1999 NAACP Image Awards...

Whitney Houston has five nominations for the 1999 NAACP Image Awards:

NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Album for My Love Is Your Love
NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Duo/Group for "When You Believe" (with Mariah Carey)
NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Female Artist for My Love Is Your Love
NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Performance in a Variety Series/Special for When You Believe: Music Inspired By The Prince Of Egypt
NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Video for "When You Believe" (with Mariah Carey)

[Thanks Dean]


Billboard Update...

Whitney's "My Love Is Your Love" album increases it's sales to a new high - 166,000 units. The album slips one place to No.26 in the Billboard 200, but recaptures it's bullet.

On the Hot R&B Albums chart, "My Love Is Your Love" holds at No.13, again it is bulleted.

"When You Believe" is up to No.4 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

On the Billbaord Hot Dance Music Club Play, "It's Not Right But It's Okay" is up to No.7.

Further information on the whereabouts of "When You Believe (Prince Of Egypt)" on the charts as well as "Heartbreak Hotel" will be posted as soon as I get it - Manish.

[Thanks Dean/Anderz]


Down In The Delta Comment...
[Had to do it - this is a bit of blurb posted on the Bulletin Board by Blackatlantic about Whitney's performance on the Sunday contribution to the 'Down In The Delta' soundtrack]

Whitney Houston makes a surprise vocal appearance on the "Down in the Delta" soundtrack. The golden-voiced diva provides the bridge vocal on "Believe in Love," the opening track sung by Sunday. You will recall that Sunday is the new R&B girl group on Whitney's label. The group has benefited tremendously from Whitney's vocal tutelage. Although the song--a lumbering ballad produced by Rodney Jerkins--is beneath the considerable talents of these singers, the group nonetheless displays incredible potential. The two singers featured on the song are vocally reminiscent of Lauryn Hill and the underappreciated CoCo of SWV. As Whitney herself has remarked, the women have two very distinctive, fresh voices that blend beautifully.

The real excitement on the cut, however, is provided by Ms. Houston herself. She brings the song to a spine-tingling climax on the bridge, which finds her unleashing her towering vocals to dazzling effect. Although the bridge is no more than 35 seconds, it provides ample room for Whitney's voice to soar. She scales the octave heights, bends notes with bravura control, adds her signature coloratura embellishments, and sings with bracing power, clarity, and grace. For those who revel in the vocal drama "I Will Always Love You" or "I Have Nothing," her performance here will more than satisfy.

Whitney continues to amaze me--she could probably transform the phone book into a vocal masterpiece. Check her out on "Down in the Delta." But don't stray from "My Love Is Your Love" for too long . . .

[Thanks Blackatlantic]


Down In The Delta...

Whitney Houston sings the bridge on "Believe In Love", a song performed by Sunday, the new all-girl group Whitney has signed to her newly formed record label, Better Place Records.
The song is featured on the Down In The Delta soundtrack.

[Thanks Matt/Stephane]
Music Boulevard...
[This is the Music Boulevard Online review of "When You Believe" by Allison Stewart]

"When You Believe", the much-vaunted Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey duet, may not be worth much as an actual song, but listening to Houston and Carey straining to outdiva each other is one of the most unintentionally campy hoots this side of 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.' Suffice to say that Houston, twice the singer Carey is and infinitely more disciplined, wins handily."

[Thanks Blackatlantic]


Sri Lanka...

"My Love Is Your Love" is the No.1 album in Sri Lanka.

[Thanks Rohita]


European Update...

"When You Believe" slips from No.2 to No.3 in the latest European chart - a slip due to the 4-14 slide in the UK chart.

On MTV's European countdown, "When You Believe" is now the No.1 video.

Here's how the album is fairing in some European territories:
Sweden 33
France 18
Norway 12
Italy 8
Switerland 9
Taiwan 2
Internet worldcharts 20 (www.worldcharts.com)

"When You Believe" continues to defy the US reaction to the song in Europe & around the world:
European top 10 singles chart 3 (2)
MTV Asia top 20: 1 (2)
Holland 6 (10)
France 5 (8)
Norway 3 (3)
Sweden 4 (4)
Switzerland 3 (6)
Spain 3 (3)
Italy 15
Australia 13 (23)
Internet worldchart 2 (3)
Tophits online 7 (16) (www.tophitsonline.com)

[Thanks Brad/Anderz]


Billboard Sales...

"My Love Is Your Love" sold 133,076 copies last week, up from 107,000 the previous week. The album is unbulleted because it's sales gain is not 10% up on the market average.

Any other time of the year, the sales registed in these first five weeks would have meant Whitney would have been in the top five in each of those weeks. With this latest week's sales, the album registered higher sales than that of some of this year's No.1 albums - Manish.

[Thanks Brad/Anderz]



"When You Believe" moves up ten places this week to No.13 on the Australian chart after a slow start which saw the song drop initially.

The album continues to gain ground moving up four to No.48.

[Thanks Brad]


Madonna Mailing List...
[This is an article copied to the Bulletin Board taken from the MAdonna Mailing List]

Finally, Whitney Houston plops a second single on the Hot 100, as "Heartbreak Hotel," her collaboration with Faith Evans and Kelly Price, debuts at #84* this week. Its Hot 100 Airplay debut is #70*. This marks Whitney's 28th Hot 100 hit; her 27th, the Mariah duet "When You Believe," drops to #56 after peaking at #51.
Whitney's last Top 40 single was "Step By Step," which peaked at #15 in early 1997; chances are good that "Heartbreak Hotel" will follow in its footsteps. The track moves to #19* on Hot R&B Airplay. The single is listed as an airplay-only track, meaning there currently are no plans for a commercial single. Whitney is beginning to enjoy multiformat, multitrack exposure with her "My Love" project, however, as "It's Not Right But It's Okay" bullets to #50* on Hot R&B Airplay and debuts on Hot Dance/Club Play at #30* (a promo has been serviced).

[Thanks Anderz]


Bulletin Board Back On...

At last - the Bulletin Board is back up and running after a systems crash at the host site which left the board down for over three days.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


When You Believe - UK Update...

