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Return To The Studio?...

[From Groovevolt.com]

Whitney, Whitney, Whitney has also been sent back to record three more songs along with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Irv Gotti at the request of L.A. Reid. The video for the US failure, "Whatchalookinat," has been shot for overseas viewers but Arista was planning to set up, "Tell Me No," as the next single stateside. With her re-entry into the studio and her need to cancel appointments who knows if the album will drop in November or be pushed back to January.

Number One...

'Whatchulookinat' will become Whitney Houston's eleventh Billboard Dance/Club Play number one single in the chart that will be announced officially later this week.
[Thank Matt]

For a complete look at Whitney's Dance Chart peaks along with several other US and UK charts, go to the Classic Whitney Chart Log.



Billboard Chart Update...

The Billboard update for the week ending 5 October 2002:

Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales - Up to No.48 (from No.49) with bullet - 6 weeks on chart;
Hot Dance/Club Play Chart - Up to No.2 (from No.3) with bullet - 6 weeks on chart;
Hot Dance Music/Maxi Singles Sales - Up to No.15 (from No.16) - 3 weeks on chart.

Hot 100 Singles Sales - Down to No.3 (from No.2) - 63 weeks on chart;

Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales -Down to No.58 (from No.28) - 30 weeks on chart;


[From MTV News]

Whitney Houston filmed a video last week with director Kevin Bray (Brandy, four prior Houston clips) for "Whatchulookinat," the first single overseas from her new album, Just Whitney. A track list for the album, due by the end of the year, has not been finalized, but songs titled "Tell Me No" and "Unashamed" will likely be included.


This USA Today report discusses the chart performance of 'Whatchulookinat' and the perceived concerns over the potential of 'Just Whitney...' owing to the single's muted radio performance.  The report is imaginatively titled, Houston Your Comeback CD Might Have A Problem.

[Thanks Matt]

100 Greatest...

Whitney Houston ranked a respectable fourth place in the VH1 UK 100 Greatest Women poll.  The channel will air the Top 100 through next week.


Whatchulookinat Video...

[From Platinum Club]

"Whatchulookinat" - The Video!
Over the past weekend, Whitney completed work on the filming for her next video, "Whatchulookinat," the first single to be released from Just Whitney, in stores this November!

The video was directed by Kevin Bray, who directed Whitney in her last video, "Fine," a single released from her Greatest Hits compilation. Faith Evans, Whitney's friend and Arista Records label-mate, makes a cameo appearance in the video. Stay tuned for more information on when and where you can view the video for "Whatchulookinat," Whitney's next video!


BMG Update...

The following is a summary of the latest BMG press release from 20 September 2002:

"Just Whitney" Tracklisting - Not complete:

- Whatchulookinat (P. Diddy Remix)
- Tell Me No (featuring Carlos Santana)
- My Love (Duet with Bobby Brown)
- Things You Say * written by Tweet
- Love That Man
- One Of These Days
- On My Own *produced by Babyface and Carol Bayer Sager
- You Light Up My Life

'Whatchulookinat' is currently at No.27 on the Trend Charts. 

The second single will be called 'Tell Me No' , featuring Carlos Santana on guitar. Carlos presented the idea of doing a collaboration to Whitney which resulted in creating a sensational, beautiful song.

[The press release does not also cite 'Unashamed' which was confirmed as a future single by the Platinum Club last week].

[Thanks Sabine]


'Whatchulookinat' debuts well on the Polish Airplay Chart - straight in at No.6 this week.

[Thanks Sylwia M./Krzysztof P.]



[From Seattle Times]

The Next Thing
7 is a lucky number for R&B stars

By Melanie McFarland
Seattle Times staff reporter

There was a time when pop-music producers were cloaked behind the musician's screen. Only the most devoted fans and avid combers of Rolling Stone knew the names making the stars shine. The rest of us just jammed out to the tunes.

