Whitney - The Greatest Hits
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UK Chart Update...

Top 75 Album Chart - Up to No.14 (from No.15) - 33 weeks on chart - 4x PLATINUM

Top 75 Singles Chart - Up to No.25 (from No.26) - 2 weeks on chart
R&B Singles Chart - Down to No.9 (from No.8) - 2 weeks on chart

Club Chart - Remains at No.32 (2nd week) - 5 weeks on chart [Static Chart]

Final Chart Trajectory For 'Whitney The Greatest Hits' in the UK - 2000:

1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 5 - 5 - 6 - 6 - 7 - 11 - 5 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 13 -
16 - 16 - 16 - 17 - 20 - 16 - 16 - 18 - 22 - 9 - 13 - 15 - 12 - 15 - 14

Radio One will countdown the best selling singles and albums of 2000 on Monday between 4pm and 7pm.

Billboard Charts...

The Billboard update for the week ending 6 January 2001:

Billboard 200 - Re-Entry at No.184 - with bullet - 29 weeks on chart;
Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums - Up to No.74 (from No.88) - with bullet - 26 weeks on chart;


'Could I Have This Kiss Forever' drops to No.26 (from No.24) on the French Singles Chart, with 13 weeks on the chart.

'Whitney The Greatest Hits' continues to perform well as it holds at No.10 on the French Compilation Albums Chart.

[Thanks Sebastien]

The Preacher's Wife...

Disney have confirmed that they have no immediate plans to release 'The Preacher's Wife' on DVD in the US any time soon.

We can help speed up the process by phoning a request for the movie to be issued on DVD by calling Disney on 1-800-723-4763 or Canadian toll-free number 1-888-877-BVHE.

'The Preacher's Wife' was issued on DVD in the UK/Europe about a year ago.

[Thanks Alan M]


'Could I Have This Kiss Forever' ranks at No.23 on the Worldpop Singles Chart of 2000.  The song peaked at No.4 on the chart and spent 22 weeks on the chart.

A US commercial release would have challenged the Top 10 for a place.

[Thanks Jim]


'Whitney The Greatest Hits' is ranked 11 for 2000 on CNN's WorldBeat Album Chart:

1.Santana, "Supernatural,"
2.Britney Spears, "Oops! ... I Did It Again,"
3.Eminem, "The Marshall Mathers LP,"
4.Corrs, "In Blue,"
5.Moby, "Play,"
6.Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Californication,"
7.Bon Jovi, "Crush," (Mercury/Universal),
8.Celine Dion, "All The Way - A Decade Of Song,"
9.Madonna, "Music,"
10.Macy Gray, "On How Life Is,"
11.Whitney Houston, "The Greatest Hits,"
12.Craig David, "Born To Do It,"
13.U2, "All That You Can't Leave Behind,"
14.Shania Twain, "Come On Over,"
15.Anastacia, "Not That Kind,"
16.Vengaboys, "The Platinum,"
17.'N Sync, "No Strings Attached,"
18.Mark Knopfler, "Sailing To Philadelphia,"
19.B. B. King & Eric Clapton, "Riding With The King,"
20.Lenny Kravitz, "Greatest Hits,"



Korea's Finest...

'Whitney The Greatest Hits' is the tenth best selling foreign language album of 2000 in Korea.  A re-packaged version of the album will be available in January.

Both 'Could I Have This Kiss Forever' and 'If I Told You That' performed well at MTV in Korea in 2000.

Apparently, Classic Whitney is the No.1 choice Whitney website for Korean fans!

[Thanks Seop]

Spain 2000...

'Whitney The Greatest Hits' is the 16th best selling album of 2000 in Spain.

[Thanks Laura]

German Website Exclusive...

The German Whitney Website by Daniel has a Christmas special located at www.christmas.whitney-fan.de.  They have 45 minutes music, an interview with Whitney from 1999 and an exclusive new screensaver that is only available at the website.   Check it out.

[Thanks Daniel]



UK Chart Update...

Top 75 Album Chart - Down to No.15 (from No.12) - 32 weeks on chart - 4x PLATINUM ++

Top 75 Singles Chart - New Entry at No.26 - 1 week on chart
R&B Singles Chart - New Entry at No.8 - 1 week on chart
Dance Singles Chart - New Entry at No.21 - 1 week on chart

Club Chart - Down to No.32 (from No.27) - 4 weeks on chart

'Heartbreak Hotel' is Whitney Houston's 34th UK commercial single release.  The song was originally released nearly two years ago in the US where it peaked at No.2 (held off the No.1 spot by Cher's 'Believe' anthem), and was certified Platinum for sales of over 1 million copies.  It peaked at No.1 on the US R&B Hip-Hop Singles Chart.

This is Whitney's first single to fall short of the UK Top 20 since 'My Name Is Not Susan' and 'I Belong To You' peaked at No.29 and No.54 respectively in 1991.  The song is Whitney's 30th UK Top 40 hit.

There have been two other Whitney Houston singles in 2000 - both of them collaborations with other artists.   'If I Told You That' with George Michael peaked at No.9 and 'Could I Have This Kiss Forever' with Enrique Iglesias peaked at No.7 in October.

'Heartbreak Hotel' is already one of the most widely owned Whitney Houston songs in the UK following close to a million sales of the 'My Love Is Your Love' album, over a million copies of 'Whitney The Greatest Hits' and a further 2.5 million copies of the enhanced Greatest Hits preview CD that featured the video for the song at the beginning of December.

The Greatest Hits is now Whitney's fourth million selling album in the UK following 'Whitney Houston' (1985), 'Whitney' (1987) and 'The Bodyguard' (1992) with 1998's 'My Love Is Your Love' likely to following shortly.

The album's UK chart trajectory since it's release on 15 May 2000 is as follows:

1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 5 - 5 - 6 - 6 - 7 - 11 - 5 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 13 -
16 - 16 - 16 - 17 - 20 - 16 - 16 - 18 - 22 - 9 - 13 - 15 - 12 - 15

Charts Around The World...

(Top 50 Albums) Whitney The Greatest Hits - No. 42 (RE-ENTRY) - 26 weeks on chart
(Top 50 Singles) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 40 (31) - 15 weeks on chart

(Lista Top 40) Whitney The Greatest Hits - No. 31 (30) - 28 weeks on chart

(Top 100 Albums) Whitney The Greatest Hits - No. 45 (57) - 31 weeks on chart
(Top 100 Singles) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 40 (29) - 15 weeks on chart
(Top 50 R&B Airplay) Fine - No. 25 (25) - 22 weeks on chart
(Top 50 R&B Airplay) Heartbreak Hotel - No. 48 (RE-ENTRY) - 37 weeks on chart

(Top 30 Albums) Whitney The Greatest Hits - No. 22 (19) - 31 weeks on chart

(Top 20 Airplay) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 27 (23) - 17 weeks on chart

Netherlands (Holland):
(Mega Top 100) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 35 (31) - 15 weeks on chart
(Mega Top 100) Heartbreak Hotel - No. 95 (NEW ENTRY) - 1 week on chart
(Top 10 Airplay) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 7 (3) - 17 weeks on chart

(Top 60 Albums) Whitney The Greatest Hits - No. 49 (49) - 29 weeks on chart
(Top 60 Singles) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 29 (29) - 15 weeks on chart

(Top 100 Albums) Whitney The Greatest Hits - No. 95 (RE-ENTRY) - 29 weeks on chart
(Top 100 Singles) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 10 (8) - 15 weeks on chart

(Top 50 R&B Albums) Whitney The Greatest Hits - No. 28 (26) - 31 weeks on chart

[Thanks Gogi]

UK Charts...