"When You Believe (From 'The Prince Of Egypt')" slips to No.17 in this week's chart in the UK. The song has moved 4-14-17 since it's release and should be certified silver shortly, representing sales in excess of 200,000 copies.

Radio is developing the song - last week, it moved 50-32 on the UK airplay chart, increasing it's audience by 59% (to 20.96 million audience impressions).


Bulletin Board...

THe Bulletin Board is currently experiencing a few difficulties - It's been down since Christmas Eve and I don't know when it'll be fully functional again - hopefully just a couple of days.

I noticed that a few messages have also been deleted in the process - The only messages I have deleted as those which are anonymous.

Apologies to everyone for the inconvenience. Further updates will be on this Newsfile.


Billboard Update...

"My Love Is Your Love" slips from last week's No.23 to No.25 on the Billboard 200.

"When You Believe" remains outside the top 50 of the Hot100 as does "Heartbreak Hotel" (which is only on it's second week on the chart).

The R&B singles chart has been reformatted and I have it on good word that both "Heartbreak Hotel" and "It's Not Right But It's Okay" have debuted.



"My Love Is Your Love" has Taiwan convinced; the album spends it's third week at No.1 this week after debuting at No.2 four weeks back.

[Thanks Chris]


Australian Update...

"My Love Is Your Love" shoots up to No.52 on the Australian album chart following the airing of Whitney's Oprah appearance.

[Thanks Scott]


AMA '99...

Whitney is scheduled to appear on the 1999 American Music Awards show on 11 January 1999, just before her 16 January appearance on Saturday Night Live.

[Thanks Blackatlantic]



"My Love Is Your Love" has been certified Platinum in the US. The album is Gold in the UK (100,000 units).

[Thanks Blackatlantic]



Whitney is expected to appear on the Jay Leno Show on NBC on December 23. She will perform and join Leno on the couch for a chat.

[Thanks Blackatlantic]



Whitney was recently interviewed by New York's Hot97 radio station - here's a synopsis of the interview from Blackatlantic:

1)Whitney spoke briefly about her collaborators on the new album.

2)At the interviewer's prodding, she gave her standard spiel about her problems with the media and false reports about her personal life. After which, the announcer played, the Missy Elliot cut, "In My Business."

3) She explained that she avoided the entertainment party circuit for the most part, and that she didn't consider herself much of a socialite. She added that she prefers not to be the "center of attention," which is why she often avoids the party circuit. Instead, she said, she did most of her partying with family at home. She will be hosting the Christmas festivities for her family this year.

4) She also confessed that she doesn't enjoy interviews. Not surprising. In her own words, "I'm not much of a talker; I'm a singer."

5) Curiously, Whitney couldn't remember exactly how many Grammy awards she had won. The interviewer rattled off an impressive list of Whitney's awards, with one inaccuracy--the number of Grammys. The announcer asked where Whitney keeps the awards and whether she takes a look at them when she is feeling down. Whitney responded that she keeps the awards in a display case in her basement and that she looks at them very rarely and only when she is happy.

6) When asked whether she feels disappointment when she doesn't win an award for which she has been nominated, Whitney said no. She took a rather philosophical approach, explaining that every star has his or her moment in the spotlight.

The interview offered almost no surprises or new insights. It was refreshing, however, to hear that Whitney isn't terribly preoccupied with awards. Although this may have been a bit of public relations, I have to say I believed her. After all, she couldn't even remember how many Grammy awards she had won.

In general, Whitney seemed very relaxed and down-to-earth during the interview. She seemed to be affecting a deliberately streetwise demeanor to appeal to HOT 97's large hip-hop/urban audience. She is truly a study in contrasts.

[Thanks Blackatlantic]


Associated Press...

You Can Read The Associated Press Review Of "My Love Is Your Love" Here.

[Thanks Chip]


Links Update...

I have finally managed to find the time to update my Whitney Houston Links. If you see a bad link, let me know and if you have a Whitney site which I may have omitted, please also let me know and I will arrange to have it included - Manish.


UK Chart Update...

"When You Believe" slips ten places on the UK chart tonight from it's debut No.4 to No.14.


European Chart Update...

[Especially for Anderz...] Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey's "When You Believe" has shot up from No.10 to No.2 on the European Chart.

The undoubted success of the song around Europe is undeniable and with the movie opening worldwide this weekend, it's likely that the song will benefit from the movie's success in the coming weeks.



Here it is - the cover of "Heartbreak Hotel" exclusively revealed by Arista Records.


Heartbreak Hotel - Debut on Hot100 & R&B Singles...

"Heartbreak Hotel" debuts with airplay points alone on next week's Hot100 at No.84. The song also sees a No.70 debut on the Hot R&B Singles chart.

Whitney now has two airplay only singles from "My Love Is Your Love" on the US charts although "Heartbreak Hotel" is expected to see commercial release in the new year.

[Thanks Nuno]


Billboard Update...

Whitney's "My Love Is Your Love" album slip from No.19 to No.23 on next week's Billboard 200. Unconfirmed reports do suggest an increase in sales. On the Hot R&B Albums front, "My Love Is Your Love" slips to No.11 but does register a unit increase.

"When You Believe" remains outside the Top 50 (points come from airplay alone and no commercial single is planned).


Double 'A' US Single...

The next US single from "My Love Is Your Love" is reported to be a Double 'A' side featuring "Heartbreak Hotel" and "When You Believe (From "The Prince Of Egypt)".

[Thanks Marco]


Performance Update...

The Dec. 14 issue of USA Today has a feature on hot selling releases. The article divided current releases into 3 categories: Hot, Lukewarm & Cold. My Love was listed in the Lukewarm category but the following comment was interesting:

"Houston's poor entry can be explained in one word. "Radio," Gorman says. "She's not getting airplay. And she was gone too long. You just can't be gone these days."

"Billboard's Mayfield weighs in: "Never underestimate Whitney or her label (Arista). The belief in the trade is that rushing her new album into release gave them no opportunity to set it up properly. They could have waited till the second single. She appeals to a lot of older customers who don't initially rush out to buy records. They may wait till they're familiar with two or three songs. Could her album come back up? Absolutely."

