks on chart.

UK Club Charts...

Music Week Club Charts for the week ending 19 October 2002:

Commercial Pop Top 30
Down to No.25 (from No.12) 5 weeks on chart

Upfront Club Chart Top 40
Down to No.23 (from No.18) 5 weeks on chart

Urban Top 30
Down to No.11 (from No.4) 9 weeks on chart


'Whatchulookinat' is down to No.25 (from No.18) on the Polish Airplay Chart.

[Thanks Sylwia]


No Jam & Lewis (So Far)...

MTV News today reports that Whitney Houston has not worked with Jam & Lewis on 'Just Whitney...' as yet.  The production duo are still committed to being a part of this album.  Read the complete MTV News report here.

Remix Buzz...

Peter Rauhofer has remixed 'Whatchulookinat' and is currently in the studio working on Whitney's next single 'One Of Those Days.'  As for his as-yet-unavailable version of 'Whatchulookinat', this remix supposedly samples the beats from Hex Hector's remix of Deborah Cox's 'Nobody's Supposed To Be Here.'

[Thanks Kevin]


New Photo...

Click on the image above to see a larger version of this new photograph of Whitney.

[Thanks Daniel L.]

One Of Those Days...

The whitney-fan.de website has provided this link to a good quality RealAudio recording of 'One Of Those Days'.

[Thanks Daniel L.]

Video Jukebox...

[From Click2Music]

Whitney Video Jukebox

Relive some of those classic Whitney moments in 10 of her finest videos as we team up with The Sun Online.

If you haven't already seen the fantastic new video to Whatchulookinat here on Click2music then what are you waiting for?? Also if you're lucky enough to have The Box you can vote for the video by selecting 464.

After watching the video we know you'll agree when we say that Whitney sure knows how to make a great video. So we decided to trawl through her video collection and team up with The Sun online to bring you a special Whitney Jukebox.

Follow the link to watch 10 of the best including I Will Always Love You, Wanna Dance With Somebody and It's Not Right, But It's Okay.


Go to the Whitney Jukebox



UK Release Update...

'Whatchulookinat' will appear on 2 CDs when it receives it's UK commercial release on 28 October 2002:

Whatchulookinat (Radio Mix) - 3:35
Whatchulookinat (P Diddy Remix) - 4:08
Whatchulookinat (Full Intention Club Mix) - 7:02

Whatchulookinat (Radio Mix) - 3:35
Dance Megamix by Love To Infinity - 9:22

Both CDs feature the photograph of Whitney kicking her feet up in the air, with CD1 having a white background and CD2 with a gold background.   The CDs will retail at £1.99 each in most locations.

London Airplay...

Continuing its impressive London radio profile, 'Whatchulookinat' is up to No.20 (from No.22) on the Capital Radio London Top 40 Sales & Airplay chart based on airplay points alone.

Remix News...

[From peterrauhofer.com]

[10.14.02] - Peter is currently in the studio remixing Whitney Houston’s new single “Love That Man” on Arista.




This is the photo of Whitney that can be seen across London promoting the release of the new single, 'Whatchulookinat' on 28 October (the posters read 14 October).

[Thanks Roland - Whitney The Club]

12" Release...

The US Tower Records website cites a 29 October release for the 12" of 'One Of Those Days', the next US Whitney Houston single:

Whitney Houston
"One Of Those Days"
07822-15197-1 (7)
Side A: Radio Edit 3:56, Instrumental 4:19
Side B: Album Version 4:17, Acappella 4:03
Street date: 10/29/02

Written By Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs, Patrice "Buttaphly" Stewart, Dwight "Lil' Skrapp" Reynolds, Ernest Isley, Marvin Isley, Kelly Isley, Ronald Isley, Rudolph Isley, Christopher Jasper.

Produced By Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs.

Contains replayed elements from "Between The Sheets," originally performed by the Isley Brothers.

[Thanks Lisa D.]


UK Club Charts...

Music Week Club Charts for the week ending 12 October 2002:

Commercial Pop Top 30
Down to No.12 (from No.1) 4 weeks on chart

Upfront Club Chart Top 40
Down to No.18 (from No.2) 4 weeks on chart

Urban Top 30
Down to No.4 (from No.2) 8 weeks on chart

UK R&B Chart...

'Whatchulookinat' has moved 24-33-26-28 thus far on the UK's R&B Singles Chart based on import sales.



The new-look, attitude-laden Whitney, was no mere flash in the pan.
She's back and brimming with fire on a track from her forthcoming album.

"Why you lookin' at me?" she demands, and even Puffy is reduced to abandoning his cool and proclaiming "Whitney Houston-we love you"

She's sure come a long way since Kevin Costner...The Bodyguard? She'd eat him for breakfast these days. (By Nigel Packer)

[Thanks Ijsboereke]


Women Of Rock...

[From Rolling Stone]

Excerpt of a Rolling Stone/Jill Scott interview:

What advice would you give to women just starting out in music?

