Sighting Confirmed....

Mark Tigg, Whitney Houston's attorney, confirms to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Whitney Houston was at the Beyonce/Alicia Keys/Missy Elliott and in dispelling suggestion that she may have left rehab, goes on to say "She is still currently enrolled in the facility...She is allowed out, however, only if she is accompanied with representatives from the facility. It was decided that the concert was an appropriate social outing." - Read the Atlanta Journal-Constitution report here (Whitney Sighting Confirmed).

[Thanks Sylwia M.]

Helping Hand...

[From New York Daily News]

Samuel L. Jackson, who once fought a crack habit, stands ready to help Whitney Houston through rehab. "When, and if, she ever wants to reach out to someone, I'd be willing to sit down and talk to her and give her a hand if she wanted one," the actor tells Access Hollywood.

Mothers Praying For Healing...

Cissy Houston will hold a prayer vigil in Harlem next Monday (7 to 9pm, Abyssinian Baptist Church) according to Roger Friedman's Fox 411 column - Whitney's Mom to Lead Prayer Vigil on Drugs.

Vicious Cycle...

In a sobering comparison to Sid and Nancy Vicious, the Boston Globe discusses Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown's turbulent relationship and the impact that it has had on their careers.  Read Whitney & Bobby: A Vicious Cycle?


[From Extra]

While Whitney Houston’s been hard at work on her health, famous fans like Vivica Fox are standing up for the troubled superstar. But is it fact or fiction that Fox wants a Whitney movie role?

Fact -- Fox says she'd love to play Houston, telling the May issue of Smooth magazine: "A lot of people have forgotten her contribution to the music industry. I want to remind them."

Bobby Brown was in jail last week in Boston, and only "Extra" was on board with Brown at the airport as the troubled star returned home to Atlanta where he told us, "My fans know I’m okay." But is it fact or fiction that Bobby’s now back home with Whitney?

Fact -- after reportedly checking herself out of rehab early, Houston has reportedly returned to their suburban Atlanta mansion.

Whitney Sighting...

[From Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports on a discussion with Whitney Houston's publicist, Nancy Seltzer in which Whitney's weekend trip to the Beyonce/Alicia Keys/Missy Elliott gig was initially denied.  Whitney was photographed at the show.


Whitney's Outing...

March 29, 2004

WHITNEY HOUSTON ventured out in public last night for the first time since news broke that she had admitted herself into rehab.

The event? BEYONCÉ, ALICIA KEYS and MISSY ELLIOTT's Atlanta show. A representative for Houston confirmed her attendance and said that members of Whitney's recovery program accompanied her to the concert. Just two weeks ago, Whitney decided to enter a rehab facility. At the time, her representative declined to give details as to the star's specific issue. It has been a tumultuous few years for Whitney.

BOBBY BROWN, her husband of nearly 14 years, has been arrested several times and was most recently released from custody in Massachusetts following a child support payment problem. In December, he was taken into custody on suspicion of battery after an argument left Houston visibly injured. Houston has battled her own demons, too. In 2002 she admitted to ABC's DIANE SAWYER that she has used alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs at different points during her career.

[Thanks Sylwia M.]


Brown Released...

Bobby Brown has been released from jail after 24 hours having paid the $63,500 owing in child support.  Brown called the delayed payment a "misunderstanding...Things happen like that when other people are dealing with your business."  - Associated Press Report.

A video news clip that contains comments from Brown at the court house can be seen here.

Sales Update...

An update on Whitney Houston's sales in the US for the week ending 21 March 2004 according to Neilson Soundscan:

1. The Greatest Hits (Album): 1,249 (1,292)
2. The Bodyguard: 426 (426)
3. Just Whitney: 367 (384)
4. The Preacher's Wife: 252 (241)
5. My Love is Your Love (Album): 232 (224)
6. The Greatest Hits (Video): 219 (201)
7. Whitney Houston: 201 (220)
8. The Star Spangled Banner: 156 (143)
9. Whitney: 148 (170)
10. I'm Your Baby Tonight (Album): 41 (29)
11. It's Not Right But it's Okay: 14 (21)
12. One Wish: 14 (15)
13. My Love is Your Love (Single): 11 (10)
14. I Learned From the Best: 2 (4)

[Thanks Jim R.]



From Associated Press]

Bobby Brown ordered to pay $63,000 in child support or face jail time

CANTON, Mass.- A family court judge ordered singer Bobby Brown jailed for 90 days or until he can come up $63,000 in child support payments he owes the mother of two children he fathered.

Brown, who was temporarily released from a Georgia jail so he could attend the contempt hearing at Norfolk Probate and Family Court, was crying as he was led from the courtroom. He was to be taken to Norfolk County House of Correction in Dedham.

Judge Paula Carey issued the ruling after Brown testified that he was unable to pay the child support he owes. He allegedly owes the back child support for two children, now 12 and 14, that he fathered with Kim Ward, of Stoughton.

The singer was released from a Georgia jail Monday to attend Wednesday's hearing. He likely didn't help his case when he showed up four hours late.

Whitney's Rehab Getaway...

