Tweet Lays Down Track With Whitney Houston, Rules Out One-Night Stands

Tweet can't keep her underwear on and smokes too many cancer sticks, but the singing siren says she has a reasonable explanation for everything.

"The other day I got told that I am always somewhere with my panties off," she giggled last week in New York about people's reactions to her collaboration with Trina, "No Panties" (see "Diamond Princess Trina Recruits Tweet For 'No Panties' Single"). That song followed Tweet's own hit "Call Me," where she promised to meet her lover, sans drawers.

"It's fun for me because every time I write a song, or write a piece of a song, I have to explain," she continued. "The chorus, it goes, 'No panties coming off/ My love is gonna cost/ 'Cause ain't no way, you gonna get in this for free.' Which means, if I meet you, it doesn't mean that we're automatically going to have ... relations. Saying you aren't gonna get up in it for free, means we gotta have a relationship. We either gotta be boyfriend and girlfriend or courting. A one-night stand is just not going on."

Tweet, who just finished a set of tour dates opening up for Mary J. Blige, is gearing up to show the world the downside of having a mate in her next video for "Smoking Cigarettes," which she plans to shoot within the next couple of weeks. "The song is about how I was in a relationship and we broke up and the only way I could cope with the break-up was to pick up a cigarette and smoke," she said of the third single off of her debut LP, Southern Hummingbird. "I get a lot of responses from people saying, 'I know exactly what you're talking about, I picked up a cigarette too.' And some might say, 'I ate a lot of ice cream. I ate a lot of McDonald's, I ate a lot of Snickers bars.'

"In the video we're going to try to incorporate the Truth commercial ads, to tell people we are not saying go out and smoke because this is happening in your lives," she adds. "Hopefully in that video we'll be able to do that — send a message that it's not healthy."

There are tentative plans for Tweet to begin work on her second album in November ("On my new album, I think I will continue with my family," she said, "Timbaland, Missy ... all my folks. It's like if it's not broke don't fix it"), but the success of "Smoking Cigarettes" — and whether or not she successfully negotiates to be a part of the Nellyville tour (see "Nelly Switches Up Tour Dates") — will determine whether that happens or not.

In between her own projects, she'll continue to write and sing hooks for others, including Whitney Houston.

"I wrote a song called 'Serenade' and we actually put down the first half of it, we worked on it in Atlanta, and she's going to finish it up," Tweet said about hitting the studio with Mrs. Bobby Brown. "It will be on her album. The song is basically telling someone, I see what you do for me, but your words mean so much more. So say something to me, serenade my heart. I'll probably be doing some backgrounds, I did a couple before I left Atlanta and she's just gonna tear it up.

"I'm excited," Tweet continued to gush. "What? Whitney Houston? Someone I would probably have never ran into. But since God has blessed me enough to be here, he made it happen — another blessing. I just tried to keep my cool. I had a moment being in the studio with Whitney Houston, period. No matter if I was doing a song with her or anything. Just to be there and being able to talk and do music with her is like a dream come true."

—Shaheem Reid



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