[Thanks John & Chip]


UK Hot Vinyl...

This review is taken from Music Week's RM Reviews section which focuses Dance/Club releases:


Whitney Houston or Whitney Brown? Whichever name she chooses to use, she has come up with a wonderful single from her wonderful album 'My Love Is Your Love'. The track is produced by Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins, who is renowned for his phat mid-tempo masterpieces. Jerkins characteristically endorses the sweet melodies and keys fused with ruff half-step beats which lay a solid foundation for Whitney's vocals. It's certainly a long haul from her previous tracks such as 'Saving All My Love', proving that she can still come up with contemporary R&B.

The song is graded 4 (out of 5).

13 DECEMBER 1998

Whitney Goes 'Right' Back To Clubland...

This report extracted from Billboard Magazine's Dance Trax:

SOUL FOOD: Like Mariah Carey, Arista's Whitney Houston is conscious of her strong and loyal fan base in the club community. She also knows the power of a good remix. That said, be very prepared for what she and her label have planned.

While "When You Believe", Houston's duet with Carey from the film "The Prince of Egypt" is the first official radio-primed track culled from the singer's album "My Love Is Your Love", the track being serviced to clubs is "It's Not Right But It's Okay".

Remixers Chris Cox and Barry Harris, who prefer to work under the guise of Thunderpuss 2000 - and who made quite a name for themselves with the fab reconstruction of Billie Myers' "Kiss The Rain" - have turned this Rodney Jerkins-produced jam into a peak houser.

By keeping their deft studio wizardry wisely in the background, the Thunderpuss guys give Houston ample room to sing this tale (of a woman showing her man the door). In fact, Houston doesn't simply sing, she soars. For club pundits who find the work of Thunderpuss 2000 not underground enough, there's always the dubby Johnny Vicious version.

Unfortunately, these remixes are only available on a promo-only 12-inch. Of course, those who can get their grubby li'l hands on a copy will be royally rewarded.

13 DECEMBER 1998

More: UK Urban Update...

"My Love Is Your Love" moves from No.21 (debut) to No.6 on Music Week's Urban Chart.

An EP of Club friendly tracks from "My Love Is Your Love" is assisting the progress of this album.

13 DECEMBER 1998

UK Urban Update...

UK trade magazine, Music Week's Urban Chart Commentary says:

Whitney Houston's low key entry into our chart with her album matches a similarly low-key entry into the national album chart. However, expect plenty of singles and mixes to come.

13 DECEMBER 1998

The UK Believes...

Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey's duet "When You Believe" has debuted on the UK chart at No.4. The song is Whitney's highest ever new entry in the UK chart (besting "I'm Every Woman" which debuted at No.5 in 1993. It's also Whitney's first top ten single since "I Have Nothing" (No.3 in 1993). Finally, "When You Believe" marks Whitney's 12th UK top ten hit.

[Welcome Back Whitney! - Manish]

13 DECEMBER 1998


This is what Monica recently said in an interview:

"Clive and I have become extremely close since the making of this album and he had a lot of these songs on hold. As a matter of fact two of them were on hold for Whitney. Since she's been taking a break they fell to me. He has certain people that he's looking out for...myself and Whitney. He's drawn to Next as well (because) he feels that they really bring back good R&B music."

[From EUR - Thanks Sadiq]

13 DECEMBER 1998

Next US Single...

Arista Records have confirmed that "Heartbreak Hotel" is the next single to be released from "My Love Is Your Love" in the US. Expect commercial release in January.

12 DECEMBER 1998

Special Previews...

There are special preview screenings of "The Prince Of Egypt" throughout London on Sunday 13 December 1998.

12 DECEMBER 1998

The Prince Of Egypt Special...

Watch Whitney Houston Co Host "When You Believe": The Prince of Egypt Special and perform a duet with Mariah Carey "When You Believe" (The Prince of Egypt).
Sunday December 13, 1998 WNBC Channel 4 8:00 PM EST.

[Update from Arista]

12 DECEMBER 1998

Chart Update...

Confirmation of a few chart positions:

Hot 100 - "When You Believe", No.53 (No change from last week).
R&B Album Chart, "My Love Is Your Love", No.8 (Up from No.9).
Last Weeks R&B Radio Monitor, "When You Believe", No.40 (Down from No.39)
Last Weeks R&B Radio Monitor, "It's Not Right But It's Okay", No.61 (Up from No.66)
Last Weeks R&B Radio Monitor, "Heartbreak Hotel", No.27 (Up from No.38).
UK Album Chart, "My Love Is Your Love", No.51 (Down from No.36).

[Compiled By Scott H. & Manish]

11 DECEMBER 1998

Paramount UK Tonight...

Whitney Houston will be on tonight (midnight) on the Paramount Channel in the UK - this is the Late Show with David Letterman shown last night in the US.

11 DECEMBER 1998

Whitney On TV - Reminder...

See Whitney Houston perform "My Love Is Your Love" with Wyclef Jean on The Late Show Tonight Thursday, December 10, 1998 WCBS Channel 2 11:30-12:30 PM EST.
As well as: See Whitney perform "My Love is your Love" "Heartbreak Hotel" and "I Learned From The Best" on The Today Show Tomorrow Friday, December 11, 1998 WNBC Channel 4 7:00-9:00 AM EST

[Update from Arista]

10 DECEMBER 1998

Billboard Update...

"My Love Is Your Love" slips one place to No.19 on next week's Billboard 200. The album sold 93,000 in the tracking week.

There is no word yet on where "When You Believe" features on the Hot100 although it remains below the top 50.

10 DECEMBER 1998

More Blues & Soul...

UK Music magazine has reviewed "My Love Is Your Love". You Can Read The Review Here.


Blues & Soul...

