Bobby Brown Dateline Interview Transcript...

In an interview with Dateline televised tonight, Bobby Brown spoke candidly about his involvement with drugs, confirming cocaine, marijuana and alcohol abuse.  He was accompanied by his mother, Carol Brown.  Brown claims his involvement with harder drugs came about after he married Whitney Houston.  He also discussed his problematic relationship with Whitney's family and in particular, Cissy Houston. 

Brown spoke less candidly, perhaps inconsistently about the December incident when Whitney Houston called police after she was struck across the face.  Brown cites the circumstances of that day as being a game of "slap box" that got out of hand, but had moments before expressed frustration that Whitney had been out the entire day without his knowledge of her whereabouts.

Read The Dateline Interview Transcript Here.
See The MSN Video Excerpt Of The Interview Here.

Bocelli Hopes for Whitney Duet...

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli has expressed a wish to perform a duet with Whitney Houston in a Philippines press conference yesterday.  Read iafrica.com: Bocelli wants duets with Aguilera, Whitney.

Lighter Quip...

[From In Touch Magazine]

Bobby' "lighter" side

Bobby Brown has a pretty bizarre sense of humor. While his wife, Whitney Houston, is publicly battling substance abuse near Atlanta, he reportedly left behind his lighter after a night of partying in the VIP Lounge at Boston's Comedy Connection. When club owners found it, the inscription on it read: "Rehab is for quitters."

[Thanks Dave W.]


Whitney In 'Beauty Shop' Cameo?...

In an interview on the set of her new movie, 'Beauty Shop', Queen Latifah hinted at a possible cameo appearance by Whitney Houston.  Cast alongside Queen Latifah are Alicia Silverstone and Kevin Bacon.  The movie is scheduled to open in US theatres in November.  Read Queen Latifah in the 'Beauty Shop'.

[Thanks Steven K.]

Narcotic Nightmare...

On the eve of Bobby Brown's Dateline interview, interviewer Stone Phillips talked to Access Hollywood about some of the points covered including Brown's admission of cocaine abuse which he had previously denied.  Read Access Hollywood: Bobby Brown's Narcotic Nightmare.

[Thanks Benji]


[From People Magazine]

Whitney and Bobby Chill

Stop the presses! Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown just a quite few days relaxing at the Atlantic casino and resort in the Bahamas - and making no news at all.

" I just got out of prison, so i really need [a break]", says Brown, 37. He and Houston, 40, who spent time at a substance-abuse facility in March (and traveled to the Bahamas with a counselor), dined poolisde and shopped with family.

But Brown apparrently steered clear of the buffet. "I'm tyring to get rid of [my belly]", says the singer, who added 15lbs. during a month in jail on a parole violation. He blamed the gain on a "lack of anybody taking the fork out of my hand".

Brown will be back in the public arena April 30 when, in a Dateline NBC interview, he tells Stone Phillips that he once spent weeks getting high "on coke ... marijuana at the same time, alcohol", partly to avoid arguing with his wife. Now? "It's kick-back time for my wife", he says. "She needed it".


George Michael On Whitney Houston...

In an interview with Attitude Magazine, George Michael had this to say about Whitney Houston when discussing plans for an upcoming Duets albums:

Attitude: [Your new album is] going to be a duets album, with some new ones?
George Michael: Yeah which is going to be really exciting, but I can't say who yet.
Attitude: Whitney?
George Michael: I've done Whitney.
Attitude: No, Is Whitney in your phonebook?
George Michael: Do you think anyone would pick up? I shouldn't say that. No I don't have Whitney's home number, I don't think many people have Whitney's home number. Bless her!
Attitude: Mary J Blige?
George Michael: Yeah.
Attitude: Madonna?
George Michael: No Phone number, we had a bit of a falling out years ago, I won't go any further than that!

[Thanks Neal M.]

Sales Update...

An update on Whitney Houston's sales in the US for the week ending 25 April 2004 according to Neilson Soundscan:

1. The Greatest Hits (Album): 1,041 (1,216)
2. The Bodyguard: 402 (387)
3. Just Whitney: 275 (294)
4. The Greatest Hits (Video): 211 (220)
5. The Preacher's Wife: 189 (214)
6. Whitney Houston: 172 (181)
7. My Love is Your Love (Album): 169 (162)
8. Whitney: 109 (145)
9. The Star Spangled Banner: 67 (71)
10. I'm Your Baby Tonight (Album): 22 (36)
11. It's Not Right But it's Okay: 15 (12)
12. One Wish: 11 (5)
13. My Love is Your Love (single): 6 (7)
14. I Learned From the Best: 2 (0)

[Thanks Jim R.]


Dionne, Whitney & Natalie...

[From The Official Dionne Warwick Web Site]

Hey everybody:

I've just had extensive dental surgery and am recuperating, so I thought what better time than now to get you up to date on a few things.