Check back later today for an update on Whitney's UK chart performance on the Album chart, Singles chart and R&B chart plus a detailed look at Whitney's UK chart success and the complete chart trajectory for 'Whitney The Greatest Hits' for 2000.

Whitney On TV...

Check out the Whitney On TV section to see what days/times Whitney is on TV around the world.

If you have more TV information to add, please email me.


The cover of the re-packaged 'The Greatest Hits' album in France.

The album is up to No.10 on France's Compilation Album Chart this week.  'Could I Have This Kiss Forever' is down to No.24 on it's 12th week on the chart.

The FNAC website is selling the French 'Fine' CD single.  This is considered unusual as they do not promote imported items.  A final release date has yet to be confirmed for the single.

[Thanks Sebastien]


The German Charts for 22 December 2000:

Could I Have This Kiss Forever - down to No.40 (from No.29) - 15 weeks on the charts

The Greatest Hits - up to No.45 (from No.57) - 31 weeks on the charts

[Thanks Sabine]



Could I Have This Kiss Forever - Down to No.26 (from No.21) - 14 weeks on charts

Could I Have This Kiss Forever - Down to No.10 (from No.8)

[Thanks Sabine]

More Miracle On 34th Street Photos...

Whitney Houston & Michael Jackson    Whitney Houston & Marc Anthony



Billboard Charts...

The Billboard update for the week ending 30 December 2000:

Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums - Up to No.88 (from No.98) - with bullet - 25 weeks on chart;

[Compiled By Lopez]

Whitney & Marc Anthony...

Whitney Houston & Marc Anthony

Whitney Pictured With Marc Anthony, Tuesday Night
at the Miracle On 34th Street Event.

Miracle On 34th Street...

Rambling Reporter

Houston, Jackson cap MSG musical `Miracle'

By ROBERT OSBORNE, The Hollywood Reporter

NEW YORK - It was billed as a new ``Miracle on 34th Street'' and, indeed, that's what it turned out to be: a dazzling portion of today's hottest music stars (Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, Christina Aguilera, 98 Degrees, Jon Secada, Son by Four, Destiny's Child and the list goes on) all strutting their pipes and other parts before an enthusiastic audience of 20,000 at 34th Street's Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night,
crowned in its final minutes by - unbilled, unannounced, unexpected - Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, everyone eventually near-buried in falling fake snow and good holiday cheer. Ring this one up as the most successful, and biggest, gala yet produced by David Gest, the gent best known up to now in Hollywood circles for the all-star shows he has thrown for his American Cinema Awards Foundation, which has raised many millions for the Motion Picture and Television Country House and Hospital, the Actors' Fund, the Whitney Houston Foundation and other causes. But music has always been Gest's main love, and it served him in good stead for this pre-Christmas ``Miracle,'' done for New York-area radio station WKTU to this year benefit Toys for Tots, the March of Dimes and the aforementioned ACAF. Above and beyond the dynamic performances of the night (mainly those of Martin and Anthony) and the surprise shows of Jackson and Houston, there were other highlights to boast about: Gloria Gaynor getting the proceedings off to a stunning start as she wailed her disco number ``I Will Survive'' accompanied by 16 dancers; also Aguilera doing ``White Christmas'' with a chorus of 49 youngsters; additionally, some striking vocals by Brian McKnight, Edwin Starr, Deneice Williams and Debelah Morgan. If there was a downside, it was Toni Braxton, who hosted the event. She changed her wardrobe for each of her 12 appearances, a clever touch, but soon became a bore by constantly calling attention to her ensembles (``Do you like my outfit, New York?'' became the evening's most overused phrase). Each of her intros of a guest artist was basically limited to ``Let's give this next entertainer some love,'' the evening's second most-overused phrase. Braxton was, however, the only flaw in an otherwise sensational show, one worthy of that ``Miracle'' designation.

New York Times: Miracle On 34th Street...

The era of the lip-synching, barely singing pop star may be ending. On Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden, WKTU (103.5 FM) had its annual holiday charity concert, ''Miracle on 34th Street,'' a revue of 16 hitmakers (plus two surprise cameos) paying obeisance to the station that helped put them on the charts. And lo and behold, most of them had extraordinary voices.  With headliners including Marc Anthony, Destiny's Child, Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera and Brian McKnight, the concert ran as efficiently as a radio show, and without commercials. The station's disc jockeys appeared onstage only at the beginning, leaving the singer Toni Braxton as host and model, wearing a different
outfit for each introduction.

In an impressive veto of pop-star ego, one orchestra and backup choir accompanied all the performers. Directed by Joey Melotti, it handled styles from thumping dance music to Latin syncopations to gushy ballads, along with a few Christmas songs.  It was a night of songs about lust and longing, heartbreak and post-breakup resilience. The songs also outlined WKTU's format, which favors bright, danceable tunes, often with a streak of Latin rhythm. (According to the Arbitron rating service, 28 percent of the station's overall audience over 12 years old is Hispanic; 61 percent of those Hispanic listeners are female.) A troupe of dancers surrounded most of the singers, who either joined in the choreography -- preening before prostrate admirers, knocking away suitors with a flip of the hips -- or confidently
strolled through it.

As spectacle, nothing topped the first number. Gloria Gaynor, in an outsize gold-lame outfit fit for a disco queen, belted ''I Will Survive'' with gospel intensity. Meanwhile, women danced wearing halter tops, short shorts (with glittering GG's on the backsides) and boxing gloves, delivering uppercuts and karate kicks to their ex-boyfriends.

Mr. Martin drew the loudest squeals, singing about the overwhelming power of female allure while he shook his shoulders and pumped his hips.

But the real showpieces were for the ear, in the lavish, far-reaching phrases that came from nearly every singer. During the music-video era, a pretty face has been essential to success, and good dance moves haven't hurt; plenty of merely passable singers got by on studio productions and video clips. Now, with the rise of harmony groups, listeners seem to be demanding full-fledged singers without giving up on the looks or the dancing. As in the glory days of Broadway and movie musicals, top performers are expected to show nearly superhuman abilities.

The vocal standards were high throughout the concert. Mr. McKnight sang with gracious, velvety tone, moving from simple phrases to exultantly ornamented ones. Ms. Aguilera worked over every phrase, refusing to let a note get by without a swoop or a moan. Mr. Anthony carried crooning to clarion trumpeting, never losing his smoothness.
Whitney Houston, a surprise guest, sang part of ''The Greatest Love of All'' with Mr. Anthony, letting him peal out her old melody while she toyed with sultry, jazzy asides.

Destiny's Child gave an unaccompanied gospel song striking harmonies, but didn't give their own sassy hits a chance to breathe. Son by Four and 98 Degrees each harmonized a ballad, with Son by Four emoting harder as its song switched into Spanish. And Debelah Morgan and Tamia each pushed their voices skyward, unafraid to be shrill. Deniece Williams and Edwin Starr, survivors from the disco era, gleefully reanimated their old hits. Only Melanie C. (of the Spice Girls), a hoarse Jon Secada and Lara Fabian were out of their vocal league.

