Bobby's Mom Vs. Whitney's Mom...

[From Boston Globe]

Bobby's mom vs. Whitney's mom
By Carol Beggy & Mark Shanahan, Globe Staff | June 28, 2004

DISSING CISSY In a story in the new issue of Boston magazine, out tomorrow, the mother of R&B singer Bobby Brown (inset) takes a few not-so-veiled shots at Cissy Houston, mom of Bobby's bride, Whitney Houston. "[Cissy] despises my son," Carol Brown says. "She had a perception of who she wanted her daughter to marry, and it wasn't Bobby. I have tried to talk to the woman, and she's an evil person, period. She's a very evil woman. I don't believe I'm letting this out, [but] it needs to be said." In the story, by John Wolfson, Bobby's former girlfriend and mother of two of his children, Kim Ward, says, deep down, Brown knows he married the wrong woman. "I'm the one who has control over Bobby," she says. "I'm the love of Bobby's life. Even now, he'll sit there and tell me, `I should have married you.' "

Carol Brown To Write Book...

[From EUR Web]

BOBBY'S MOMMY TO PEN STORY: Bobby Brown's mom says she'll author tell-all.

(Jun. 28, 2004) *Bill Clinton got his story on the shelves, now Bobby Brown's mama is telling the story about her famous son.
Carol Brown told Atlanta radio station WHTA that she will write a tell-all story about Bobby B. that will include "everything," she said, even Brown's drug use.

Ms. Brown said she was proud of her son for being honest on his "Dateline" interview with wife Whitney Houston, when he discussed his drug abuse problems. No word just yet when the project will be completed.



Soul Diva...

The cancellation of the Berlin concert has been confirmed by promoters, Tchibo.

According to an article published by Berlin newspaper B.Z., Tchibo and the PR agency Böning & Company are citing the bad weather and the holiday season as the main reasons for not being able to host the show. Tchibo's spokesperson  Stefanie von Carlsburg has been quoted saying the original expecation for the Berlin show was in the region of 50,000 people.

The remaining dates in Hamburg, Munich and and Oberhausen are not being affected by the cancellation.

[Thanks Sabine]


Soul Diva...

[From People]

FRIDAY, JULY 2: Whitney Houston has become more famous in recent years for her personal woes than for her music. But the six-time Grammy winner is hoping to change all that, teaming up with Natalie Cole and cousin Dionne Warwick for their Soul Divas tour in Germany. The four-date jaunt will include stops in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. (Houston, who underwent a 30-day stint in rehab in May, has already received some David Hasselhoff-style love from the Germans, picking up a lifetime achievement award at the Women's World Awards there.) On July 22, Houston will then hop over to China, making her debut in that country with a performance in Shanghai.


Sold Out...

It has been confirmed that the Soul Divas concerts in Hamburg, Munich and Oberhausen have now sold out.

[Thanks Sabine]


Best Buy Survey...

The American Film Institute's "100 Years... 100 Songs" list showcases the greatest musical moments in cinematic history. To coincide with the AFI announcement, a national survey from Best Buy provides a look at which songs make Americans laugh, cry and dance at the movies.  Whitney Houston favours in the Best Buy survey ranking second to Olivia Newton John as the singer that has the most credible acting performance (for 'The Bodyguard') and 'I Will Always Love You ranks second to The Righteous Brothers' 'Unchained Melody' as best love song from a movie.  Read the Business Wire report here.


German Tour Venues Revised...

Promoter Tchibo has confirmed that three of the upcoming 'Soul Divas Tour' concerts will be moved to smaller venues.

Updated Tour Schedule

02.07.2004 - Berlin, Brandenburg Gate
07.07.2004 - Hamburg, Color Line Arena (*)
09.07.2004 - Munich, Olympiahalle (*)
11.07.2004 - Oberhausen, Oberhausen Arena (*/**)

(*)= indicates changes
(**) = new location, originally scheduled in Gelsenkirchen

Sold tickets will remain valid.