This is the Blues & Soul review of "When You Believe":

Admit it. Hearing that Mariah and Whitney were duetting together on a single aroused your curiosity even if the cynics amongst you did already guess that it would be a Christmas release and, further still, the theme tune to an animated soundtrack. Me, I would have preferred Houston and Carey deeming fit to lend their considerable gifts of vocal interpretations to an album of covers, say one from Baduism, three from Gamble & Huff, an old Quincy/Jacko collaboration, a couple of jazz standards and a solo rendition of a classic from each other's discography. Now that would be some Chrissie pressie! All that's left is to judge which vocalist wins the plaudits. I go for Whitney on the grounds that she appears to be holding back throughout whereas, whether-through-nerves-or-not, Mariah tries a bit too hard and to dream of that great X-rated vid that never was and will never beÉthen again, it's a funny ol' game. (Out: Dec 7th) (Rating: 6)

[Thanks Sadiq]



"My Love Is Your Love" is the new No.1 album in Taiwan.

[Thanks Alvin]


Billboard's Heartbreak Hotel...

Whitney Houston, Faith Evans and Kelly Price performed "Heartbreak Hotel" at the 1998 Billboard Music Awards last night. The song is being touted as the next US single as Arista follows what radio wants rather than their own agenda.
"It's Not Right But It's Okay" is still planned as the next UK single.



Don't forget, you can still submit reviews of the "My Love Is Your Love" album for this website anytime - Just E-Mail Manish.

To Read some of the latest reviews, Click Here. Also, check out Claudia's Review.


When You Update...

"When You Believe" jumps from number 20 to number 16 on the MTV "Europe Top 20." The song also jumps from number 15 to number 7 on the "Euro Top 30."

[Thanks Julian]


Billboard Music Awards...

"Entertainment Tonight" reports that Whitney will perform the ballad, "I Learned From The Best," at the Billboard Music Awards on Monday, December 7. The show will air on the FOX network at 8:00 p.m. (EST).

[Thanks Blackatlantic]


UK Single...

Whitney & Mariah - When You Believe "When You Believe" arrives in the UK in the midst of some strong marketing from Sony. Released on two CDs and one cassette, all versions contain the "My Love Is Your Love" version of the song.
The second CD is limited edition and contains a poster of the album cover and the CDs are discounted at a very accessable £1.99 each.
The song is being advertised on radio as well as gaining airplay. Retails have been issued with some large posters to promote the single as well.


When You Believe UK Formats...

CD 1 CD 2 Cassette
When You Believe (From "The Prince Of Egypt) 4:35 When You Believe (From "The Prince Of Egypt) 4:35 When You Believe (From "The Prince Of Egypt") 4:35
I Am Free 3:08 Sweetheart (the M!'s Pounding Vocal) 9:43 When You Believe (From "The Prince Of Egypt") TV Track 4:35
You Were Loved (From "The Preacher's Wife") 4:09 You Were Loved (From "The Preacher's Wife") 4:09 NOTHING HERE


MTV Special Feature...

MTV have set up a special feature on Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey containing newsfiles, audio clips and pictures - You Can Find The Site Here.


Upcoming US TV Appearances...

If you thought Whitney had finished her promotion on TV for the new album, just check out this list of appearances!!

Entertainment Tonight (syndicated) 5 December 1998
Billboard Music Awards (Fox) 7 December 1998
David Letterman (CBS) 10 December 1998
Today (NBC) 11 December 1998
Prince of Egypt Special (NBC) 13 December 1998
MTV FANatic (MTV) 10:30pm 14 December 1998
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC) 16 December 1998
Saturday Night Live (NBC) 16 January 1999
[Thanks Blackatlantic]


Entertainment Weekly...

The following is an article posted by Entertainment Weekly about Whitney's recent performance on the US Billboard 200.

Last week's Thanksgiving CD sell-a-thon gave the record industry plenty to be grateful for, but not everyone has something to sing about. Even though the top 10 albums moved 2.98 million units off record-store shelves, up from last year's high of 1.9 million, it was mighty crowded at the top of the charts -- and one major artist just might be in danger of slipping off.

Whitney Houston's first non-soundtrack-based album in eight years, "My Love Is Your Love," debuted at No. 13 in its first week, having been muscled out of the way by the likes of Jewel's "Spirit" at No. 3 and Mariah Carey's greatest-hits album at No. 4. While Houston's ranking is none too shabby, it may not be what Arista hoped for, considering that Houston has sold 100 million albums worldwide. "I'm sure a lot of people at Arista are wondering what they were thinking, putting out Whitney Houston the same week as Mariah Carey and Jewel and 'Prince of Egypt,'" says Entertainment Weekly's Chris Willman, "because that was pretty humili- ating to come in at No. 13."

Despite the blow to her ego, Houston still has a shot at climbing a pop peak with this album. "Music has a longer shelf life than movies, so Arista can make it up with Whitney," says Willman. "It's going to depend on whether they can get her on the radio."

On the new album, Houston recruited the likes of Missy Elliott and Babyface to help her switch from her usual mushy super-ballads to a new style of street-smart grooves. But the change may disappoint some fans who are hoping for another "I Will Always Love You" -- especially when they can get their fill of old-fashioned emotion on the new Mariah Carey album, which includes every huge single she's ever done. Ultimately, Houston may wish that she'd sent her fans a valentine instead of trying for holiday sales. "They rush-released the album to get it into stores," says Willman, "but the truth is if it had come out in February, it could have debuted in the top 5."

[Thanks Chip]


Further Billboard Update...

"When You Believe" slips from it's No.51 debut to No.53 this week.

]Sales of "My Love Is Your Love" slip only marginally from 123,000 to 118,000 copies.

[Thanks Scott & Chip]


Billboard Update...

Whitney's "My Love Is Your Love" album slips from No.13 to No.18 in next week's Billboard200.
I don't have confirmation of where "When You Believe" is on the Hot100 but assume it has dropped from last week's debut position (No.51).


America For AIDS Research...

Whitney was on the arm of Clive Davis the other night as he was an honoree at an AMFAR benefit(Americans for AIDS Research). "Entertainment Tonight" showed a tiny portion of her performing "I Learned from the Best"; "Access Hollywood" showed a tiny portion of her singing "My Love is Your Love"(she sounded in fine voice on both). "ET" also interviewed Whitney, who said if there's anything she can do to help stop AIDS, she'll do it.