For the finale, it was announced that ''a ghost'' was backstage. The performers lined up across the stage and the orchestra started the Jacksons' ''Shake Your Body.'' Then Michael Jackson himself walked on stage, looking ashen and shy. As the singers waited for Mr. Jackson to dance, sing and outdo them all, he quieted the band and announced, ''I can't perform tonight, but I wanted to say 'Merry Christmas.' I love you all, you all have been phenomenal, and the best is yet to come.'' The ghost of pop past accepted some hugs and walked off stage, perhaps thinking about his latest competition.

[Thanks MG]



Cleopatra Jones...

[From New York Daily News]

Diva as Drug-fighter?

If all goes well, singer/actress Whitney Houston just might be the next big, bad blactress, as Warner Bros. wants to remake its 1973 action flick "Cleopatra Jones" as a vehicle for the diva. The original movie starred Tamara Dobson as a street fighting U.S. agent assigned to crack down on drug trafficking.

[Thanks Andrea]

The Bodyguard...

The Bodyguard will air at 20:30EST in the US tomorrow (Wednesday) on  CBS.   Trailers for the movie feature Kevin Costner talking about how the movie will reveal never before seen behind the scenes footage.  Don't miss it.

[Thanks Lydia/Sky]

UK Airplay...

'Heartbreak Hotel' made its most significant airplay gain in the UK last week with an increase of 205 spins to make it the eighth biggest growing song of the week.  The song received 661 spins in total and is positioned just outside the official Top 50.

Midweek Predictions...

With just two days sales (out of the three days tracked), 'Heartbreak Hotel' is No.20 on the UK mid-week chart.

[Thanks Chris B.]


The biggest CD give-away in UK music history, the Mail On Sunday/Whitney Houston 'Greatest Hits Preview CD' does not get a single mention in Music Week, the UK music industry bible.

It's possible that Music Week may tie the story in with the chart placing of the CD's lead song, 'Heartbreak Hotel', however with no issue next week, it's possible this may be over looked.

Hopefully, BMG will be on the case.


Classic Whitney Discussion Board Top 40...

Around 65 members of the Classic Whitney Discussion Board set out to list their Top 20 Whitney Houston recordings over the past couple of weeks.   The results have been compiled and a final Top 40 For 2000 has been produced.  Check it out.

[Special Thanks To Marcus J.]

Heartbreak Hotel UK...

Finally available, Heartbreak Hotel is now available throughout the UK on CD single, 12" vinyl and cassette.

Heartbreak Hotel - UK CD

Heartbreak Hotel - UK 12"

Heartbreak Hotel - R.I.P Radio Edit (3:42)
Heartbreak Hotel - Undadoggz Radio Edit (3:39)
Heartbreak Hotel - Album Version (4:38)
Heartbreak Hotel - Undadoggz Club Rub Part 1 (5:58)

Heartbreak Hotel - R.I.P 'Radio Edit' (9:31)
Heartbreak Hotel - Undadoggz Club Rub Part 1 (5:58)
Heartbreak Hotel - Undadoggz Club Rub Part 2 (4:30)

Vegas Fans...

Dorothy, Whitney & Phylis  Phylis, Bobby & Dorothy

North London based Whitney fans, Dorothy & Phylis pictured with Whitney Houston and then again with Bobby Brown at the Las Vegas after show party.

[Thanks Dorothy]



UK Chart Update...

Top 75 Album Chart - Up to No.12 (from No.15) - 31 weeks on chart - 4x PLATINUM

Club Chart - Down to No.27 (from No.17) - 3 weeks on chart;
Dance/Pop Top 20 - Remains at No.9 (second week) - 2 weeks on chart.

Radio One: Most Wanted...

Thanks and Well Done to everyone who voted on the Radio One Most Wanted Poll.  Whitney Houston's 'Heartbreak Hotel' was the No.1 song for last week taking over 30% of the votes.

This week is a new week on the list - please take a moment to vote for Heartbreak Hotel on the Radio One's Most Wanted request page.


Charts Around The World...

(Top 40 Singles) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 25 (21) - 14 weeks on chart

(Top 50 Singles) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 31 (29) - 14 weeks on chart
* Certified GOLD for sales of over 100.000 copies!

(Lista Top 40) Whitney The Greatest Hits - No. 30 (30) - 27 weeks on chart

(Top 30 Albums) Whitney The Greatest Hits - No. 19 (22) - 30 weeks on chart

(Top 20 Airplay) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 23 (13) - 16 weeks on chart

Netherlands (Holland):
(Top 10 Airplay) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 3 (3) - 16 weeks on chart

(Top 60 Albums) Whitney The Greatest Hits - No. 49 (Re-Entry) - 28 weeks on chart
(Top 60 Singles) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 29 (25) - 14 weeks on chart

(Top 100 Singles) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 8 (4) - 14 weeks on chart

(Top 50 R&B Albums) Whitney The Greatest Hits - No. 26 (27) - 30 weeks on chart
(Top 50 Singles) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 47 (48) - 25 weeks on chart

[Thanks Gogi]

Fine In Europe...

A 'Fine' Maxi CD has been issued in France.   The release features the album version of the song plus the R.I.P. Radio Mix of 'Heartbreak Hotel and the Greatest Hits Megamix (Love To Infinity Mix) in it's full length version and radio edit.

The single version of 'Fine' is also available in Finland.

[Thanks Sebastien]


She's Got That Vibe...

[From Whitney Houston Platinum Club]

Witness Whitney In Vibe!

Pick up the New Year's premier edition of Vibe magazine (January 1, 2001) and view a
spectacular photo of Whitney with Sunday, the five-gal, pop vocal group from New Jersey
that Whitney helps to co-manage and direct. "When I was starting out, I had people in
my life like my mother [Cissy Houston], my cousin Dionne Warwick, and Aretha
[Franklin.] I learned a lot from those women. With Sunday, I am passing on what was
taught to me," Whitney is quoted as saying. Check out the article, Superstars And Their
Protégés and the accompanying photo on page 79 of the upcoming issue of Vibe.

Billboard Charts...

The Billboard update for the week ending 23 December 2000:

Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums - Down to No.98 (from No.94) - with bullet - 24 weeks on chart;

[Compiled By Lopez]

German Chart Update...

The German Charts for 18 December 2000:

Could I Have This Kiss Forever - up to No.29 (from No.30) - 14 weeks on the charts

The Greatest Hits - up to No.57 (from No.95) - 30 weeks on the charts

[Thanks Sabine]


Heartbreak Hotel - Spain This is the cover of the new Spanish CD for Heartbreak Hotel that will be issued next week.  The track listing is as follows:

Heartbreak Hotel - R.I.P Radio Mix (3:40)
Love To Infinity Megamix (edit) (5:17)
Heartbreak Hotel - Album Version (3:59)
Heartbreak Hotel - Undadoggz Club Rub Pt.2 (4:30)

Love To Infinity Megamix (9:22)

The Love To Infinity Megamix contains portions of 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)', 'So Emotional', 'I'm Your Baby Tonight', 'I'm Every Woman' and 'It's Not Right But It's Okay'

[Thanks Eduardo]


This Christmas...