To purchase tickets:

Tchibo's telephone hotline (all concert dates) : 0049 1805 570 300 (0,12EUR/Min.)
Exclusive telephone hotline for the 'Oberhausen Arena' gig, July 11th: 0049 208 82000

[Thanks Sabine]



Associated Press confirm that Whitney Houston will perform in Shanghai on 22 July 2004 as part of an upcoming tour of China.



Whitney Houston's China tour dates have been confirmed as follows:

Bangkok - 19 July 2004
Shanghai - 22 July 2004
Beijing - 25 July 2004
Hong Kong - 28 July 2004



UK fans: Whitney Houston is featured in the UK edition of 'Access Hollywood' tonight on Living TV at 20:00 BST.  The show repeats on Friday 13:50 BST and Sunday 17:00 BST.  The news segment is linked to her appearance at the Christian Dior launch party.

Suspended Sentence....

The Associated Press reports that Bobby Brown was given a suspended sentence today for missing child support payments.

Meanwhile, Celebrity Justice reports that Brown has come to an agreement with Kim Ward regarding child support payments in This Report.  The associated Video Footage shows Brown in court and later talking to the press where he says of Whitney "...I guess she's okay".


Whitney Houston's Award...

More reports following Whitney Houston's Lifetime Achievement honour at the Women's World Awards in Germany this week:

Whitney Houston Receives Award - EUR


Whitney's Message...

"My message for women is to love and respect themselves, for if they love themselves then they can love others as well. I have learned to do this. Through love for myself and praying to our Lord I have been able to overcome my personal problem." Whitney Houston Receives Award In Germany, Associated Press.


Whitney Houston performed 'That's What Friends Are For' with cousin and fellow Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Dionne Warwick at last night's Women's World Awards.

[Thanks Sebastian F.]

Video Clip...

A short video clip of Whitney Houston arriving at her hotel - commentary in German.

Picture This...

A host of pictures - from the red carpet to the award presentation - from the Women's World Awards have been added to the Awards Image Gallery.

Sales Update...

An update on Whitney Houston's sales in the US for the week ending 6 June 2004 according to Neilson Soundscan:

1. Whitney: The Greatest Hits (Album): 1,117 (1,260)
2. The Bodyguard: 411 (318)
3. ...Just Whitney: 241 (286)
4. Whitney Houston: 221 (250)
5. The Preacher's Wife: 184 (197)
6. The Greatest Hits (Video): 183 (159)
7. My Love is Your Love (Album): 165 (248)
8. The Star Spangled Banner: 122 (102)
9. Whitney: 112 (117)
10. I'm Your Baby Tonight (Album): 30 (36)
11. It's Not Right But it's Okay: 12 (17)
12. My Love is Your Love (single): 9 (8)
13. One Wish: 3 (11)

[Thanks Jim R.]


Alternate Reality...

[New York Post Report]


June 10, 2004

WHITNEY Houston is shaking up Germany. Knocking it right on its Sauerbraten. A thing's under way there this week called Women's World Awards — and why Gorbachev is one of the speakers, God knows. Anyway, it's a three-day gig in der Faderland and Whitney has the organizers shouting "Blitzkrieg."

She's schlepping nine people. She wanted a private plane. They got one. She didn't like the one they got. She wanted another. They got another. She was expected for the opening dinner. She didn't make it. She was days behind everyone else in arriving. Anyway, as I write this, a thunderstorm's over the airport and her plane's having a problem landing.

The event's now being slugged Whitney's World Awards.

Report posted to reflect media perception.

Whitney Honoured...

[From Platinum Club]

Whitney Honored With Women's World Award!
Whitney was among the first to receive a Women's World Award, presented to extraordinary women who have helped make our world a better place. Among the other recipients at last night's Women's World Award gala held in Hamburg, Germany were Whitney's cousin Dionne Warwick, Waris Dirie, Nadja Auermann, Ute-Henriette Ohoven and Agnes Wessalowski. A crystal trophy was presented to each of the recipients. Whitney and cousin Dionne performed at the awards ceremony.


Lifetime Achievement...

Whitney Houston pictured tonight in Hamburg as she receives her Lifetime Achievement Award at the first annual Women's World Awards.