No longer — not since P. Diddy was known as Sean "Puffy" Combs. These days The Neptunes, Rockwilder, Jermaine Dupri and Missy Elliot are held in the same high regard as the artists to whom they've lent their golden touch — Mary J. Blige, Tweet and Jay-Z among them. The hot production crew right now is Irv Gotti's Murder Inc.

But the bigger news is that Murder's hottest star, 7 Aurelius, is rising in his own right. 7 is the man behind the catchy pop tunes on R&B artist Ashanti's debut album, a CD that has made her one of the hottest divas of the past year. He's polished tracks for Ja Rule, J. Lo, Eve and Janet Jackson, and has a reputation for combining melodious bubbly pop music with a sexy, jagged edge.

He is also very confident of his talents. Just to prove he's got chutzpah, he's even working with the more notorious luminaries in R&B. His highest-profile client other than Jackson? The flighty Mariah Carey. Next up with him in the studio: Whitney Houston.

And to lacquer his image as a risk-taker, he's even gone on record with The Associated Press, saying he'd like to sign "American Idol's" eliminated Pink doppelganger, Nikki McKibbin, to his new label, The Seventh Sign. Talk about testing your Midas touch. Whether he sets a gold standard, well, that's something to watch for in the coming year. Don't be surprised if 2003 is the magic number for 7.

[Thanks Steve]


[From Sky News]

Sinatra Puts Britain In Mood For Love

Frank Sinatra is the singer most likely to get people in the mood for love, according to a new poll.

Ol' Blue Eyes beat legendary 'Walrus of Love' Barry White to be voted the nation's favourite artist to accompany an evening of romance.

Songs such as Strangers In The Night and Somethin' Stupid have made Sinatra the ideal soundtrack for love-struck couples.

Whitney Houston came second in the survey carried out by MasterCard, sponsors of the Mobo Awards.

Whitney beats White

Barry White was third, followed by Craig David and soul legend Luther Vandross, according to the poll of 1,000 people aged 16 and over.

Teen heart-throb Gareth Gates also gets pulses racing as he was voted into sixth place.

The rest of the list was made up of Britney Spears, better known for raunchy pop numbers than romantic ballads, Nelly and Beyonce Knowles.

[Thanks Steve]



[From Platinum Club]

Just Whitney
Whitney's next album, Just Whitney, scheduled for a November release, will contain two singles entitled "tell me no" and "unashamed" along with the smash single "Whatchulookinat". Stay tuned for more on the much-anticipated release of Whitney's forthcoming album, Just Whitney!


[From Blues & Soul]

Whitney Houston Arista Whatchulookinat

"Whatchulookinat?". That's probably what Whitney's been saying to people who stare at her on the street having believed rumours she was either dead or strung out on drugs. Anyway, some guy she knows called Bobby Brown produced this latest single for her, and it's a pleasant if unremarkable slick, uptempo song. Seeing as art and life go hand in hand, Whitney's brand new single is as honest as they come and deals with all the talk surrounding her of late: "I see your eyes on me/You been telling lies on me.....Tried to ruin me....Trying to dirty out Whitney's name", she sings. Speaking so candidly on record about one's personal life is great, but let's hope it doesn't all blow up in her face. After all, Jay-Z was screaming "not guilty" for God knows how long and look what happened there. (Out: Oct 21)

(Verdict: Houston, we have no problem)

Three stars out of five

[Thanks Curtis A.]



'Whatchulookinat' is at No.15 on the B&S floorfillers chart and No.7 on its urban essentials listings.

[Thanks Curtis A.]


Album Information...

BMG Germany announced in a short statement that the 'Just Whitney' album is now scheduled to be released November 25. According to the BMG newsletter the album will feature guest appearances by P. Diddy ('Whatchulookinat'), Santana ('Tell Me No') and Bobby Brown ('My Love'). The set will also include a track called 'Things you say' (written by Tweet) plus three yet untitled tracks produced by Babyface.

