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Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston and Family Visit the Village of Peace, Dimona - Israel

On May 25-31 entertainment superstars Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston and family made a personal, spiritual retreat to the Holy Land and the Village of Peace in Dimona, Israel with the African Hebrew Israelites. The journey provided a rare opportunity for the family to get away from the hectic, demanding life in the public eye. What better place for such spiritual reflection and introspection than the Holy Land and in the midst of a community of people who have been proclaimed “the miracle in the desert,’ by the U.S. Human Rights Caucus and an “island of sanity,” by Teva Hadvareem (The Nature of Things) magazine, Israel’s version of National Geographic!
Also, Whitney used the trip to the land of the Bible to gain inspiration for her upcoming Christmas album.
As expected the family visited many places of spiritual and historical significance around the country, like the Old City and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, in Jerusalem, the Jordan River and the Red Sea. They relaxed in the soothing waters of the Dead Sea (called the Sea of Life by the Hebrew Israelites because of its healing mineral content) and para-sailed over the Red Sea. They even took part in an evening cruise on the Red Sea along with members of the Hebrew Israelites.
Everywhere the family went, they were treated with the utmost respect even gaining an invitation to meet Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, on the eve of the peace negotiations. The entire country seemed invigorated by the high level visit, especially coming at this time. It was a national chance to exhale.
Every effort was made to maintain as much the personal privacy as possible with such noted personalities. Only a few interviews were granted, though there were literally hundreds of requests daily from all over the world. In fact, the international media was so consumed with the visit, that it could have easily become one week-long interview. Nevertheless, the family was able to have some time for themselves, and not be mobbed at every turn for autographs or plied for a song. They were able to re-energize and reflect  on personal matters, something they very rarely get a chance to do with the unforgiving schedules which come with being stars in the entertainment industry.
Their hosts for the trip, the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, are led by anointed spiritual leader, Ben Ammi Ben-Israel. The Hebrew Israelites are the largest organized community of former African Americans residing anywhere outside of the U.S., with additional settlements across Africa and in the Caribbean. Having established communities free of crime, drug abuse and immorality, the Hebrew Israelites maintain a high level of creativity and resourcefulness. A recent medical study coordinated by Meharry Medical School in Nashville, TN proclaimed that the community has virtually eradicated high blood pressure, cancer and cardiac arrest, three of the most deadly illnesses of the modern era. The accomplishments of the past three decades prompted BBC Focus on Africa Magazine to name Ben Ammi, one of the most influential African personalities of the past 1000 years! It would seem the logical choice that Bobby, Whitney and the family would want to spend their time in the midst of people who look  speak the same language and share familiar background. Who would be a more practical host? Moreover, if the concern is about safety and security, it is even more sensible to spend  time among people who have lived in Israel for more than 30 years and earned a reputation for creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.
Whitney’s brother and sister-in-law, who serves as her business manager, had visited Dimona twice over the past two years. Having found the atmosphere regenerative and safe they encouraged Bobby and Whitney to come too. At a press conference convened to mark the end of the sacred visitation to the Holy Land, Bobby announced that the family is interested in returning to Israel to perform… and maybe even to live!




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