The Prince Of Egypt...

The Prince Of Egypt movie will open in the UK on 1 December 1998 - an unpresidented move as nearly all movies from the US - animated or otherwise - arrive at least a month later.

There are special previews of the movie, which features Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey singing "When You Believe" over the closing credits, on 13th Decemeber.


UK Chart News...

"My Love Is Your Love" slips from No.27 to No.36 this week on the UK album chart. This is a smaller drop than expected considering "When You Believe" is only just kicking in at radio now and overall sales on the album chart increased significantly.

More curious is the failure of Mariah's "#1s" CD which features the Whitney duet. Despite heavy marketing of the album, it slips from it's debut No.10 to No.13 - very uncommon for a greatest hits album by an artists of Mariah's standing.


Starting Block...

These are the chart positions for Whitney's "My Love Is Your Love" CD around the world in it's first week of release.

South Korea #3, Taiwan #3, Norway #5, Singapore #5, Malaysia #6, France #6, Switzerland #7, Italy #9, Germany #11, USA #13, Sweden #16, Denmark #24, UK #27, Canada #31, Australia #42, Austria #43, Belgium #45, Holland #45

[Thanks Andrez]


When You Get Reviewed: UK...

Here's the Music Week/DotMusic review of "When You Believe." The single get's it's commercial UK release on 7th December 1998.

MARIAH CAREY & WHITNEY HOUSTON: When You Believe (Columbia 6667522).

This Prince Of Egypt theme promises much, but not even the unique prospect of hearing Whitney and Mariah's voices trading off one another can hide what is a fairly unremarkable song.
However, the pair's profile should ensure they should have little trouble attracting sales.

Don't worry too much about this "unremarkable" review - The UK press are always hard on superstar releases (especially anything that isnt homegrown - Manish).


"The Bodyguard" Cheated By Garth...

Whitney Houston's record for the most albums sold in a seven day period of 1,061,000 copies has been broken in the US this week by Garth Brooks' new CD. However, all is not as it may seem - below is the Billboard article about the debut.

Garth's Big Week Topples Sales Marks

Garth Brooks has done it -- albeit with an asterisk. Brooks broke the 1 million milestone with first-week sales of his new Capitol Nashville album "Double Live." In so doing, he toppled the first-week sales record of 950,000 units held by Pearl Jam's "Vs."(Epic) and the single-week sales record of 1,061,000 units held by "The Bodyguard" soundtrack (Arista). Brooks' first- week total was 1,085,000, according to SoundScan. Obviously, that puts him at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 for the week.

However, SoundScan's U.S. sales numbers arrive this week with a caveat: Overall album sales were up 27% over the previous sales week. More than one quarter of this increase resulted from a change in the way sales data is delivered by a major music seller. All titles benefited from this change. Without this shift, Brooks would not have hit the 1 million mark -- and would not have broken the Pearl Jam and "Bodyguard" sales records.

In addition to the No. 1 debut of "Double Live," five other albums bow in the top 10: Method Man's "Tical 2000: Judgement Day" (Def Jam/Mercury) at No. 2 with 411,00 units sold; Jewel's "Spirit" (Atlantic) at No. 3 with 368,000 units; Mariah Carey's "No. 1's" (Columbia) at No. 4 with 221,000 units; the Offspring's "Americana" (Columbia) at No.6 with 198,000 pieces sold; and Ice Cube's "Vol. 1-War & Peace" (Priority) at No. 7 with 180,000 units. Whitney Houston's "My Love Is Your Love" (Arista) enters at No. 13. The six new entries in the top 10 tie the Billboard 200 record set in the Oct. 17 issue.


Billboard Hot 100...

The new format Billboard Hot 100 (the "singles" part of the title has been dropped) was published today with Whitney Houston's duet with Mariah Carey, "When You Believe", debuting at No.51. The song did not debut with a bullet as airplay for the song has declined and slips from No.38 to No.41.


The Games Begin...

Whitney Houston's "My Love Is Your Love" CD debuts this week on the Billboard 200 at No.13. Whitney is also featured on the soundtrack to "The Prince Of Egypt" which debuts at No.94, and on Mariah Carey's greatest hits album, "#1s" which debuts at No.4.


Entertainment Weekly: Cipriani Show...

Here's the Entetainment Weekly review of Whitney's Cipriani show.

[Thanks Chip]


Babyface's Miracle...

You can hear Babyface's version of the 1990 US Whitney Houston single "Miracle" At This Site.



It's late getting on the Newsfile but it's definately worth the wait - Whitney pictured left on the Rosie . She performed "Heartbreak Hotel" with Faith Evans and Kelly Price and "My Love Is Your Love" with Gary on backing vocals.

[Thanks Chip]


UK Debut...

Whitney's "My Love Is Your Love" album debuted on the official UK album chart at No.27 this evening.


Adds UK...

The UK's major national radio station, Radio One, have added "When You Believe" and "If I Told You That" to their playlist.


Cipriani Show...

Whitney Houston performed at the Cipriani series of shows in Wall Street a couple of nights back. Read The Rolling Stone Review Here.



This is what can be read on Oprah's official website about the upcoming appearance:

Two of the world's hottest singing superstars join Oprah for a rare interview together.

Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey talk about their latest venture, a duet they recorded for the new animated film, The Prince of Egypt. They tell us how the project came about, and treat us to a joint performance of the song.

Then, both singers perform works from their most recent albums. Whitney just completed her first in eight years called, My Love Is Your Love, and Mariah has a greatest hits album called, #1s.

It's Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey -- Wednesday's Oprah Winfrey Show.

[From Orpah's Site]


Billboard Is In The House...

Read The Billboard Review Of "My Love Is Your Love"


Reuters/Variety Is In The House...

Read The Reuters/Variety Review Of "My Love Is Your Love"

[Thanks Andrez]



Monday morning it's Whitney on the Rosie O'Donnell Show where she performs "My Love Is Your Love" & "Heartbreak Hotel."
Monday, November 23 @ 10 AM EST on ABC, channel 7.