[Thanks Sabine]

Billboard Chart Update...

The Billboard update for the week ending 28 September 2002:

Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales - Up to No.49 (from No.65) with bullet - 5 weeks on chart;
Hot Dance/Club Play Chart - Up to No.3 (from No.6) with bullet - 5 weeks on chart.
Hot Dance Music/Maxi Singles Sales - Up to No.16 (from No.18) - 2 weeks on chart.

Hot 100 Singles Recurrent - New Entry at No.30 - 1 week on chart;
Hot 100 Singles Sales - Up to No.2 (from No.12) with bullet - 62 weeks on chart;

Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent - New Entry at No.22 - 1 week on chart;
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales -Up to No.28 (from No.54) with bullet - 29 weeks on chart;
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrent Airplay - New Entry at No.21 - 1 week on chart.

Arista Website...

Arista Records have launched their new look website which features a Whitney Houston section complete with two new photographs.


[From BBC Website]

NOBO for Whitney
Last updated 18 September 2002

The MOBO's organisers have denied Whitney Houston has pulled from the ceremony saying she was never asked anyway.

Today's papers claim she's dropped out but when we spoke to the MOBO office they told us she was never in the running to either perform or pick up the lifetime achievement award.

The ceremony's on October 1st and the Lifetime Achievement winner is yet to be announced.

Ja Rule...

This MTV News report discusses a new collaboration between Ja Rule and Bobby Brown and features some comments from Irv Gotti about Whitney.


HMV in Japan report the release of a Whitney Houston Live In Concert DVD in Asia on 30 September.  No further details are available about the content of this release.

[Thanks Katsu]



Independent Article...

UK broadsheet, The Independent published this article titled 'Houston, We Have A Problem' at the weekend.  The article primarily focuses on some of the issues that were tackled on tonight's Channel 4 documentary.



Album News...

[From Groovevolt.com]

Whitney Houston's new album, Just Whitney, hits store shelves on November 26, 2002. The disc will be available in a special Limited Edition package that includes a DVD featuring clippings from the "My Love is Your Love" tour. The complete track listing is not yet available, but the tracks on the album include: "Whatchulookinat," (remix featuring P.Diddy), "Tell Me No," (featuring Santana), "My Love" (duet with Bobby Brown), "Things You Say," (written by Tweet), "Love That Man," "One of These Days," "On My Own," (produced by Babyface and Carol Bayer Sager) and a cover of "You Light Up My Life."


[From Dotmusic.com]


She's been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently but now Whitney's back to doing what she does best.

Click on the link above to hear her new single 'Whatchulookinat?'

Judging by the sound of the new track, Whitney's been keeping a close eye on the younger generation of R&B stars and picked up a few pointers.

This uptempo single (not out until October 14) marks the return of Whitney following a four-year break after her last studio album, 'My Love Is Your Love'.

Lifted from her new album 'Just Whitney' (out Nov 4), 'Whatchulookinat?' was co-written by Whitney with Jerry Muhammad and Andre Lewis and produced by her husband Bobby Brown.

During her career, Whitney has sold in excess of 100 million albums including the biggest selling soundtrack of all time (The Bodyguard) and over 20 million copies of her debut album.


The following two links connect to the television advertisments being aired in Germany in support of the single release for 'Whatchulookinat': First Link - Second Link

[Thanks Roland]

German Chart...

Whatchulookinat continues it decent down the German airplay chart this week, dropping to No.72 (from No.52) on its 7th week on the chart.

[Thanks Roland]


Whitney, Interesting At Last...

The Guardian UK has published this article titled Whitney, Interesting At Last, written by Columnist Colin Paterson that discusses the Channel 4 documentary 'Whitney Houston: The True Story (Tuesday 9pm BST) and Whitney's increased relevance from a British perspective in light of events in her life over the past few years.

German Promotion...