I just got back from Mannheim Germany where I was honored with a lifetime achievement award from radio regenbogen "rainbow radio". it was a beautiful gala and its a lovely award. you can see the photos of the event on the following website www.regenbogenweb.de, everything is in German, but you will get the gist of it I'm sure.

For those who might be vacationing and have chosen Germany to do so, I will be doing 4 concerts with Whitney Houston, and Natalie Cole. the dates are:

July 3, Berlin
July 7, Hamburg
July 9, Munich
July 11, Gelsenkirchen

I also hope you are all aware of the book "my point of view", and have been made aware that until we have found an outlet here in the states, it will have to be ordered via the web.

We are working on getting it here in the states ASAP, but until that time, please go to the site and order it, I am certain you will enjoy it.

That's it for now.

Take good care



Lost In Atlantis...

Roger Friedman's Fox 411 column speculates that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are 'back to square one' at the Atlantis Casino and Resort in the Bahamas.


I will be travelling to Boston (Massachusetts, USA) for a week from Friday 23 April 2004.  Please continue to Email me with news and information and I will update the site on my return.

To keep  up with Whitney's world while I'm away, please visit the Classic Whitney Discussion Forum where other fans share news, information, pictures and personal opinions -- Manish.

Sales Update...

An update on Whitney Houston's sales in the US for the week ending 18 April 2004 according to Neilson Soundscan:

1. The Greatest Hits (Album): 1,216 (1,184)
2. The Bodyguard: 387 (396)
3. Just Whitney: 294 (306)
4. The Greatest Hits (Video): 220 (202)
5. The Preacher's Wife: 214 (224)
6. Whitney Houston: 181 (213)
7. My Love is Your Love (Album): 162 (146)
8. Whitney: 145 (109)
9. The Star Spangled Banner: 71 (90)
10. I'm Your Baby Tonight (Album): 36 (34)
11. It's Not Right But it's Okay: 12 (18)
12. My Love is Your Love (single): 7 (13)
13. One Wish: 5 (22)

[Thanks Jim R.]


13 Going On 30...

Whitney Houston's 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)' is featured on the soundtrack to the new Jennifer Garner movie, '13 Going On 30'.



The Associated Press reports that Kevin Skinner, who had claimed to be John Houston's business partner, had refused to sit for a deposition and that he was unable to prove legal standing to continue the $100 million lawsuit against Whitney Houston.  The case was thrown out on 5 April 2004.  The Associated Press report essentially covers the facts as told by the Newark Star Ledger.


Sales Update...

An update on Whitney Houston's sales in the US for the week ending 11 April 2004 according to Neilson Soundscan:

1. The Greatest Hits (Album): 1,184 (1,256)
2. The Bodyguard: 396 (493)
3. Just Whitney: 306 (306)
4. The Preacher's Wife: 224 (180)
5. Whitney Houston: 213 (211)
6. The Greatest Hits (Video): 202 (200)
7. My Love is Your Love (Album): 146 (185)
8. Whitney: 109 (146)
9. The Star Spangled Banner: 90 (106)
10. I'm Your Baby Tonight (Album): 34 (38)
11. One Wish: 22 (14)
12. It's Not Right But it's Okay: 18 (23)
13. My Love is Your Love (single): 13 (12)
14. I Learned From the Best: 9 (5)

[Thanks Jim R.]


Likely a last ditch desperate attempt to cash in on Whitney Houston's celebrity, Kevin Skinner - a convicted drug dealer from Newark who claimed to be John Houston's business partner - plans to write a book reportedly titled 'The Rise & Fall Of Daddy's Little Girl'. 

Skinner's attempts to pursue the $100 million breach of contract lawsuit against Whitney Houston were thwarted when New Jersey superior judge Francine Schott dismissed the case on  5 April 2004.

Read the Newark Star Ledger report here.


Lawsuit Thrown Out...

[From MSNBC News]

Father’s lawsuit against Houston thrown out

By Jeannette Walls with Ashley Pearson
Updated: 2:56 a.m. ET April 12, 2004

Finally, some good news for Whitney Houston.

A New Jersey superior court judge has thrown out the $100 million lawsuit filed by the singer’s late father against the troubled diva.

John Russell Houston sued his daughter for breach of contract in 2002. “You get your act together, honey,” he once said from his hospital bed, “and you pay me the money that you owe me. If you do that, you haven’t got a lawsuit.”

John Houston died last year — Whitney skipped his funeral — but the lawsuit was pursued by his business associate, John Skinner, who is also a convicted Newark drug dealer and who once claimed on “Dateline” that he had supplied Whitney Houston with drugs.

Houston’s rep had no comment and Skinner couldn’t be reached for comment.

No Network...

[From New York Post]

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston want to star in their own reality show, which, of course, is their prerogative. But the couple is having trouble finding a network. What happened? Did Court TV shut down? *

* Whitney Houston is not involved in the production of the reality show - it is a Bobby Brown project.