[Mail From Arista]


MTV Reviews...

MTV have reviewed Whitney's "My Love Is Your Love" CD - You Can Read It Here.

[Thanks Lopez]


In-Store Signing...

This Is Franz' Account Of His Meeting With Whitney at her first ever in store signing at Virgin Records, Times Square.


Whitney TV...

[This is Chip's report of Whitney Houston's appearance on MTV today]

First of all, Whitney appeared on "Total Request Live"(which preceded "Whitney TV") & briefly chatted w/John Norris, who said that of all the new albums coming out, hers was the most anticipated("Total Request" is repeated at 8:30Pm-Whitney appears about 45 minutes into the program so you want to tune in at 9:15Pm-Eastern).

Then, Norris interviewed Whitney in front of the studio audience, first show- ing a montage of her videos-when "I Wanna Dance" played(showing Whitney w/the long, golden curly wig), Whitney jokingly saidd "Who is that?"; when they next showed "So Emotional", Whitney said "That's more like it". When "I Will Always Love You" was played, she sd "I was 6 1/2 months(pregnant) then-I was evil that day". She said "I'm Every Woman" was her favorite of her videos. Whitney took questions from audience members(she lit up when a young man asked her about her mother's singing) & sd that liked the fact that today's young producers listen to and respect "old school" music. Wyclef Jean made a surprise phone call. Whitney said that her fave tracks from the album are "You'll Never Stand Alone"(because she sings it to her daughter), "I Learned from the Best", and "Until You Come Back"(she sd that's from her to Bobby).

For the show's final segment, Norris & Whitney joined Ananda outside for a LARGE and WILDLY ENTHUSIASTIC crowd(I'm not saying that as a Whitney fan; it's a fact! It reminded me of the hoopla that surrounds the Backstreet Boys & N Sync. In fact, Norris & Ananda had to shout to be heard over the crowd noise). Whitney autographed copies of her new CD & tossed them out to eager fans, and told Ananda that this kind of reception was the best thing her fans could give her.

Oddly enough, none of the new songs were played(there were bits of plenty of her old songs used going to and coming back from commercials).

Also, during the short segment she did on "Total Request", Whitney referred to Mariah as "my girl"; and when coming down the hallway to the studio audi- ence at the top of "Whitney TV", she passed by a wall of enlarged new album covers, and waved to and smiled at the one for Mariah's "Ones".

"Whitney TV" repeats at 9:30Pm & 12:30Am(Eastern-it's a half-hour long).


Wall Of Sound...

Read The Wall Of Sound Review Of "My Love Is Your Love"


Oprah Duet...

The Whitney Houston Platinum Club reports that Whitney will be on Oprah next week alongside Mariah Carey. It is not clear whether the show is about the two ladies or whether one of them is a guest to the other's main profile and just there to sing "When You Believe" .

[Thanks Lopez]



MTV Select UK premiered the When You Believe video yesterday at approx 17.30.

[Thanks Sadiq]



[On MTV], Jewel was asked...what cd will u buy? she said "I heard Whitney's album is really cool..i am gonna check that out."


New York Times...

Read The New York Times Review Of "My Love Is Your Love."

This review makes for interesting reading.

[Thanks Chip]


Media Blitz Update...

Early Rave Reviews Come in on Whitney Houston's New Album My Love Is Your Love, Hitting Stores Worldwide Nov. 17th

NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Nov. 16, 1998--The first wave of critical reviews are applauding Whitney Houston's first studio album in eight years, My Love Is Your Love.
The album is produced by some of the top cutting edge producers in the music industry, including Wyclef Jean, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott, Lauryn Hill, Babyface, Rodney Jerkins and more.

The Los Angeles Times heralds the album, My Love Is Your Love with a three star review spotlighting the title track which "Houston delivers with a joyful urgency that transcends the smooth perfection of her singing."

USA Today calls the superstar "tougher, funkier, edgier Houston than has been heard in a long time," giving the album a three and a half stars review.

Time Magazine stated that one of the Rodney Jerkins' produced tracks, "It's Not Right But Its Okay," as "one of her best" and calls the "My Love Is Your Love" track produced by Wyclef as "a superb reggae-ish title." Time calls the Lauryn Hill produced remake of Stevie Wonder's, "I Was Made to Love Her", "fabulously funky".

My Love Is Your Love hits the streets today, Nov. 17. Houston will hold her first ever in-store autograph signing of the new album for fans at Virgin Records in Times Square on Nov. 19 at 6 p.m.

Some upcoming television appearances by Whitney Houston include, MTV's Whitney TV (Nov. 19), Rosie O'Donnell Show (Nov. 23), The Oprah Show (Nov. 25), The Prince of Egypt Special (Dec. 13) Late Night With David Letterman (Dec. 10) and Saturday Night Live (Jan. 11)


US Media...

The publicity for Whitney's new album is heating up.
She is featured in articles in this week's issues of two popular U.S. magazines, Newsweek and People. She also appeared in a report on tonight's edition of Entertainment Tonight. The report focused on the newly premiered video for "When You Believe," and also included quotes from the Newsweek article, in which Whitney firmly dismisses rumors of her and her husband's alleged drug abuse. Whitney insists that she could not continue to work and perform as hard and as much as she does if she were dabbling in drugs. Moreover, she adds, her mother would not stand for it.

[Thanks Blackatlantic]


USA Today...

Read The USA Today Review Of "My Love Is Your Love."


Showbiz Today...

Whitney Houston opens up today's edition of "CNN Showbiz Today"(Hi, I'm Whitney Houston...welcome to Showbiz Today) & there's a short feature on her in the program's 1st five minutes, with clips of her & Mariah in the studio, clips from the Nov 5th press conference, and an interview, in which Nippy says that people actually call her parents, brothers, and friends on the phone & offer them money to "dish dirt" on her marriage to Bobby. Whitney also said the album's title track is a song to her fans for sticking by her through the years.
CNN "Showbiz Today" repeats at 3Am(Eastern).