BMG begins promotion of the new single with advertisements on several TV stations such as RTL (on Saturday evening during "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"), MTV and Viva.  According to their website, Whitney will also be a  topic in the following TV shows:

16.09.02 RTL PUNKT 6
16.09.02 RTL PUNKT 7
16.09.02 RTL PUNKT 9
16.09.02 RTL PUNKT 12
16.09.02 ZDF Leute Heute (17:40 - 17:55 UHR)
16.09.02 RTL 2 NEWS

[Thanks Roland]



The release of 'Just Whitney' appears to have been delayed by three weeks to 26 November 2002.

More details as soon as they become available.

[Thanks Alan M.]

Billboard Chart Update...

The Billboard update for the week ending 21 September 2002:

Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks - Down to No.94 (from No.90) - 5 weeks on chart;
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales - Re-Entry at No.65 with bullet - 4 weeks on chart;
Hot Dance/Club Play Chart - Up to No.6 (from No.15) with bullet - 4 weeks on chart.
Hot Dance Music/Maxi Singles Sales - New Entry at No.18 with bullet - 1 week on chart.

Hot 100 Singles Sales - Up to No.12 (from No.25) with bullet - 61 weeks on chart;

Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales - Re-Entry at No.54 with bullet - 28 weeks on chart.

Going Wild...

[From Fox News' Fox 411]

Whitney's Just Whitney 

The name of Whitney Houston's new album, which will hit stores on Nov. 5, is Just Whitney ... Not very exciting, but certainly less vitriolic than "Whatchulookinat," the single she released this summer that no one wanted to hear. According to sources, much of the album was played for BMG sales reps at a conference in Florida last week "and they all went wild." I'll bet they did, because unless Whitney pulls a Lauryn Hill almost anything she releases will sell like crazy. If Arista Records is smart, by the way, they'll leave "Whatchulookinat" off the album and make it a collector's item ...



[From Platinum Club]

Whitney's "Whatchulookinat (Thunderpuss & Full Intention Mixes)" has hit the top ten on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play making it one of the fastest gaining records on the dance chart! "Whatchulookinat (Thunderpuss & Full Intention Mixes)" rose from No. 15 to No. 6 - breaking into the top ten! Be on the listen for and make sure to request "Whatchulookinat," the first single released from Whitney's forthcoming album, Just Whitney, and stay tuned for more news on the release of Whitney's next record!


Amazon Japan lists a 'Just Whitney' DVD for release on 6 November 2002.

[Thanks Urkonejo]


This Associated Press Report details a summons Whitney Houston has received citing a violation of New Jersey's water-use restrictions.

Married To Whitney...

[Associated Press Report]

Brown Describes Marriage to Whitney

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (AP) - Bobby Brown is acknowledging his relationship with wife Whitney Houston has had its ups and downs.

"We love hard and we fight hard," the R&B singer told the television program "Extra." But Brown insists their relationship remains solid. "You can't break a diamond and that's what our love is. A diamond," he said.

Brown also denies his wife is ill and said Houston is in "tip-top-shape."

The singer said he and Houston plan to go on separate tours later this year.

But Brown isn't likely to be thrilled by the way he was referred to in the news release "Extra" sent out to promote the interview. At one point, the release refers to Brown as "Mr. Whitney."



Short & Sweet...

[From New York Times]

Still working with the best producers in R&B, reportedly singing better than ever, and armed with some stinging lyrics about backbiters and media snipers, Ms. Houston keeps a long career moving with her latest album, as yet untitled. Nov. 5. Arista.

[Thanks BA]


UK Documentary...

'Whitney Houston: The True Story' will air on 17 September 2002 (Channel 4).   Radio Times' write up reports:

A revealing portrait of Whitney Houston featuring testimony from those close to her talking about the massive price the singer has had to pay for fame, in which the issues of race, family life and rumours about her sexuality have all played a part in her troubled private life. Including rare archive footage, the film traces her career from a 12-year-old in her church choir to the present day.