The Nippy Inc/Whitney Houston Foundation Christmas party is next week in Newark.  As always, Whitney brings several busloads of underprivileged children in for Christmas dinner and gifts of clothes and toys.  Whitney and Bobby hand deliver all the toys to the children, one at a time, themselves.

'Fine' Remixes Shelved...

The 'Fine' remixes are unlikely to see the light of day - the Junior Vasquez remixes were not to Arista's liking apparently and the remix by Razor N Guido remain incomplete.

At this point, the only way to hear Junior's remix is to go to the Twilo club where Junior spins.

Arista still intend to issue 'If I Told You That' to US radio stations in the near year.

[Thanks Kevin]


Bahamas: The Real Deal...

Want Facts About The Bahamas?....

It was a very humid night and the performance took place in a PLASTIC tent constructed by the pool of the Ocean Club therefore it was like a sauna, especially with the audience and all the lighting inside. 

Whitney & Bobby performed a duet (Something In Common) as well as singing with Jose Feliciano, Stevie Wonder, Emilio & Gloria Estefan amongst others. 

After the performance, Whitney and Bobby went to the Casino where they had dinner with Star Jones and then did some gaming with Michael Jordan.


Vote 'Heartbreak Hotel'...

Radio One's Most Wanted request page finally lists 'Heartbreak Hotel' as one of it's options.  Everyone should take a moment to vote Whitney - as it's a listed song, you do not have to submit your name or email address as before.  Whitney has just 12 votes at time of publishing.

Radio One is an incredibly important UK radio station and it's audience reach is unmatched as it has a national audience.  Voting for Whitney here will help get the song more airplay in the UK.

Heartbreak Hotel UK Single...

UK trade magazine Music Week confirms that Heartbreak Hotel will be commercially available from Monday 18 December 2000.

The final tracklisting for the single has not been confirmed except to say that at least one version of 'Heartbreak Hotel' will feature alongside the Greatest Hits Megamix.

The single will be issued on one CD, 12" and cassette.


UK Dance Profile...

Whitney Houston is the only artist to appear in all three UK dance charts this week.  'Heartbreak Hotel' is down to No.40 (from No.27) on the Urban Top 20, it debuts at No.9 on the Pop Top 20 and is up to No.17 (from No.25) on the Club Chart Top 40.

Most mainstream pop singers from the US fail to make any impact on the UK Club Chart Top 40.


UK Best Sellers...

The Top Twenty best selling albums in the UK for the year to date:

Play - Moby
The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem
1 - The Beatles
Sing When You're Winning - Robbie Williams
Born To Do It - Craig David
The Man Who - Travis
Reload - Tom Jones
The Greatest Hits - Whitney Houston

White Ladder - David Gray
Coast To Coast - Westlife

Parachutes - Coldplay
Rise - Gabrielle
Ronan - Ronan Keating
Supernatural - Santana
The Greatest Hits - Texas

In Blue - The Corrs
Come On Over - Shania Twain
Music - Madonna

Oops I Did It Again - Britney Spears
Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants - Oasis

The albums listed in the Top 5 have all sold over one million copies and this week's music week states that they expect the following five albums to hit the million mark before the year is out: Whitney Houston, Westlife, Texas, Coldplay and Ronan Keating.

All albums in the UK top 40 saw an increase in sales over last week (except Martine McCutcheon's 'Wishing' which drops to No.37).


Centre Of The Storm...

These are the photos of Whitney Houston in the Bahamas this weekend that have sent the UK media into a mild frenzy.  Clearly the pictures show a woman who is mid-performance of some kind, hence the mic.  The fact that the photos were taken in the Bahamas mean that it was likely very warm and Whitney is known to perspire during performances regardless.

The photos are open to interpretation on either end of the scale.  Unfortunately, the tabloids have made a story out of something Whitney has talked about before the events of this year.  Their interpretation appears flawed.


Heartbreak Hotel...

The UK release of 'Heartbreak Hotel' appears to have been put back as reported in yesterday's Newsfile.  Further details as and when they become available.


Charts Around The World...

(Lista Top 40) Whitney The Greatest Hits - No. 30 (32) - 26 weeks on chart

(Top 30 Albums) Whitney The Greatest Hits - No. 22 (26) - 29 weeks on chart

(Top 20 Airplay) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 13 (9) - 15 weeks on chart

Netherlands (Holland):
(Mega Top 100) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 31 (31) - 14 weeks on chart
(Top 10 Airplay) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 3 (3) - 15 weeks on chart

(Top 60 Singles) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 25 (23) - 13 weeks on chart

(Top 50 R&B Albums) Whitney The Greatest Hits - No. 27 (27) - 29 weeks on chart
(Top 50 Singles) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 49 (45) - 24 weeks on chart

(Top 20 Singles) Could I Have This Kiss Forever - No. 1 (1) - 14 weeks on chart

[Thanks Gogi]



Mail On Sunday...


Whitney Houston graces the cover of the Mail On Sunday, a UK Sunday newspaper as well as it's supplementary magazine, Night & Day with the inclusion of a free Greatest Hits preview CD.

The tracklisting for the CD is as follows:

1 Heartbreak Hotel CD ROM Video (4:11)
2 My Love Is Your Love (Wyclef Remix) Audio Track (4:25)
3 I Learned From The Best CD ROM Video (4:30)
4 Greatest Megamix Audio Track (14:13)
5 Th Whitney Houston Greatest Hits CD Commercial CD ROM Video (0:30)

The CD is being promoted by Arista Records, Mail On Sunday and Zoom (who provide internet access software as well as a 'Zoom Guide To Shopping Online' all on CD ROM).

You Can Read The Complete Night & Day Article Here.

The newspaper was sold out in most locations by mid-day and no further copies of the CD are available.  Mail On Sunday has a regular circulation of two million copies.

UK Chart Update...

Top 75 Album Chart - Down to No.15 (from No.13) - 30 weeks on chart - 4x PLATINUM

Club Chart - Up to No.17 (from No.25) - 2 weeks on chart
Dance/Urban Top 20 - Down to No.40 (from No.27)
Dance/Pop Top 20 - New Entry at No.9

No Heartbreak Hotel Tomorrow?...

Radio One failed to list 'Heartbreak Hotel' as a new release for tomorrow in their round-up of new releases for the week.  The Pepsi Chart also did not mention the single.

UK Whitney fan Mike M phoned a couple of HMV stores who said the single is now being released on 18 December 2000.

[Thanks Mike]

Radio & Records...

Chart for 8 December 2000:

Urban AC
Fine - down to No.27 (from No.23)

[Thanks Jeffrey]

German Chart Update...

The German Charts for 11 December 2000:

Could I Have This Kiss Forever - down to No.30 (from No.21)  - 13 weeks on the charts

The Greatest Hits - down to No.95 (from No.81) - 29 weeks on the charts

German Radio Charts...

Could I Have This Kiss Forever - Whitney Houston and Enrique Iglesias
Down to No.10 (from No.7)

FFN Radio Superhit Countdown - Listener's Charts
Could I Have This Kiss Forever - Whitney Houston and Enrique Iglesias
Down to No.27 (from No.12)

[Thanks Sabine]

Austria & Switzerland...