Sales Update...

An update on Whitney Houston's sales in the US for the week ending 4 April 2004 according to Neilson Soundscan:

1. The Greatest Hits (Album): 1,256 (1,241)
2. The Bodyguard: 493 (424)
3. Just Whitney: 306 (412)
4. Whitney Houston: 211 (226)
5. The Greatest Hits (Video): 200 (272)
6. My Love is Your Love (Album): 185 (196)
7. The Preacher's Wife: 180 (272)
8. Whitney: 146 (117)
9. The Star Spangled Banner: 106 (121)
10. I'm Your Baby Tonight (Album): 38 (29)
11. It's Not Right But it's Okay: 23 (26)
12. One Wish: 14 (10)

[Thanks Jim R.]


A Mother's Prayer...


Cissy Houston pictured at the Abyssinian Baptist Church, Harlem, prayer vigil
[Click Images To View In Larger Scale]

[Thanks Matt]

Cissy Houston....

Around 1,500 people turned out for Cissy Houston's prayer vigil - billed as 'Mother's Praying For Healing' - at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem yesterday.  This People report details events

A Wrong, Wrong Start...

In her first public acknowledgement of disappointment, Cissy Houston is reported to have said the following of her son-in-law: "I don't hate Bobby Brown.  He just got off to a wrong, wrong start."

Read the complete Extra report on the prayer vigil here and see video footage from Extra here.

Lawyers Profile....

Whitney Houston's lawyer, Mark Trigg, is the subject of this article published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that discusses the raise in his public and media profile in recent weeks.


Undermine Your Own Business...

"...Arista Records folded—the same week that Usher's Confessions, released on Arista, sold 1.1 million copies, the biggest first-week sales of an r&b album ever. Among his fellow Arista acts, OutKast and Kelis haven't been doing at all badly, and J-Kwon's debut Hood Hop, released last week, looks like a hit too. Other major labels that have closed this millennium (notably A&M and Geffen) have generally endured long dry spells before going under; Arista had lost $200 million in the past couple of years (thanks to miscalculations like Whitney Houston's $100 million contract), but was a record-selling juggernaut. So what happened?" - Read the complete Village Voice article here.


Keeping It Real...

USA Today reports on Bobby Brown's reality TV series concept.  The report goes on to confirm that Whitney Houston had support from her rehab programme with her whilst dining out with her family recently.


Anti Drug Prayer Vigil....

The Newark Star Ledger reports on Cissy Houston's prayer vigil to be held on Monday.  Rev. Al Sharpton and Abyssinian Baptist pastor Rev. Dr. Calvin O. Butts will be among the pastors and community leaders who will join the vigil according to the report.


Speeding Citation...

Whitney Houston’s 2004 Porsche Cayenne SUV was pulled over on Satellite Boulevard by a Gwinnett County police officer Tuesday morning.  According to the citation,Whitney was travelling at 68 mph in a 45 mph zone.  Although a court date of 15 May 2004 has been set if Whitney wishes to contest the citation, she can simply pay a fine before that time.  Read the WXIA report here and see their video news report here.

[Thanks Antwoinne D.]

It's Whitney & Bobby's World...

Essentially a rewrite of yesterday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution report, the Associated Press corroborates the story that Bobby Brown's production company is attempting to work on a reality TV show based around his life.

Meanwhile, in this later report by Associated Press, Whitney's publicist Nancy Seltzer suggests that as she understands it, "the reality show is about Bobby Brown. If she can help her husband in any way, she of course will do so, but it's about Bobby."

Prayer Vigil Update...

Further information on Cissy Houston's prayer vigil being held at the Abyssinian Baptist Church, Harlem, next Monday are reported in this EURWeb report.


Reality Bites...

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports today that Bobby Brown's production company, B2 Entertainment is producing a reality-styled TV show around his life and hopes to sell the series on to a television network.  Whitney Houston, according to attorney Mark Tigg, "has no direct interest in the project, she is very supportive of her husband."

[Thanks Michael G.]

Sales Update...

An update on Whitney Houston's sales in the US for the week ending 28 March 2004 according to Neilson Soundscan:

Whitney: The Greatest Hits passed 1.4 million sales (scanned) this week.

1. The Greatest Hits (Album): 1,241 (1,249)
2. The Bodyguard: 424 (426)
3. Just Whitney: 412 (367)
4. The Preacher's Wife: 272 (252)
5. The Greatest Hits (Video): 272 (219)
6. Whitney Houston: 226 (201)
7. My Love is Your Love (Album): 196 (232)
8. The Star Spangled Banner: 121 (156)
9. Whitney: 117 (148)
10. I'm Your Baby Tonight (Album): 29 (41)
11. It's Not Right But it's Okay: 26 (14)
12. One Wish: 10 (14)

[Thanks Jim R.]



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