In response to the report "For the Love of Whitney Houston" recently posted on Classic Whitney, A representative from Whitney Houston's office, Nippy, Inc., made the following comments in a call to me today:

They expressed concern that the report overstates Whitney Houston's situation. Whitney has been in the studio and recordings have been going well, suspending work for only two days when she contracted a cold. Bobby Brown has been in discussions about a recording contract with Arista/BMG for the best part of a year.

The fans' concerns have been registered, and continuing to address them is unnecessary.



Finding Truth...

In reporting troubling events surrounding Whitney Houston, I have tried to provide as much information as is necessary to my fellow fans in order to enable them to ask questions for themselves and to seek the truth directly from Arista & BMG International, the organizations that are responsible for Whitney Houston's recording career.

Whitney's fanbase are not being asked to take the word of any individual or entity for what they have read at Classic Whitney, but to consider this information and the implications of such events, and to ask questions of the people who have a vested interest -- financial or otherwise -- in her career.

Classic Whitney and Whitney Houston's fanbase would welcome a statement, on the record, from Arista Records and BMG International confirming the exact nature of any discussion or agreement with Bobby Brown and the possibility of a BMG label, likely Arista, releasing an album from him. Arista Records and BMG International should also be challenged by this fanbase to clarify what they are doing to assist their flagship artist during these clearly difficult times.

Express your concerns, in writing, to both Arista Records and BMG International. It is our collective responsibility to seek clarification from these organizations in what is essentially perceived to be a transparent problem that needs to be addressed now.

Please write to:

Thomas M. Stein [President BMG Europe]
Bertelsmann AG

Carl-Bertelsmann-Straße 270
D-33311 Gütersloh

L.A. Reid
C/o Arista Records

6 W. 57th St.
New York, NY 10019

BMG Entertainment International
1540 Broadway
USA-New York, N.Y.

Please keep your letters polite and to the point. Ask questions and request that Whitney's fans be afforded a statement clarifying the points raised in your letters. It is in Arista & BMG's interests to care for the well being of Whitney Houston over and above any immediate need for an album. Seek this clarification for yourself and your fellow fans, regardless of whether or not you believe the Classic Whitney report ('For The Love of Whitney Houston', 24 February 2002).


For The Love Of Whitney Houston...

It is with a heavy heart that I must convey to Whitney Houston's fanbase details of recent troubling events that directly affect her physical, mental and spiritual health. These revelations are being made only after what has been agonising deliberation because the situation has grown transparently life-threatening. The individual who has taken sole charge of Whitney's well being allegedly does not have her best interests at heart, further aggravating this current crisis.

It is the sole intention of Classic Whitney to promote compassion and consideration, and not to endorse humiliation and recrimination.

Delivering an unprecedented megamillion dollar contract to Whitney Houston evidently was a desperate if good faith attempt by LA Reid to motivate her to focus on getting her health and her life back in order. The monetary incentive, however, neglected to produce the desired effect, and her failure to record new studio material led to the issuance of 'Love, Whitney,' another CD of compiled tracks on the heels of the release of 'Whitney: The Greatest Hits.' Despite published assurances that Whitney had already recorded two songs for the new album during last month, no new recordings had been made at that point.

This setback prompted Reid to send her to Atlanta, where he hoped that a stay with friend Perri Reid-Nixon would be conducive to nourishing her soul and to restoring her well-being. According to reliable accounts, Whitney Houston had managed to start laying down vocals for some tracks at a prominent Atlanta studio, but recording was abruptly suspended without notice when Bobby Brown moved her into a hotel in Buckhead where days would pass and Whitney would not return to the studio, missing several recording sessions.

Bobby Brown, under the impression that he has a deal to record one album for Arista if he can motivate his wife to deliver a complete album of new material by the end of April, has assumed complete control over her activities in his effort to fulfil this aim. The ugly implication is that his primary concern is the prospect of a recording contract rather than his wife's welfare, a revelation even more disturbing than any exposure of Whitney Houston's humanity.

Arista Record and its parent company BMG must go on the record to address their alleged agreement to allow Bobby Brown to record an album for Arista or another BMG affiliated label on the proviso that he ensures Whitney delivers an album in April.

It is the responsibility of Whitney Houston's fanbase to do what it can to support her during this difficult time. It is increasingly becoming apparent that there are few surrounding her that are looking out for what is truly best for this remarkable woman. The severity of this crisis should not be underestimated and exposing the current situation is a start to helping Whitney. As fans we ought to strongly express our concerns to compel Arista and BMG to publicly address these issues to reassure us that they have Whitney's best interests at heart, both professionally and personally.

[Report researched by M. Chavda & prepared by M. Chavda & M. A. Devendittis]



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