Could I Have This Kiss Forever - Whitney Houston and Enrique Iglesias
Down to No.21 (from No.16) - 13 weeks on the charts

Could I Have This Kiss Forever - Whitney Houston and Enrique Iglesias
Remains at No.4

[Thanks Sabine]


Sunday, the new group managed by Whitney Houston & Robyn Crawford have their own section on the Capital Records Website.  You can see their new video for 'I Know' as well as read their official bio on how the girls got together with Whitney & Robyn.  It also details a bio of each of the girls and they talk about their musical influences.  Whitney is mentioned several times throughout.

Sunday's self titled debut album is due out in Spring 2001.

[Thanks Sabine]

New Musical Express...

[The NME Review of Heartbreak Hotel]

Whitney Houston : Heartbreak Hotel

This track, taken from Houston's multi-award-winning, multi-million-selling 'My Love Is Your Love' album has already struck gold in the States, where it was released over a year ago. Although the appeal of this oddly-paced mid-tempo relies heavily on the 'girls united in rejection' ethos, it works because the guest vocalists appearing with Houston - Faith Evans and Kelly Price - are two enormously talented singers who have carved out careers specialising in soulful balladry. Their respective abilities to wring emotion out of the written word means that anything they sing is seen as sincere. They are, it is presumed, R&B narrators of the heart.

But the risk of having three individually successful singers collaborate on one track is that the song could drown in the weight of competitive vocal acrobatics. But Houston, Evans and Price are secure in their gifts (Price started out as a backing singer for Mariah Carey while Evans, who was married to The Notorious B.I.G., was the first female artist signed to Puff Daddy's Bad Boy label).

Confident without being cocky, emotive without being melodramatic, they've made a tidy meal of this track which does nothing for Houston's increasingly derided image, but reminds you why she had an image in the first place.


Jacqueline Springer

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Whitney In The Bahamas...

Bahamas' Legendary Ocean Club Resort Celebrates Rebirth With Celebrity-Studded Gala on December 9

Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Natasha Richardson, Stevie Wonder, Diana Krall,
Michael Jordan, Ray Liotta and Gloria & Emilio Estefan Among Those Joining in Concert and Party Marking the Reopening of Paradise Island Resort

PARADISE ISLAND, The Bahamas, Dec. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The legendary Paradise
Island hideaway, The Ocean Club, celebrated its spectacular rebirth in true style last
night with a rocking, celebrity-studded party. Part of a gala weekend celebration hosted by Sun International Chairman and CEO Sol Kerzner and attended by a host of celebrities and personalities, the event was topped off by an impromptu concert which united some of the biggest names in music.

Set in the magical "Versailles" gardens of the 108-room luxury resort, the elegant party featured a standing-ovation performance by jazz great Diana Krall, after which musical star after star took the stage to perform. Among the greats who wowed the enthusiastic crowd with their spirited "jam session" were Whitney Houston and husband Bobby Brown, Stevie Wonder, Jose Feliciano, Bebe and Marvin Winans, Gloria & Emilio Estefan, and eight-year-old singer Vachelle Gil.

The artists joined each other on stage to sing together, with Whitney singing "Shoop;" Whitney and Bobby singing "My Perogative" and "Something in Common;" Stevie and Jose singing "Light My Fire;" Whitney, Bebe and Bobby singing "I'll Take You There;" Stevie singing "Don't You Worry About a Thing," and Jose and Gloria closing with "Feliz Navidad," with Emilio accompanying the singers on drums throughout the program.

Rocking in the audience were celebrities and personalities including Natasha Richardson, Ray Liotta, Michael Jordan, Star Jones, Cicely Tyson, Carol Alt, Beverly Johnson, Lee Iacocca, Tommy Mottola, Alan Grubman, Denise Rich and Sandy and Joan Weill.

Throughout the weekend, guests feasted on the Caribbean-infused cuisine of world-renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, whose new restaurant, Dune, also debuted this month at the Ocean Club.

After a spectacular $100 million renaissance, The Ocean Club reopens as an expanded, fully restored luxury destination for the most discriminating travelers. While preserving the timeless elegance and superlative service which has made the resort an international jet set hideaway for the past 60 years, the new Ocean Club offers a host of fresh amenities and facilities for a new generation of visitors to this Bahamian paradise. The resort now includes 50 new oceanfront rooms and suites and the property's existing 58 rooms, suites and villas as well as all public areas and grounds were also completely renovated, restored to their original grandeur. A new reception area greets guests with expansive views of the ocean from a dramatic 14-foot terrace. In fall 2001, the full-service Ocean Club Spa by Mandara will open on the property, featuring a variety of rejuvenating treatments.

The brand new championship 18-hole Ocean Club Golf Course, designed by Tom Weiskopf, also debuted this weekend, hosting the Office Depot Father/Son Challenge, a tournament which airs throughout the weekend on NBC-TV and attracted such golf greats as Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino and Gary Player -- all of whom competed alongside their sons.

The Ocean Club features butler service to accommodate every guest, which includes
packing and unpacking, dinner and activity reservations, personal wake-up calls, daily fruit bowl delivery and in-room afternoon tea, champagne, and strawberry services. To truly meet the needs of today's world-class traveler, Crescent Wing guestrooms also feature the latest in cutting-edge technology, including internet access, a portable telephone, DVD and CD player, and DMX music.

The Ocean Club's restoration has been carefully designed to preserve the resort's classic plantation look and fabled history. Since its inception over 60 years ago, the property has been an exclusive refuge for Hollywood, royals, and heads of state who treasure its privacy, elegance and unparalleled service. Sun International purchased the Ocean Club and the surrounding property in 1994. For more information and reservations, visit the resort's new website, www.OceanClub.com or call the Ocean Club at 800-321-3000.

SOURCE Sun International Hotels Limited

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Confirmed: Heartbreak Hotel For Free...

The Mail On Sunday, a UK national Sunday newspaper, today confirmed that they would give away approximately two million copies of a specially pressed 'Heartbreak Hotel' CD single this weekend. 

The CD is being packaged with the newspaper itself and contains two audio tracks and two videos for use on a multimedia PC.  The tracklisting has not been confirmed although the buzz confirms 'Heartbreak Hotel' as being the focal song on the CD. 

The Mail On Sunday also confirmed they will advertise this exclusive offer over the  weekend.

This is the second time BMG have struck a deal with a leading UK Sunday newspaper.  On 14 May 2000, the Eurythmics single, 'Peace Is Just A Word' was distributed with The Sunday Times with over a million copies of the song given away.  That CD contained three songs, a video interview about the band's latest album, 'Peace', three live video performances and a video interview with Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart.  The commercial single for 'Peace Is Just A Word' was due for release the following day but did not appear and was subsequently never issued following the promotion.  The Sunday Times featured an interview [in print] with the band and discount vouchers to buy the Eurythmics Greatest Hits album at discount pricing - it propelled the album back up the chart and edged it closer to 2 million copies sold.   The album 'Peace' returned to the Top 75 on the back of the promotional give-away.