Whilst speculating on Whitney's whereabouts following this New York Daily News report that suggested she's left her rehabilitation centre, this E! Online report provides a round-up of the speculation of the past few days.

Nancy Seltzer has said to the New York Daily News that Whitney "is continuing the prescribed treatment, as was planned," and that "her movements are in total keeping with the program."

Support For Brown...

As Bobby Brown heads into another court room, Whitney Houston's publicist has said that Whitney is "taking care of herself at the moment and continues to support her husband." - Associated Press Report.

Whitney To RCA Music Group...

This PRNewswire report (BMG North America Announces Realignment) suggests Whitney Houston will move over to the RCA Music Group.  The Arista label will continue to exist under the RCA Music Group.

[Thanks Sylwia M.]


Whitney Gets Holistic Treatment...

In this interview with CBS News, Prince Asiel Ben Israel, described in the report as Whitney Houston's spiritual advisor, discloses that Whitney's reasons for being in a drugs rehabilitation centre relates to prescription drug abuse.

Ben Israel says: “She’s under the medical care of her doctors...and her family is giving her the kind of love and support. The fans should be pleased that we’re on the road to full recovery again.”

View the Early Show video segment from CBS News.

Brown Court Appearance...

Associated Press reports that Bobby Brown's presence is required in a paternity suit in Massachusetts.


Heart & Soul...

Artists attending the Soul Train awards on Saturday night sent out their best wishes to Whitney Houston.  This RealVideo clip shows what some celebrities had to say.  See also this report from Entertainment Tonight.

So Goodbye...

Arista Records will close its doors and exist only as an imprint on a few artist's CDs, including Whitney Houston, according to this Fox 411 report published today.

Brown Released...

The Associated Press reports that Bobby Brown has been released from jail today in order that he may attend a court appearance in Massachusetts.

Whitney, Brother And Deliverance...

New York Newsday columnist Kati Gray juxtaposes a personal family experience with that of Whitney Houston's battle with addiction - Whitney, Brother & Deliverance.

[Thanks Monte D.]


The Tale Of The Tape...

Canadian national newspaper, Globe & Mail today published an article that pitches Whitney Houston against Courtney Love in a comparison of their public lives, the underlying point being that each continue to be in the news and are never boring: Read Courtney vs. Whitney: Duelling Drama Queens.

[Thanks Michael G.]


If I Told You That....

To follow up George Michael's new album, 'Amazing', Sony will release a Duets album that will contain the collaboration with Whitney Houston, 'If I Told You That', according to this Billboard report.


This fairly extensive Billboard report discussing the live music scene suggests that "Whitney Houston will do a few shows in Germany", corroborating previous reports on the Newsfile of upcoming summer shows.



New reports from USA Today, Newark Star-Ledger and IMDB have been added to the Rehab reports archive.

Sales Update...

An update on Whitney Houston's sales in the US for the week ending 14 March 2004 according to Neilson Soundscan:

(Number in parentheses is the prior week's sales tally)

1. The Greatest Hits (Album): 1,292 (1,389)
2. The Bodyguard: 426 (514)
3. Just Whitney: 384 (447)
4. The Preacher's Wife: 241 (254)
5. My Love is Your Love (Album): 224 (249)
6. Whitney Houston: 220 (243)
7. The Greatest Hits (Video): 201 (168)
8. Whitney: 170 (168)
9. The Star Spangled Banner: 143 (130)
10. I'm Your Baby Tonight (Album): 29 (37)
11. It's Not Right But it's Okay: 21 (21)
12. One Wish: 15 (33)
13. My Love is Your Love (Single): 10 (23)
14. I Learned From the Best: 4 (0)

[Thanks Jim R.]


Whitney In Rehab...

Speculation continues to mount around the circumstances of Whitney Houston's admission into a drugs rehabilitation facility.  This Extra News Clip suggests that some of Whitney's management staff have been laid off as she's expecting to be out of action "indefinitely".

The Chicago Sun-Times today reports that concern from Whitney's most inner circle led to a surprise intervention, convincing Whitney to enter rehab. 

Nancy Seltzer, described as being "stingy" with details in this New York Daily News report does confirm to the publication that Whitney's daughter, Bobbi Kristina was "with family".

All reports and articles relating to Whitney Houston's admission into a drugs rehabilitation facility are stored in the Drugs Rehabilitation Archive.

Whitney's fans have been discussing these latest events and sharing reports and thoughts in this discussion on the Classic Whitney Discussion Forum.


Whitney Houston Enters Drugs Rehabilitation Facility...

Whitney Houston's publicist, Nancy Seltzer has confirmed that Whitney has entered a drugs rehabilitation programme.  The location of the centre has not been made public, nor is it known how long Whitney will be at this facility.  Reports by Associated Press, Reuters and Access Hollywood are located here.

Whitney Houston's fans and friends at Classic Whitney extend their heartfelt best wishes to Whitney at this time.


A Message From Whitney...

[From Platinum Club]

A Message From Whitney

In a special message to her community of friends and family at whitneyhouston.com, Whitney sends out her heartfelt thanks to all of her fans for their outpouring of love and support during this time of personal retreat. To send your well wishes, which will be sent to Whitney, click here.