Watch your money. I have since the beginning, because I wanted some later. And also, do not sell your body in this industry. And I guess people are like, "Well, she doesn't have the kind of body that anyone would want to buy."

Jill! Why not?

Maybe that's what they're thinking. I think I'm a fox! I don't care what anybody says. Certainly there's an increased focus on looks in the industry. It hasn't affected me. I knew when I was ready to put out music that I wasn't skinny and I wasn't going to be -- that I didn't want to be. And so far, close to 3 million sold, it hasn't harmed me. I'll put Chaka Khan up against anybody [laughs]. I'll put Aretha Franklin up against anybody. Whitney Houston is an extraordinary vocalist, but you've never seen her half-naked. You've seen her sexy, you've seen her provocative, but she's a lady. And the other side of the game is Mariah Carey. In the beginning, she wasn't half-naked. She was dressed well and respected. And now it's a little different. She went through a lot, trying to be what the industry thinks will sell. But her voice is so miraculous, she could wear a damn fur coat all year round and she could still crush with that amazing voice.

Very few women remain respected in this industry. And I think the respect stops the more clothing you take off. When you come in and you're showing your crotch, who cares what you have to say? And how do you call yourself an artist? There's a difference between an artist and an entertainer. I don't want to be an entertainer, ever, where I just shuck and jive and give you what you like. I'm going to do my thing. I hope you like it, but if you don't, I do.

[Thanks Tyron]


'Whatchulookinat' debuts at No.3 on the Canadian Top 50 Singles Chart this week.

[Thanks Margaret G.]


Billboard Chart Update...

The Billboard update for the week ending 19 October 2002:

Hot Dance/Club Play Chart - Down to No.3 (from No.1) - 8 weeks on chart.

Hot 100 Singles Sales - Down to No.21 (from No.6) - 65 weeks on chart;
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales - Re-Entry at No. 66 with bullet - 31 weeks on chart;


Next Up...

[From Platinum Club]

One Of Those Days "One Of Those Days" - Whitney's New Single

As we count down to the release of Just Whitney, listen for the new song from the album entitled, "One Of Those Days". The song was produced by Kevin "Sha'kspere" Briggs. Listen out for the song this week on radio all across the country and be sure to request it from your local radio station! Whitney's new album, Just Whitney, is in-stores November 26!

Whitney Sued...

The confusion continues over reports that Whitney Houston is being sued by her father's company and his involvement in the wrangle.  This MTV News Report includes an interview with John Houston's business president and partner in John Houston Entertainment, Kevin Skinner in which he discusses the reasons the breach of contract lawsuit was filed.

Both Skinner and Whitney's publicist Nancy Seltzer go on record to say that John Houston is supporting each side of this dispute.


Just One Of Those Days...

Chicago radio station WVAZ-FM are listed as having played the new Whitney Houston song, 'One Of Those Days' in recent days (8 spins recorded).

'One Of Those Days' is ranked as a new entry at No.25 on the station's monitored airplay chart with 0.2557m audience impressions.

Just Hot...

Street bill posters promoting 'Whatchulookinat' (stated as 14 October but since moved to 28 October) feature a new photograph of Whitney taken from the album cover photo shoot.

Platinum Club Update...

[From Platinum Club]

Just Whitney, In-stores November 26!

It's official! Whitney's next album, Just Whitney, will be in-stores November 26! There will be a new single released to be announced soon on whitneyhouston.com! Stay tuned for more on the release of Whitney's highly-anticipated next album and also the release of her next single.

Netherlands Profile...

'Whatchulookinat' is struggling to gain support in the Netherlands: Dutch fans can request the video at The Box website (clip code 424). The commercial single is available although it has yet to chart.



Just Whitney Dancin'...

Whitney Houston is enjoying significant UK club success with 'Whatchulookinat' as confirmed by the Music Week Club Charts for the week ending 5 October 2002:

Commercial Pop Top 30
Up to No.1 (from No.24) 3 weeks on chart

Upfront Club Chart Top 40
Up to No.2 (from No.7) 3 weeks on chart

Urban Top 30
Up to No.2 (from No.3) 7 weeks on chart

Alan Jones' Dance Chart Commentary:

Whatchulookinat is about to become Whitney Houston's first single for nearly two years, and it couldn't have had a much better reception from the clubs.  The triple crown eludes it but not by much, as it advances 3-2 on the Urban Chart, 7-2 on the Upfront Club Chart and 24-1 on the Commercial Pop chart.  Across the three charts together, it is far and away this week's club choice, with mixes from Full Intention, Thunderpuss and P Diddy apparently causing major havoc everywhere.