The campaign behind the Eurythmics offer was backed with a £1 million spend (US$1.6m) and BMG/19 Management justified the apparent act of self-sabotage by stating that that  the purpose of a single is to promote an album and that this was the best way to reach the 'ardent Eurythmics fans from the eighties' that may no longer buy singles or visit record stores.

Judging from the eleventh-hour cancellation of the Eurythmics single in favour of this mass give-away, the commercial single for 'Heartbreak Hotel' seems increasingly unlikely.

'Heartbreak Hotel' is featured on 'My Love Is Your Love' and 'Whitney The Greatest Hits' and is therefore already in close to two million homes within the UK.  If this promotional single reaches more than 1.6 million homes, it will be the most widely owned Whitney Houston single in the UK, topping 'I Will Always Love You'.

Billboard End Of Year Highlights...

This is how Whitney Houston faired in the 2000 Billboard End Of Year charts:

Billboard 200
No.81 - Whitney The Greatest Hits

Hot100 Singles
No.47 - My Love Is Your Love

Hot Dance/Club Play Singles
No.3 - I Learned From The Best

You can see Billboard's Preview of the final charts here.

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More World Power Support...

Retired Yeltsin prefers Celine Dion to spotlight

By Peter Graff

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Retired Russian President Boris Yeltsin now prefers screening Celine Dion and George Michael concerts on DVD to the rough-and-tumble of public life but is not shy to give frank advice to his hand-picked successor.

In a candid interview with a popular tabloid published on Friday, Yeltsin had harsh words for Vladimir Putin's move to reinstate the Soviet Union's national anthem and also criticized his handling of the Kursk submarine disaster.

But he was still proud of Putin and had no regrets in stepping down last New Year's Eve in favor of the ex-KGB spy.

Since his abrupt resignation, Yeltsin has mostly avoided the public eye, still living in the official country house near Moscow where he spent much of his last years in power, when ill health often kept him away from his Kremlin office.

"Everyone who retires ... has to make this choice -- to remain in public life, travel a lot, give lectures, continue to work actively in general, or devote your time to your dear loved ones," he told Komsomolskaya Pravda.

"I picked the second option. It best suits my soul."

In his spare time he watches sport on satellite television -- he loves tennis especially -- and said he was so agitated during the Olympics in September that he worried his doctors.

He has also discovered a new-found passion for music.

"I love classical and contemporary music. Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Rakhmaninov, Shostakovich," he said. "I watch concerts of Western performers on DVD: Sting, George Michael, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, there are too many to list."

His daughter, Tatyana Dyachenko, a top Kremlin adviser during his presidency, picks out his disks for him, he said.

As for other technological innovations, grandson Boris once tried to help Yeltsin log on to the Internet, but the screen bothered his eyes too much.   "It would be interesting to find out what the political sites look like," the ex-president said.


Yeltsin said he still meets Putin once or twice a month, the new president dropping by Yeltsin's cottage on his way to work.

He said he told Putin he had made a mistake by keeping a low profile when the nuclear-powered submarine Kursk sank in August, killing all 118 crew, rather than "going straight before the nation with words of explanation, sympathy. In dramatic situations, people expect from the head of state not technical advice and directions but human compassion."

The former president's trademark bluntness also showed through in his criticism of Putin's decision to ask parliament to reinstate music selected by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, which Yeltsin scrapped in 1991, as Russia's national anthem.

"All I associate with that anthem are party congresses, party conferences, where the power of party bureaucrats was strengthened and confirmed," Yeltsin said. Parliament voted to restore the old tune Friday over liberal members' protests.

With the issue in the news, the newspaper had released Yeltsin's remarks on the anthem early, causing a stir. But in the full interview Yeltsin made clear he was proud of Putin.

"I give him (advice) because I think a new president must periodically listen to the opinion of his predecessor. But I know Putin will always act on his own. That is precisely the quality of Vladimir Vladimirovich -- his independence and self-sufficiency -- that drove me to decide in his favor.   "My expectations have been fully born out. Although I tell Putin straight off about his mistakes, the main thing is that he has lived up to people's hopes."

As for his own early retirement, he has no regrets. "The choice was correct. A graceful and timely exit -- this is as much an art in politics as, say, going into politics in the first place."

[Thanks Lopez]



The Mail On Sunday...

Details are not confirmed as yet but it seems that a special 'Heartbreak Hotel' CD is to be packaged with every copy of The Mail On Sunday in the UK this coming weekend.

The CD is reported to contain 27 minutes of music including video clips.

The Mail On Sunday is a mid-market Sunday paper with a circulation of 2 million and a readership of 6 million.

UK People: Investigate!

If this story can be confirmed, it means that Heartbreak Hotel will hit 2 million homes in the UK the day before it's UK commercial release.

[Thanks Dorothy]

Billboard Charts...

The Billboard update for the week ending 16 December 2000:

Billboard 200 - Re-Entry at No.198 - with bullet - 28 weeks on chart - DOUBLE PLATINUM

Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums - Re-Entry at No.94 - with bullet - 24 weeks on chart;

Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles - Down to No.100 (from No.92) - 14 weeks on chart.

[Thanks Jim R.]

UK Airplay...

'Heartbreak Hotel' is C listed on Radio One for a third week.  The song has also been added to the C list for Radio Two.

Please continue to vote for 'Heartbreak Hotel' in Radio One's Most Wanted Section.

UK Club Chart...

'Heartbreak Hotel' debuted on the UK Club Chart Top 40 at No.25 for the week ending 9 December 2000.  The track is credited alongside the Greatest Hits Megamix.


Triple Platinum Europe...

'Whitney The Greatest Hits' has been certified for European shipment of 3 million copies (triple platinum) by the IFPI.

[Thanks Greg]

German Gold...

The Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias duet, 'Could I Have This Kiss Forever' has been certified Gold in Germany representing sales of 250,000 copies.

The single debuted at No.13 on the German Media Control single charts in it's first week and managed to stay in the Top 20 for eleven weeks since it's release on September 4.

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'Could I Have This Kiss Forever' continues to perform well in France as it holds at No.16 for a second week.  The song has now charted for 10 weeks.

'Whitney The Greatest Hits' is up to No.11 on the French Compilation Album Chart.

[Thanks Sebastien]

BMG Music Club...

Whitney Houston is featured on the cover and inside cover of the new BMG Music Club magazine in the US.

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Benefit Performance...

[Associated Press Report]

Hip-hop recording artist Wyclef Jean, embraces his high school music teacher and mentor Valerie Price after announcing he will headline a Jan. 19 Carneige Hall benefit concert with guests Eric Clapton, Whitney Houston, Destiny's Child, Charlotte Church, Third World and Jean's own "Clef's Kids." The concert will benefit the Wyclef Jean Foundation, which donates musical therapy, instruments and lessons to children.

[Thanks MG]


[From Billboard Online]

Clapton, Houston, Destiny's Child Top Wyclef Benefit Bill

Eric Clapton, Whitney Houston, and current Billboard Hot 100 chart toppers Destiny's
Child will join Wyclef Jean at a Jan. 19 benefit concert at New York's Carnegie Hall,
the rapper/producer announced today (Dec. 5) in New York. The event, which is
billed as a celebration of American music, will also include performances by Charlotte
Church, reggae artists Third World, and Clef's Kids, a performing arts group for 13-16
year-olds founded by the Wyclef Jean Foundation.