[Thanks Chip]



Read The Newsweek Interview With Whitney Houston.


Super Tuesday...

Jewel, Mariah, Meth, Garth, Whitney To Square Off On Super Tuesday [From MTV]

This year, on a landmark Tuesday in November, after much thoughtful debate and weighty discussion, America will make its will known in the one universal voice that speaks loudest of all: cold, hard cash.

This week, record stores across America will provide the polling stations for what is shaping up to be the music industry's Super Tuesday as Jewel, Mariah Carey, Garth Brooks, Method Man, Whitney Houston, Ice Cube and others square off in the court of consumer opinion.

Mirroring the day in politics when seven different states hold their primary elections effectively separating the presidential contenders from the also-rans, music's Super Tuesday may set the tone for the holiday shopping season.

Jewel's "Spirit," Method Man's "Tical 2: Judgement Day,"Mariah's "#1s," Garth Brooks' "Double Live," Whitney Houston's "My Love Is Your Love," and Ice Cube's "War & Peace Vol. 1," will all be vying for shelf placement and a strong start this week.

Of course, most onlookers know that first week sales aren't everything, but they will also tell you that they are pretty darn important. A good first impression is so important, in fact, that Garth Brooks and the machine surrounding him is working overtime to make sure that his new double album sells more than one million copies in its first week out, a feat no other act has managed.

Many of the acts will be stumping for support on MTV this week as part of the channel's Spankin' New Music Week (see the Music area of mtv.com for schedule information).

Will Garth hit one million? Who will win the diva vote? Can Ice Cube carry his home state of California? Will Meth upset them all? The answers to these and many other questions won't be known until next week, but you'll find them right here at MTV News Online, as well as on a special edition of "MTV News 1515" the weekend of November 27.


Platinum Club Website...

The Platinum Club has updated it's site to co-inside with the launch of the new Whitney Houston album.


When You Debut On MTV...
[This is Chip's review of the World Premiere of the video to "When You Believe"]

MTV waited until the end of it's half-hour "Mariah TV" seg- ment to show the video, which was also broadcast on the "Jumbo-Tron" video screen in Times Square(the 1st time MTV has ever done this). The video consists of a large screen(painted to resemble one of the backdrops from the film "The Prince of Egypt"); part of it rises to reveal WH, who steps forward & sings the 1st verse & chorus. This manuever is repeated for MC, who sings the 2nd verse & chorus, during which she & WH walk towards each other & join hands. Above the audience(unseen until the climax of the bridge) are 3 giant video screens showing scenes from the film. Occasionally interspersed throughout are quick, black-and-white clips of WH & MC "backstage"(one of the clips involving WH is priceless-I won't describe it here so as not to spoil the pleasant surprise).

[Thanks Chip]


Atlantic City...

Lopez has submitted a great review of the Atlantic City Concert of 14 November 1998 - You Can Read It Here.

[Thanks Lopez]


Video Premiere...

The video for the Whitney/Mariah duet is set to premiere on MTV during TODAY's (Monday Nov 16) "Mariah TV" segment, which airs 4:30pm to 5pm(Eastern). Maybe they'll show it again on their scheduled "Whitney TV" Thursday (Nov 19-same time).

[Thanks Chip]


Radio One...

UK's Radio One will air an interview with Whitney Houston on Friday 20 November 1998, from 12pm to 2pm.


Whitney On MTV...

According to MTV's website (& TV GUIDE's online listings), WH will be in MTV's Times Square studio LIVE Thursday November 19 at 4:30Pm to 5Pm (Eastern).

[Thanks Chip]


In Store Signing Update...
[Statement By Whitney Houston Platinum Club]

Join us for an unforgettable evening with legendary recording artist Whitney Houston. Whitney will autograph copies of her new CD entitled "My Love Is Your Love" on Thursday, November 19 beginning at 6pm at Virgin Times Square Megastore.
Meet Whitney at her first in store appearance ever! Thursday November19 at 6pm Virgin Megastore Times Square. Beginning Monday, November 16 at midnight purchase your copy of "My Love Is Your Love" and receive your limited edition pass to this special event.
Pre purchase available at Virgin Times Square Megastore only!


Whitney/Mariah On VH-1...

Here are more airdates/times for the Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey show (listed on both VH1 AND TV GUIDE's websites; all times Eastern):
Sunday Nov 15-8am to 9am;
Monday Nov 16- 7Am to 8Am;12noon to 1Pm; 5Pm to 6Pm.


Setlist For Taj Mahal Shows 13/14 November 1998

When You Believe (CD With Video)
I'm Every Woman
Queen Of The Night
I Learned From The Best
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)

Hit Medley:-

You Give Good Love
Saving All My Love For You
How Will I Know

All The Man That I Need
Change The World (Gary Houston)
If I Told You That
Exhale (Shoop Shoop)
I Believe In You And Me
I Was Made To Love Him
I Love The Lord
I Will Always Love You


Step By Step
It's Not Right But It's Okay


When You Believe CD

This Is The Cover Of The "When You Believe" Single According To Sony Records' Mariah Carey Site.


Whitney On Oprah...

Whitney will be the featured special guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show on November 25 and the Rosie O'Donnell Show on November 23. These two appearances add up to major worldwide exposure for Whitney's new album on the eve on a major U.S. holiday shopping weekend. Perfectly timed!!!! (source: Entertainment Wire )

[Thanks BlackAtlantic]


Down In The Delta...
[Article from Billboard Online]

Janet Jackson, D'Angelo, and Stevie Wonder are among the superstar R&B artists who have contributed new songs to "Down In The Delta," a film that is the cinematic directorial debut of Maya Angelou. Due Dec. 8, the Virgin Records' soundtrack is a gorgeous homage to the poet/novelist, who specifically requested some of the set's featured acts, most notably Ashford & Simpson, a cappella powerhouse Sweet Honey In The Rock, and composer Stanley Clarke, who wrote the movie's score.

