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Atlanta's own Dwight "Lil Skrapp" Reynolds is doing his thing! As a producer and a multi-media company president, "Skrapp" is on his way to the top. Green Eyed Entertainment formed in 1996 is his company and over the years Dwight has worked with such artists as TLC, Kandi, Tina Novak, Beverly Knight and more. Dwight has been doing his thing in the industry for over 14 years now. Working along side Shek'spere (TLC, Kandi, Destiny's Child & Pink) as Dwight would say he has learned things that will stay with him throughout his professional career. If that's not enough, Dwight is also apart of a duo named The Stonz. If you turn on the radio right now you're most likely to hear a single he produced, it may be Whitney Houston's latest single "One Of Those Days" or it may be 702's new single "Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah."

Recently we caught up with Dwight and talked about a range of subjects including his start in the business, his very close and personal friendship with the late Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes, working with 702 and Whitney Houston. Dwight also offered advice to up and coming producers on how to get in the business? So take the time to sit back and read more about Dwight "Lil Skrapp" Reynolds.

Aries (T M H): How did you get your start in the music business?
Lil Skrapp: I moved to Atlanta in 97 and lived with Left-Eye and Andre` Rison (fellow Flintstone). Lisa heard a song called "#1 Fine Thang" produced by my group at the time Co-P and The GreenEyed Bandits. We recorded that and another song I wrote and produced called "It's Alright". It was bootlegged and may get re-released on the Best of TLC album. But that got me a Publishing deal with Sony. One month after that, Clive Davis picked out my single "Bombdiggy" a platinum single for European boy band, Another Level (Nexxus album).

Aries (T M H): What sets Green-Eyed Entertainment apart from any other multi-media company?
Lil Skrapp: The difference between G.E.E. is that we continue the legacy of the Motown era, by having in-house artist development. We stand by our artists and keep qualified/trained individuals around in the full development of our Talent. From vocal lessons to media training, we stay involved in the complete growth process.

Aries (T M H): How is it working with Shek'spere?
Lil Skrapp: It was an honor and a complete tutorial working under the helm of the Grammy award winning producer. His insight from the beginning of a record to delivering it and all of the processes in between, are lessons that will stay with me throughout my professional career.

Aries (T M H): Having the first release from Whitney Houston's new CD has to be exciting, how did that come about, was "One Of Those Days" intentionally written for Whitney?
Lil Skrapp: Actually, the record wasn't written until I actually met Whit'. I was at She'k's music complex, The Music House, and Bobby and Whitney fell through. She'k had a few blazin tracks up and ready to go and immediately the Vibe was set. We put ideas out and she (Whit) would say, that's not somethin' I would say or that's not my life right now, so I can't sing about that. But once we touched that vibe, it was over. We actually wrote three records that night. But we only cut two, "Dear John Letter" and "One Of Those Days" the single.

Aries (T M H): How was the experience of working with her?
Lil Skrapp: That was actually the first time I met Whitney. The experience was more like a family reunion. There was an incident a long time ago when my singing group was supposed to go to Africa along with Whitney and perform for Mandela. It didn't work out, but we had mutual friends at the time. This go around they treated me like a little brother, like family actually.

Aries (T M H): You're also responsible for 702's new single "Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah", how was it working with the girls & where did the concept for the song come from?
Lil Skrapp: Well the girls are crazy, exciting, fun, wild, & full of attitude, the chemistry needed to be in the upper echelon of the Music Industry. We mashed out for 2 days in the studio, buckwildin' and blazin the record. We talked about everything and everyone which got us all to know each other really well. The song has always been "Blah, blah, blah", from the second I finished the track. What had happened was, (laughing) I don't know what the record is going to be until the track is done. Then I ride to it and it speaks to me. Everytime I heard the joint, it kept saying blah blah blah blah, and all I could think about was, That's gotta be what chicks be saying to dudes who be steppin to them Lame! Not me of course though, that's why I involved some co-writers, JKLP.

Aries (T M H): I know that Lisa"Left-Eye" Lopes was a good friend of yours and you were actually in the studio with 702 the night she passed. How did you two meet & how has her death effected you?
Lil Skrapp: Lisa and I met as a result of Andre` as I stated earlier, but in her passing I gained a renewed strength. It was hard, very hard at first. And even now, it's hard to picture her not here. she was so instrumental in my growth and success. She provided a stage for my music to be heard, which under most circumstances would never reach the people that it did. Lisa was the Catalyst for so many of my big wig industry relationships. I cried like a baby that night and many nights afterwards. It still doesn't seem real. She inspired my hunger and my tenacity in this business. That's what she was, Hungry when it came to new ideas and tenacious in bringing them to front.

Aries (T M H): Describe the artists you've signed to your company & what type of artist are you interested in?
Lil Skrapp: Right now, I have American Idol contestant, Christopher Aaron (he sang Brian Mcknight), Strictly for the ladies, very smooth vocalist. Timeka "Honey Brown" Stewart, Soulful female ala Aretha/Kelly Price/Faith. Real big songs & club bangers. The Stonz, My Midwest/Atlanta based rap group. Head bangin' Clubbin crankin beats with illmatic street lyrics and Carolina Blue, my Reggae artist, Kandi Kane, Female R&B soloist, And Kelli Crespo, Female Hip Hop Artist, that are all still in the developmental stages.

Aries (T M H): What artists are you currently working with & what can we expect from Lil Skrapp next?
Lil Skrapp: With the success of the Whitney project and the anticipation of the 702 joint, their are too many to name at this time. But keep your ear to the streets and I'm sure you'll hear my beatz.

Aries (T M H): What is your advice to anybody trying to get started in the industry as a producer?
Lil Skrapp: Stay after it. Stick to what you believe. Develop your sound and do your homework!!! No the history of your business and envision your future.



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