"I was looking for artists that have an eclectic vibe," Jean said, adding that more
artists will be confirmed as the event draws near. Jean also noted that he and
Clapton are planning to perform a new song he has written specifically for the event.

The event, which will include music from the 1930s to the present, will raise money
for the Wyclef Jean Foundation's music education efforts.

UK Sales...

Sales of 'Whitney The Greatest Hits' in the UK stood at 707,000 as of two weeks ago.  Since then, the album has scanned approximately 100,000 copies to take it's total sales in excess of 800,000 units.   The album is on target to hit one million copies before the end of the year.

[Thanks Max]



UK Chart Update...

Top 75 Album Chart - Down to No.13 (from No.9) - 29 weeks on chart - TRIPLE PLATINUM

German Chart Update...

Could I Have This Kiss Forever - Down to No.21 (from No.18) - 12 weeks on the charts 

The Greatest Hits - Up to No.81 (from No.87) - 28 weeks on the charts

German Radio Charts...

Could I Have This Kiss Forever -  Up to No.7 (from No.8)

FFN Radio Superhit Countdown - Listener's Charts
Could I Have This Kiss Forever - Up to No.12 (from No.16)

[Thanks Sabine]

Charts Around The World...

Could I Have This Kiss Forever - Remains at No.4

SINGAPORE Power 98 FM Airplay Charts
Could I Have This Kiss Forever - Down to No.32 (from No.29)

[Thanks Sabine]

Dutch Chart Update...

'Could I Have This Kiss Forever' is down 10 places to No.29 (from No.19) on the Dutch Top 40.   'Whitney The Greatest Hits' is at No.59 on the Dutch Album Top 100.  Previous weeks: 59-62-49.

[Thanks Deborah]

Radio & Records...

Urban AC
Fine - down to No.23 (from No.20)

[Thanks Jeffrey]

Radio One...

'Heartbreak Hotel' debuts at No.20 on Trevor Nelson's Radio One R&B Chart Countdown this week.

The song is still C listed on Radio One - we can help increase it's profile on this very important radio station by voting for Whitney in Radio One's Most Wanted Section.



Monica & Whitney Keeping It Reel...

Monica, Whitney keep it reel

The Star-Ledger Newark, NJ

R&B THRUSH Monica steps back into the spotlight with MTV's "Love Song" movie
tonight - and intends to stay front and center for awhile. She plans to have her next album
out by March. And she reports that she and Whitney Houston are aiming at spring for the
start of production on "Angel of Mine."

''Whitney keeps reminding me of it," notes Monica of the fanciful "Angel" tale that
would have her playing a gal with an unusual guardian angel -a deceased '70s rock star.
Houston's company is producing the picture for Wonderful World of Disney, a la
Brandy's "Cinderella" of 1997.

''Whitney's not acting in it, but because of our relationship, she wants to be on the
set when we shoot it," says Monica.

The young singer, who deliberately slowed down the frantic pace of her professional
life a while back - "I didn't want to become a machine" - is now rarin' to capture fans'
attention anew. She tells us she and record producer Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs have recorded the theme song for Chris Rock's 2001-release big-screen comedy, "Down to Earth." "The song is 'Never Let Go.' It comes out next month, and we're going to do a video and stuff."

Tonight will see "Love Song" ushered onto the air with a pre-movie red carpet premiere
party special. Monica lets us know that "Love Song" was originally written for her to
make with N'Sync's Jus tin Timberlake - which she would have loved, she says. "But due to his scheduling difficulties, he couldn't do it. Christian Kane from 'Angel' handled the role
instead, and he really brought it out."

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Save The Music...

VH1.com Presents the 'VH1 Save The Music Holiday Auction' At Amazon.com Starting December 1st

12/01/2000 PR Newswire

Featuring Over 120 Items From Music's Most Popular Artists Including Madonna, 'NSync, Led Zeppelin, Janet Jackson and More.

VH1 to Air the 'Rock Collectors: Save The Music Holiday Auction' Special December 11th at 7:30 pm (ET/PT)  NEW YORK, Dec. 1 /PRNewswire/ --

VH1.com, in conjunction with Amazon.com, the No. 1 online music store, presents the 'VH1 Save The Music Holiday Auction' beginning today. The online auction will include over 120 items from some of today's most acclaimed artists, including Madonna, Shania Twain, Aerosmith, 'NSync, Janet Jackson, Enrique Iglesias, Dixie Chicks, Sting, and more. VH1 proceeds from the auction will go to the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of music education in America's public schools.

Some of the items up for bid in the 'VH1 Save The Music Holiday Auction' include:

* Madonna's Pink Cowboy Hat featured as artwork on her latest album, "Music" and signed by the Material Girl herself!

* Shania Twain's Dress from her "This Moment On" video and autographed pants & top from Shania's 1999 "Come On Over" tour!
* The Goo Goo Dolls' original signed Lyrics and Guitar from their hit "Broadway."
* KISS Drum Set played by the late Eric Carr of legendary hard rock act KISS.
* Play Golf with rocker Alice Cooper with a new set of Callaway golf clubs in Phoenix, AZ.
* Hand written letter from Country Music legend Patsy Cline to her friend Treva Steinbicker on Valentine's Day, 1958 before her tragic death five years later.
* Glam Rocker Lita Ford's Wedding Dress featuring seven black lace pieces including a zip-up jacket top, petticoat, long skirt, veil, two garter belts and a plastic flower bouquet.
* Whitney Houston's Award from BMG France for sales of her multi-platinum album titled "Whitney."
* Electric Guitar signed by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin who was recently named #1 on VH1's list of "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock."
* 'NSync Cymbal signed by heartthrobs Justin, JC, Joey, Chris and Lance at the Jacksonville Memorial Coliseum on March 3, 1999.

Potential bidders can preview these items and others by visiting VH1.com (www.vh1.com) and watching "Rock Collectors: VH1 Save The Music Holiday Auction" special on VH1 starting Monday, December 11th at 7:30 pm (ET/PT). All items will be up for bid at Amazon.com's Music Store (www.amazon.com/music) starting Friday, December 1st and ending on Monday, December 18th.

It is the goal of the VH1 Save The Music Foundation to restore music education programs in cities across America and raise awareness of the importance of music participation for our nation's youth. Since VH1 Save The Music was created in 1997, more than $10 million worth of musical instruments has been donated to 530 public schools in 40 cities, improving the lives of more than 200,000 children. The ten-year goal is to bring music participation to at least one million kids.

[Thanks MG]


More On Paul Robeson...

Robeson tribute a serious good time

The Star-Ledger Newark, NJ

Tuesday night's Paul Robeson tribute at NJPAC in Newark had a dual purpose: to
educate and to entertain. It lost its focus at times, but ultimately did deliver on both
promises. A unique event, it offered both state-of-the-art show biz and solemn lectures. Actors Ossie Davis and Avery Brooks read Robeson's inspirational words.

Paul Robeson Jr. discussed his father's legacy, and Robeson himself made a dazzling appearance via film, singing Ol Man River in his deep, resonant voice, every note conveying a sense of steely determination. There was some discussion of his achievements. Host actress Lynn Whitfield got caught up in the grandeur of the evening when she declared that as an actor, he was equal to Denzel Washington. As an athlete he was in the class of Michael Jordan.  As a singer, he was as popular as Pavarotti. And as an activist, he was in the league of Martin Luther King Jr.