Bell Tolls For Arista Records...

This Reuters Report (Bell Tolls For Arista Records) confirms that Whitney Houston will move to J Records as part of the Arista Records restructure following LA Reid's departure.


More On Dionne...

Dionne Warwick had this to say on Belgian entertainment show, 'The Red Carpet' at the weekend:

"Whitney and me are gonna work together, which is something we never did before. The third singer on stage would have been Toni Braxton, but due to her busy schedule on Broadway, another friend of mine is gonna perform with Whitney and me: my good friend Natalie Cole."

When  asked who Dionne's favourite singers of the moment were, she replied: "Well, first of all my niece Whitney. Because she always sings in tune, which is rare nowadays."

[Thanks Ward V.]


Sales Update...

An update on Whitney Houston's sales in the US for the week ending 7 March 2004 according to Neilson Soundscan:

(Number in parentheses is the prior week's sales tally)

1. The Greatest Hits (Album): 1,389 (1,493)
2. The Bodyguard: 514 (479)
3. Just Whitney: 447 (469)
4. The Preacher's Wife: 254 (273)
5. My Love is Your Love (Album): 249 (255)
6. Whitney Houston: 243 (250)
7. Whitney: 168 (124)
8. The Greatest Hits (Video): 168 (253)
9. The Star Spangled Banner: 130 (139)
10. I'm Your Baby Tonight (Album): 37 (60)
11. One Wish: 33 (22)
12. My Love is Your Love (Single): 23 (10)
13. It's Not Right But it's Okay: 21 (12)

[Thanks Jim R.]


The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe...

Tale of Narnia Comes to Theater

Today's Sunbeam

March 04, 2004

CARNEY'S POINT TWP. -- The New Jersey Theatre Alliance and Fox Tale Players/Salem County Arts Alliance will present Surflight Theatre's production of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" Saturday at 4 p.m.

The performance is part of the seventeenth annual AT&T Family Week at the Theatre and is offered free of charge to children and their families.

In this unique adaptation of the classic tale, all the roles are played by two performers...with some audience participation. This imaginative and whimsical interpretation, directed by Pamela Hoffman, stars Laurie Hardy and Joey Rizzolo. Their dynamic acting, accentuated by simple costumes and set, allow young people to create Narnia in their imaginations. Youth Stages, LLC is proud to bring this heroic tale of love, faith, courage and giving, a tale in which good triumphs over evil, to yet another generation of children.

"The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" is performed in-the-round with the audience sitting on the floor around the actors. It is recommended to ages five and older.

AT&T Family Week at the Theatre is an annual statewide festival offering free and discounted tickets to young people and their families and has been developed to encourage families to attend professional theatre by making the experience affordable, educational and exciting. Across the state, in all 21 counties, young people will receive free tickets to over 100 performances and special events including free classes, workshops and backstage tours. Since its inception in 1998, the program has served over 45,000 young people and their parents with professional theatre performances and activities.

AT&T Family Week at the theatre is made possible by the generous support of AT&T and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State, a Partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional support has ben provided by the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, the HMS Foundation, Johnson and Johnson, the MCJ Foundation, Morgan Stanley, The Prudential Foundation, Sovereign Bank Target Stores and the Whitney Houston Foundation for Children.

[Thanks Lee]

No Guff...

[From New York Newsday]

Copyright © 2004, Newsday, Inc.
March 9, 2004
by Glenn Gamboa

SONG OF THE WEEK: In case anyone was still wondering, Avril Lavigne is about as punk as Whitney Houston - actually, even less than that, since Whitney doesn't take guff from anyone these days. Lavigne's new single, "Don't Tell Me" (Arista), sounds like Alanis Morissette covering Sheryl Crow doing a public service announcement for abstinence, with a chorus of "Did you think that I was going to give it up to you, this ti-ee-i-ee-ime? Did you think it was something I was gonna do?" It's bland and pandering, but some kids like that.

[Thanks Monte D.]


Whitney & Dionne...

[Reported Source: RTL Boulevard]

In a televised Dutch interview, Dionne Warwick has reportedly suggested that she will perform four shows with Whitney Houston - three in Germany and one in the UK - as part of a specially produced live show.

More details/clarification on this as and when.

[Thanks Joe M.]


Photos From Russia...

[From Platinum Club]

Whitney with  fans Dorothy O. Donnell, Phyllis Watson, Rachel Jones, and Gary Parker.
Click Image To Enlarge
Whitney with the #1 Russian Pop Star from Moscow, Dimitry Malikov.
Click Image To Enlarge
Whitney with some radio contest winners in Moscow.
Click Image To Enlarge



Birthday Girl...

[From Platinum Club]

Happy Birthday Bobbi Kristina!

Whitney's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, turns 11 years old today! Mother and daughter are celebrating her birthday today in Atlanta. Happy Birthday Bobbi Kristina!

Russian Review...

[From Platinum Club]

Whitney Fans Report From Moscow!

Read a report from Whitney fans Dorothy, Phylis, Gary and Rachel on their experience traveling to Moscow and attending Whitney's first-ever Russian concert dates.




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