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, right, and singer Whitney Houston pose with her award before the beginning of the World Women's Award ceremony in Hamburg's Congress Center, in northern Germany, Wednesday, June 9, 2004 Houston got the World Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement. The Women's World Awards are being presented of the first time this year to extraordinary women in 12 different categories. (AP Photo/Christof Stache, pool)

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, right, and singer Whitney Houston pose with her award before the beginning of the World Women's Award ceremony in Hamburg's Congress Center, in northern Germany, Wednesday, June 9, 2004 Houston got the World Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement. The Women's World Awards are being presented of the first time this year to extraordinary women in 12 different categories. (AP Photo/Christof Stache, pool)

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[Thanks Daniel L./Sylwia M.]


Women's World Awards 2004 - VOX (Germany) 12 June 2004 20:15 CET

[Thanks Benji]

Renewing Vows?...

This Web India report quotes Bobby Brown as saying that he would like to renew his wedding vows later this year.

Intimate Secrets...

On the back of her exclusive interview with Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, Jamie Foster Brown has been talking to Extra TV in which she reiterates some of the revelations about Whitney from the interview.  Read the Extra TV report here and see the News Clip here.

Sales Update...

An update on Whitney Houston's sales in the US for the week ending 30 May 2004 according to Neilson Soundscan:

1.Whitney: The Greatest Hits (Album): 1,260 (1,265)
2. The Bodyguard: 318 (360)
3. ...Just Whitney: 286 (238)
4. Whitney Houston: 250 (270)
5. My Love is Your Love (Album): 248 (135)
6. The Preacher's Wife: 197 (144)
7. The Greatest Hits (Video): 159 (202)
8. Whitney: 117 (133)
9. The Star Spangled Banner: 102 (74)
10. I'm Your Baby Tonight (Album): 36 (19)
11. It's Not Right But it's Okay: 17 (27)
12. One Wish: 11 (5)
13. My Love is Your Love (Single): 8 (7)

[Thanks Jim R.]

And I....

Country Music Television has voted Dolly Parton's original 'I Will Always Love You' as the greatest country love song of all time.


Being Whitney Houston...

'We are together. We love each other. I know me and I know the -- . They can talk all they want and write all they want. I know the truth.": Whitney Houston as quoted in Liz Smith's column at the Christian Dior D'Trick launch party last week.

Ticket Sales...

The German 'Spiegel' magazine has published a report about the 'Soul Divas' ticket sales.  Below is a translated summary:

According to the article only 20% of the tickets for the 'Soul Divas' concert tour have been sold to date. Tchibo's spokesperson, Joachim Klähn, said he is still expecting a significant rise in sales shortly before the actual concert dates.

The article cites Tchibo's unusual distribution system (tickets are only available at the Tchibo stores, via online-booking at Tchibo.de or by calling a telephone hotline) as one of the main reasons for the rather poor resonance. Within the industry, reactions range from mockery to disbelieve about Tchibo's price strategy as well as the line-up.

[Thanks Sabine]


Being Bobby Brown...

Whilst making an appearance at the launch of the new Christian Dior line, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown have been busy profiling Brown's new album and reality show, as reported by New York Daily News today.


Falando de Amor...


'Waiting To Exhale', Whitney Houston's second movie in which she co-starred with Angela Bassett, is to receive a belated release in  Brazil as 'Falando de Amor'.



[Thanks Thia G.]


Sister 2 Sister Interview...

Special thanks to Jay (CW's TheNextMrsBrown) for typing up the entire Sister 2 Sister interview for Classic Whitney - now located in the Interviews section of the site.


Facing Reality...

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's Sister 2 Sister interview has been scanned and can be read by following these (14) links.  The complete typed/text version of the interview will be available in due course.

Sister 2 Sister - Part 1
Sister 2 Sister - Part 2
Sister 2 Sister - Part 3
Sister 2 Sister - Part 4
Sister 2 Sister - Part 5
Sister 2 Sister - Part 6
Sister 2 Sister - Part 7
Sister 2 Sister - Part 8
Sister 2 Sister - Part 9
Sister 2 Sister - Part 10
Sister 2 Sister - Part 11
Sister 2 Sister - Part 12
Sister 2 Sister - Part 13
Sister 2 Sister - Part 14

[Thanks Sylwia/Jennifer]


Whitney Houston pictured in California (3 June 2004) for the launch of the new Christian Dior line, D'Trick.