The event, which was taped for broadcast in March on PBS, was primarily an all-star concert, and most of the performers, in their brief moments on stage, rose to the occasion. The evening's most famous participant, Whitney Houston, wasn't at her best, but didn't flop either. First she treated the crowd to an all-too-brief a cappella excerpt from the Porgy and Bess classic, I Loves You, Porgy. Then she sang You ll Never Stand Alone, the soaring, Diane Warren-written ballad from her 1998 album, My Love Is Your Love. Her voice was a little shaky, but she conveyed enough heartfelt emotion to sell it. She also reappeared, briefly, to sing backing vocals for her husband, Bobby Brown, during his Vegas-like performance of his 1989 hit, Every Little Step. A glittery curtain, used for his segment only, seemed a bit tacky. Brown s voice was gruff but commanding and, dressed in a long leather skirt and jacket, he showed off some nifty dance steps. But it wasn't clear what this song or his other number a cover of the soul-searching Leon Russell ballad, A Song For You had to do with Robeson.

The Houston clan had a huge presence in this show, which made sense, since Robeson was the godfather of Whitney's father, John Houston. Young dance students at the Whitney E. Houston Academy of Creative and Performing Arts in East Orange demonstrated what they've been learning, directly before Houston's set. Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston, wrote a new, uplifting song called This Day for the occasion; she sang it as the evening's grand finale, with backing from two gospel choirs, the New Hope Gospel Youth Choir and the Marble Collegiate Community Mass Choir.

The Marble Collegiate Community Mass Choir, performing on its own, made one of the biggest impressions of the evening, with its tight teamwork on Jesus is a-Listening. The song concluded with a series of lines that ended abruptly, then started again just as suddenly; no one missed a beat. Melba Moore offered a stirring, theatrical version of Ballad For Americans. Angela Bofill sang God Bless the Child with larger-than-life passion, but didn't know when to stop, and ended up seeming a bit overwrought. Sam Harris suffered from the same problem on a dramatic, crowd-pleasing version of Simon & Garfunkel s Bridge Over Troubled Water. Again, the relevance of this song to Robeson's life never became clear. Other performers in the marathon (31/2-hour) show included representatives from the worlds of jazz (Branford Marsalis, Eddie Palmieri), classical music (Denyce Graves) and dance (the Dance Theatre of Harlem). The Duke Ellington Orchestra served as a kind of house band, ably backing many of the performers, and also opened the show with a swinging version of Elllington s Take the A Train.

A 3-D fantasy film a fictional visit by Robeson to Harlem's Cotton Club (where he ended up singing Danny Boy, with Ellington accompanying him on piano) was clever but silly. Some of the shots of a champagne bottle's cork hurtling toward the camera, for instance, and the Robeson character raising a glass in the same direction were there only because they looked cool in 3-D. It s hard to imagine an artist who radiated as much dignity as Robeson looking kindly on something so gimmicky.

Proceeds from the show, whose tickets ranged from $75 to $1,000, will support efforts by the New York-based Paul Robeson Foundation to educate people about Robeson s life, and aid inner-city students at Rutgers University, which counts Robeson among its most famous alumni.

Branford Marsalis performs at the Paul Robeson tribute at the New Jersey Performing
Arts Center.

[Thanks MG]


MTV: Paul Robeson...

Whitney, Bobby Sing At Robeson Tribute

NEWARK, New Jersey — A Houston family reunion highlighted the nearly four-hour "Paul
Robeson: Voice for the Millennium'' concert Tuesday night at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Whitney Houston, her husband Bobby Brown and her mother, Cissy Houston, all performed in the show, which paid tribute to the Princeton, New Jersey-born Robeson and raised funds for Robeson-inspired charities.

The younger, Newark-born Houston, wearing a form-fitting, olive-green evening dress with a
matching, dyed fox stole, complete with face and tail, sang an a cappella snippet of "I Loves You, Porgy'' before delivering a moving rendition of "You'll Never Stand Alone.''

Her father, John Houston, was Robeson's godson.

"As I was growing up [my grandmother] told me of this wonderful, wonderful man, who could do anything, anything, from sports to academics to singing,'' Houston said from the stage. "I didn't believe at that time that a black man could ever, ever do that, and I understand that why I stand here today is because of Paul Robeson.''

Much of the evening's excitement centered on her. The concert, attended by approximately 1,800, was one of the singer's few public appearances since a marijuana possession charge against her in Hawaii was resolved earlier this month.

Houston later sang backup for Brown as he performed his hit "Every Little Step.'' Brown wore a leather jacket and leather skirt.

"I'm a little crazy with my skirt!'' Brown said, as the audience cheered.

Cissy Houston closed the show with soaring rendition of a gospel song called "This Day,'' written especially for the occasion. She was backed by two gospel choirs.

Along with the Houstons and Brown, singers Angela Bofill, Denyce Graves, Sam Harris and Melba Moore, actors Avery Brooks, Ossie Davis, James Earl Jones and Lynn Whitfield, the Dance Theater of Harlem, jazz saxophonist Branford Marsalis, salsa pianist Eddie Palmieri, the Duke Ellington Orchestra, the Marble Collegiate Community Mass Choir and Paul Robeson Jr. participated in the multimedia event, which was taped for a March airing on PBS.

Other highlights included Bofill's torchy version of "God Bless the Child.'' Bofill wore a gray dress with a black top, and she sashayed toward the front of the stage as the Duke Ellington Orchestra played behind her.

"[Robeson] opened doors for all of us as entertainers and black entertainers, especially,''
Bofill said backstage after her performance. "He broke down a lot of boundaries.''

The Marble Collegiate Community Mass Choir thrilled the audience with its vocal control on "Jesus Is A-Listening,'' and Davis and Jones read passages from Robeson's speeches. Brooks, who has long been associated with Robeson, acted in a filmed montage of one of Robeson's stage triumphs, "Othello.'' The audience donned special glasses for a 3-D movie, "A Harlem Fantasy.''

Before the show, the Paul Robeson Humanitarian Awards dinner was held across the street from the arts center at the Robert Treat Hotel. Honorees included LaFace Records co-founder and new Arista Records chief executive L.A. Reid.

"Paul Robeson felt that art was a solvent to racism, and I think his life's work is exemplified in today's entertainment business,'' Reid said, after receiving his award. "You have artists like Eminem, who top the urban charts, and artists like Jay-Z, who top the
popular charts. So the lines of racism have been blurred largely due to the life work of Paul Robeson. It encourages me every day.''

At the dinner, Reid, who said he's just moved to New York, said he and Arista donated $25,000 to the New York-based Paul Robeson Foundation.

Robeson (1898-1976) was an athlete, scholar, singer, actor and humanitarian, whose activism on behalf of civil rights, anti-colonialism and the Soviet Union drew controversy in his lifetime.

Proceeds from the concert, for which tickets ranged from $75 to $1,000, will benefit inner-city students of Rutgers University in Newark and the Paul Robeson Foundation Educational Mission, which teaches people about Robeson's life.






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