[Thanks Craig S.]



Just Whitney...

Just Whitney...

Amazon.de has published this image as the cover of Whitney Houston's
'Just Whitney...' CD, due for release on 4/5 November 2002.

Billboard Chart Update...

The Billboard update for the week ending 14 September 2002:

Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks - Down to No.90 (from No.75) - 4 weeks on chart;
Rhythmic Top 40 - Remains at No.37 (2nd week) - 2 weeks on chart;
Hot Dance/Club Play Chart - Up to No.15 (from No.23) with bullet - 3 weeks on chart.

Hot 100 Singles Sales - Up to No.25 (from No.41) with bullet - 60 weeks on chart.


'Whatchulookinat' is set for UK release on 14 October 2002, with the album due 4 November 2002.

[Thanks Matt]


'Whatchulookinat' is already available as a 4-track CD (maxi single) in French stores. It was released on 3 September 2002 and features the following track listing:

1. Radio Mix 3:35
2. P. Diddy Remix (radio edit) 4:08
3. Thunderpuss Club Mix 7:42
4. Full Intention Club Mix 7:02

The notes say: "From her forthcoming album, "Just Whitney..." In stores Fall 2002.

[Thanks Jean-Luc]



Tweet discusses the song 'Serenade' that she wrote for Whitney Houston's new album in this MTV News report.

UK Single...

[From Click2Music]

Exclusive listen to the brand new single

Whitney is about to blow all her critics away with her new as yet untitled album and the first single Whatchulookinat?

It's been a while since Whitney released an album of all new material but believe us the wait has been worth it.

Whatchulookinat? will be released on October 14th. Whitneys first studio album since the amazing My Love is Your Love sees Whitney on fine form. A combination of up-tempo R&B alongside trademark ballads, the as yet untitled album will blow you away.

[The track is only available to logged in users - click the Registration button at the bottom of the screen if you're not already registered, and you'll have a password mailed to you...]


Promotion Update...

Canadian music stores received a new 3 page advertisement/sale sheet last week about Whitney Houston's new release:

On the first page there is a picture of Whitney, as per the promo single of 'Whatchulookinat'.  It states: Whitney Houston the new album in stores September 17 (which appears to have been revised globally to 4/5 November 2002).  It then records the street date as 9.17.02, Orders Due: 8.28.02/Orders Due: 9.4.02.

On the second page there is other new photo of Whitney (from the same shoot as that of the promo, but sitting facing the camera) and it reads: Whitney Houston, "The pre-eminent global superstar. Unquestionably the pre-eminent female vocal artist in the world, her importance in the music industry and contributions to pop culture cannot be overstated. Over the past two decades, Whitney's unparalleled voice has captured the ears and hearts of music fans around the world. One of the most revered artists in history. Whitney has earned countless awards throughout her career to recogonize her vast accomplishments in music and film. A driving force in pop culture, Whitney will continue to entertain and inspire millions of people with her incomparable talent and style. Next up, the highly anticipated new release - Whitney's first studio album in nearly four years. Executive Produced by ANTONIO LA REID and including production from BABYFACE, SHE'KSPERE, MISSY ELLIOT and others."

The third page is very similar to the Sell Sheet that was posted on the Newsfile on 23 August, however, there are a few differences: Under radio/club it states: The first single shipped to CHR on July 24 and it's already added at Kiss 92, Flow, CHUM, Energy, CKMF & Z103. The impact date for the first single is August 6. Whatchulookinat (original version, dance remix & urban remix) 12" promo single will be serviced to DJ pools nationally.

Under publicity it reads: Primetime special with Diane Sawyer confirmed for September. Oprah appearance and performance is confirmed for November. Good Morning America 5 part series confirmed for week of release.

[Thanks Margaret G.]

German Airplay...

'Whatchulookinat' is down again on the German Airplay chart - the song drops back to No.44 (from No.38) this week.

[From Roland]




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