[Click On Images To View In Larger Scale]

[Thanks Dzemil]

Whitney At Dior Party...

[Extra Report]

Whitney and Bobby Stand By Each Other

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are ready to face the world again. And in a rare interview with "Extra," the couple appeared affectionate and grateful to all the fans who have supported them. "We love them so much," said Whitney. "God bless you," Bobby added.

Brown and Houston have kept a low profile since Whitney checked herself into rehab and Bobby was sentenced to a short jail stint. But Thursday night's Dior party in Los Angeles, promoting the launch its new D’Trick line, was too good to pass up.

While Houston revealed to us that she’s sought strength from her celebrity friend, Mel Gibson, Brown said he’s thrown himself into his work -- mainly a new reality show he’s shooting about his life.

"It's called 'Being Bobby Brown' -- she has to deal with me being Bobby Brown," he said, which drew a laugh from Whitney. "It's difficult for me to be a husband and father and still be Bobby Brown with the world on you constantly."

Brown is taking the project very seriously. He's hired crews to follow him wherever he goes. In fact, earlier Thursday night, "Extra" was there as crews taped the couple eating at a popular Los Angeles restaurant. The pair hammed it up for the cameras while having dinner and waiting for their limo.

So, while the world maintains hope that Whitney and Bobby’s troubles are behind them, one thing was clear Thursday night: whatever happens next, this talented couple will be in it together.

See Related Extra Video Clip.

Whitney At Dior Party...

[Access Hollywood Report]

Whitney & Bobby TV?

UPDATED: 2:29 PM PDT June 4, 2004

Whitney Houston, with husband Bobby Brown by her side, made her first public outing since being in rehab. Cameras were rolling and following 'The Bobby and Whitney Show' as the couple entered the real world of reality television at a Christian Dior event in Hollywood.

"'Whitney, you know you have an incredible base of fans out there. Do you feel the love from them," asked Access Hollywood Shaun Robinson.

"I do and I love them... There has been such a core of support and love for me, and I thank you and I love you," said Whitney as she addressed the camera.

The Christian Dior event became a night of fresh stars, with Kelly Osbourne making her first post-rehab appearance and Ali Landry proudly posing after the end of her two-week marriage to Mario Lopez.

But the night belonged to Whitney and Bobby, who praised his wife's perseverance.

"It's been wonderful. It's been wonderful," Bobby told Access. "It's a blessing... No I can say it's a 'best-ing', that's a new word that I just come up with."

Viewers can expect gems such as Bobby's word creations and much more on the couple's reality show, "Being Bobby Brown." Their private camera crew was on hand capturing every riveting moment of the evening.

See Related Access Hollywood Video Clip.


Hong Kong...

[Click On Images To View In Larger Scale]

Whitney Houston's 'One Night Only' performance at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 28 July 2004 appears to have been confirmed by concert promoter, Wolfman Jack Entertainment.  Reports published yesterday from the China News Agency suggested that approval for shows beyond the Shanghai performance was still pending.

Ex-Presidents For Dinner...

[New Kerela (India) Report]

Whitney Houston to dine with Gorbachev and Clinton!

Washington, June 3 (ANI):

Singer actress Whitney Houston has received an invitation from ex-Russian President Mikael Gorbachev to join him and former American President Bill Clinton for dinner in Hamburg, Germany this weekend.

According to rate the music, Whitney, who was in a rehabilitation centre for quite some time to get rid of her addiction to prescription drugs, has recently claimed that she feels a new person after getting rid of her addiction.



Whitney Houston has had approval for a 25 July 2004 show in Shanghai according to the China News Agency with further shows pending approval.  Some media reports have tied this news to reports that Britney Spears is receiving approval based on wardrobe conditions (See Whitney Does A Britney).



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