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Sunday Mirror: Dean Piper - My preview of the new Whitney Houston album
By Dean Piper on July 19, 2009 2:20 AM

I managed to bag an invite to one of the biggest and most exciting events of the year so far - the exclusive playback of Whitney Houston's eagerly awaited new album I Look To You.

Each track was introduced by legendary producer Clive Davis at the swanky bash at the Mandarin Oriental.

I've finally got around to giving you a little taster of what to expect from the new sound on the album.

Oh, and by the way - this is not a review -and I'm not some music expert..but I do know my pop music (and I know good pop) so it's purely a brief description of each track we were allowed to listen too.

Here's my track by track run down.

1. Million Dollar Bill - reminds me of a summer track like Janet Jackson's The Best Things In Life Are Free. It was pure smile factor and a real feel good anthem. Vocals were ace.

2. Nuthin But Love - Produced by danger and wasn't finished in it's entirety. It's up tempo and really has that perfect Whitney vocal. Her vocal qualities are really shown off on this one.

3. Call You Tonight - This track is huge - very catchy chorus and produced by the award winning Stargate. I liked this one more than most.

4. I Didn't Know My Own Strength - Written by Diane Warren this reminded me of Spice Girls track Headlines in a way. Clive Davis told the audience that Whitney had chosen this song because it was at a time when Whitney had first discovered that she had become a strong single mother.

5. Like I Never Left (feat. Akon) - This track was described as a pure island track. It's fine if you like Akon - but personally he makes me want to poke needles in my head. It's a good song for radio though. But not her finest hour.

6. For The Lovers - The last track that the star has been working on - it was only finished last weekend apparently and needs some tinkering but it's a good track too. Full of attitude.

7. I Look To You - Penned by R Kelly I think this one's a grower. Her vocals are in good shape for this one but the lyrics are not the most amazing ever. It's an OK track but still seems to miss a little magic for me.

8. Worth It - Produced by Eric Hudson. This is smooth and silky pure R+B. It's a good album track but not a single. It reminded me of an En Vogue cast off. In a good way.

9. A Song For You - This is pure pop and a total GAY style gay anthem. It made the entire room want to jump up and remember the days when I'm Every Woman was in the charts. It'll be a fans favourite and she sounds awesome.

Just a reminder - the album's not finished or mastered and Whitney's still recording. If I was given the album as it stands with this track list then I'd be happy. But whether it would end up being an album for a lifetime is another thing. It's a good start for Whitney - but I want something more within the final finished product.

It's exceedingly good to have Miss Houston back - and she's more then ready for action.




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