Whatchulookinat's failure to take the Upfront Club Chart crown came by the narrowest margin.  Although it was charted by two more DJs than Jamiroquai's Feel So Good, it is the cat in the hat who takes the chart title with 752 points, just one more than the Houston single.  Feel So Good is set to become the fifth single from Jamiroquai's current album A Funk Odyssey, and remarkably they have all topped the Club Chart, with the exception of the last single, Corner Of The Earth, which wasn't serviced to clubs - although its B-side Main Vein was, and spent two weeks at number one in June.   With its predecessor, Love Foolosophy, spending two weeks at number one in February and Feel So Good on top at the moment, Jamiroquai have therefore achieved the rare feat of three number one Club Chart hits in the same year.

Samantha Mumba is back and to prove it the title track from her upcoming album, I'm Right Here, is in the Top 20 of all three club charts, debuting at 11 on the Urban Chart, number 17 Upfront Club and jumping 29-8 on the Pop Chart.  An excellent R&B flavoured-cut in its original form, it was co-written by Kandi.

After four weeks at the top of the Urban Chart, Eve's Gangsta Lovin' surrenders its title to Tonight I'm Gonna Let Go ,Syleena Johnson's classy slice of soul which surges well ahead of the chasing pack, and has a 25% advantage over nearest challenger, Whitney Houston.

Usually the quietest of our three charts, the Urban Chart is unusually animated this week with no fewer than eight new entries to the Top 30, the highest being Erick Sermon's React, which debuts very impressively at number four.   There is also a notable 14-3 leap for veteran rapper LL Cool J, whose Luv U Better has now been serviced on a second 12-inch, this one also featuring mixes of another track, Fa Ha.

Whatchulookinat UK Review...

[From Music Week]

Whitney Houston: Whatchulookinat (Arista 74321973062)

This is a comeback single of sorts for Ms Houston which, as always, is great product but just not as head-turning as It's Not Right.  Produced by Bobby Brown and Muhammad 2G, the deftness of touch that she has shown in the past appears to be missing.



'Whatchulookinat' is up to No.6 (from No.11) on the Spanish Singles Chart.

[Thanks Alejandro]


'Whatchulookinat' is up to No.22 (from last week's debut at No.30) on the Capitalfm London Top 40 Sales & Airplay chart (based on Airplay points only).

UK Release...

The release of 'Whatchulookinat' in the UK has been pushed back to 28 October 2002 according to Click2Music.

If you missed the short clip of the new video shown on CD:UK earlier today, you can see the rerun overnight at 02:30 on ITV.



You're Lookin' At...

Within the past 24 hours, the video for 'Whatchulookinat' has begun to air across European music channels.  Click Here to go to the Whatchulookinat Video Gallery for 45 screen captures and Click Here to see the video courtesy of Aftonbladet.

[Video Captures: Thanks Domen]



New Promo...

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This new promo sell sheet/advertisement from Arista suggests 'Just Whitney...' is scheduled for 26 November release and reads as follows for Whitney's release:

Whitney Houston
The pre-eminent voice in music returns with Just Whitney... featuring the hits "One Of Those Days", "Tell Me No" and "Things You Say."
Album contains limited edition bonus DVD!
In Stores November 26, 2002

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Billboard Chart Update...

The Billboard update for the week ending 12 October 2002:

Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales - Down to No.75 (from No.48) - 7 weeks on chart;
Hot Dance/Club Play Chart - Up to No.1 (from No.2) with bullet - 7 weeks on chart.

Hot 100 Singles Sales - Down to No.6 (from No.3) - 64 weeks on chart.


'Just Whitney...' is listed for release on 12 November 2002 on the Arista Website.

Video Cameo...

The commercial single for 'Down For You' by Irv Gotti Featuring Ja Rule, Ashanti, Vita & Charli Baltimore is available in the UK this week and includes the video which features the short cameo appearance by Whitney Houston.

A few screen captures of Whitney in the video can be seen in this Classic Whitney Gallery.


European Airplay...

[From Platinum Club]

"Whatchulookinat" Climbs the Charts!
"Whatchulookinat," the first single to be released from Just Whitney, is off to a great start in Europe! Last week the single jumped 6 spots on the European airplay chart! "Whatchulookinat" has climbed to #14 from #22 on the European Hit Radio Chart and now has top 10 airplay positions in 2 European territories and top 20 in another 4.

Here is some information on the International success of "Whatchulookinat"!:

* Spain #1 on the airplay chart and #11 on the sales chart
* Denmark #12 on the sales chart
* Italy #17 on the airplay chart
* Switzerland #22 on the sales chart
* Germany #47 on the sales chart
* Belgium #15 on the airplay chart
* Austria #55 on the sales chart
* Greece #14 on the midweek sales chart
* Poland #7 on the airplay chart
* Finland #27 on the sales chart
* Norway #37 on sales and #24 on airplay

Congratulations Whitney on the International success of "Whatchulookinat"!


The UK BMG website, Click2Music features a competition to win one of five copies of the 'Whatchulookinat' CD single.  The site confirms the CD will feature the Radio Mix, the P Diddy Remix and the Full Intention Club Mix.  The single is available on 14 October 2002.





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