The first single from the soundtrack is the Leverts' "Where Would I Be," a poignant melody that shipped Oct. 27 to R&B outlets and has a video in rotation on BET. Chaka Khan's "Don't Talk 2 Strangers," the second single, will not be released to radio until January, but will have a video ready for BET by mid-November.

Among the other artists included on "Down In The Delta" are Luther Vandross & Cassandra Wilson, Sounds Of Blackness, Vanessa Williams, the Roots, and Sunday, a choral group being shepherded by Whitney Houston.


Whitney Live Tonight & Saturday...

Whitney performs at the Taj Mahal, Atlantic City tonight and Saturday night. If you're going, enjoy - and don't forget to share your experience with the rest of us!

E-Mail Manish Your Reviews.


Reviewer's Hat...

Want to review "My Love Is Your Love" for this website? E-mail Manish with your reviews and they will be added to the new "My Love Is Your Love" reviews section.


Vote Whitney...

Rolling Stone have started a Battle of the bands - Whitney Houston Vs. Mariah Carey. Mariah Currently has the lead. Let's change that!

Click Here To Go To Rolling Stone & Vote Whitney.

[Thanks Charles]


My Love Is Your Love...

Like a dream finally materializing...I now have a copy of Whitney Houston's new album, "My Love Is Your Love."

Put away your copy of "The Bodyguard" and give "The Preacher's Wife" a rest, you are about to join one hell of a rollercoaster...If you want to be totally surprised, don't read the review!!

Read Manish's Complete Review Here - Another World First To This Website.


My Love Is Your Love Cover...

As you can see above, the official cover of the new album does not feature any text written over it. It's just Whitney.

[The title and artist name appears inside the face spine of the CD].



I have obtained a copy of Mariah Carey's new Greatest Hits album, "#1's".

The version of "When You Believe" on the CD is the same as the one which features on Whitney Houston's "My Love Is Your Love" set.

In her credits, Mariah says of Whitney:
"When You Believe (From "The Prince Of Egypt") - Because to me, it almost is a miracle that Whitney and I are on a record together! After meeting and working with Whitney Houston, I have gained a whole other layer of respect for this truly talented woman in so many ways.

There is no apparent acknowledgement of Mariah on Whitney's "My Love Is Your Love" notes.


As The World Turns......

"Access Hollywood" showed Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey on the set of the VH-1 "Top 10 Countdown".
Whitney poked fun at their non-existent feud saying, "Did you really think we'd do an 'As the World Turns'?" while Mariah laughed. They also showed scenes from "The Prince of Egypt" film with the duet playing over it.

[Thanks Chip]


First UK Interview...

London's Capital Radio are doing an exclusive show from New York Friday evening which will feature the UK's first interview with Whitney Houston about her new album.



Peeps Republic have established their own impressive Whitney Houston Website.


Whitney & Mariah Present...

Whitney & Mariah will be hosting this weekend's VH1(USA) "Top Ten Count- down". Here are the dates & times(Eastern): Friday Nov 13: 12Noon to 1PM; 5PM to 6PM; Saturday Nov 14: 11:30AM to 12:30PM; 11PM to 12 midnight.

[Thanks Chip]


Whitney In USA Today...

USA Today has an article about Whitney titled Houston hones her edge on 'Love.'

[Thanks Chip]


More Webcast Photos...

There are a total of twenty one photographs from the Whitney Houston / Arista Records WebCast of last week now available to be viewed at the Arista Record's Whitney Houston Site.


Two More From The New Album...

Two more songs from the "My Love Is Your Love" album are available for download (approx 35 second samples) from Arista Record's Whitney Houston Site.

"Oh Yes" and "You'll Never Stand Alone" will be available for a limited period. The Arista site has now offered eight tracks leading up to the release of the new album.


MTV: Whitney Discusses Hidden Track...

Whitney Houston previewed her new album, "My Love is Your Love," last week in front of a room full of familiar faces and collaborators -- including Missy Elliot, Q-Tip, Naughty By Nature's Vinnie and Houston's own mother, Cissy -- as well as the world-at-large via satellite.

"My Love" was recorded in six weeks with a bevy of guest stars, including Missy, Wyclef Jean and Babyface, and aside from the tracks listed on the album sleeve, Houston also cut a secret track on "My Love" that was produced by a pregnant but dedicated Lauryn Hill. "She walked in the studio and she was about this round," Houston said of Hill, "so she walks in there and I say, 'Lauryn, you OK?' She said, 'Oh, yeah. I'm ready to do this.'

[Lauryn] stayed in the studio, I do believe, at least 20 hours after I had left. I kept calling her, saying, 'Lauryn, you have to go home.' She kept saying, 'No, I have to do this.'"

"My Love Is Your Love" arrives in stores next week and features Houston's duet with Mariah Carey on "When You Believe," and a cover of Mae Axton's "Heartbreak Hotel" (which was made famous by Elvis Presley), featuring supporting vocals by Faith Evans and Kelly Price.

[From MTV News]


Arista Soundfiles...

You had to be quick! - The soundclips to four of the songs from "My Love Is Your Love" which were featured at the end of this week on the Arista Records Website have now been removed. Still there is "When You Believe" and "It's Not Right But It's Okay".



The Gallery has been updated to include new promotional pictures of Whitney for the 'My Love Is Your Love' campaign.


When You Get Reviewed...

This is the review of "When You Believe" in Billboard Magazine for the week ending 14 November 1998. It is quite an interesting read.

WHITNEY HOUSTON & MARIAH CAREY When You Believe (From The Prince Of Egypt) (4:33)
PRODUCER: Babyface
WRITERS: Stephen Schwartz, Babyface
PUBLISHER: SKG Songs, ASCAP Dreamworks 5092 (CD Promo)

´The first single from the highly anticipated film "The Prince Of Egypt" is being embraced by many as the vocal event of the year and will likely have little trouble igniting the airwaves across more radio formats than you build an empire around. The Babyface-stamped track is indeed lovely, offering an instantly accessible chorus and squeaky clean message "all things are possible when you believe in your dreams".
Given the potential of these powerhouse voices, however, the song falls flat with a surprisingly understated and downright disappointing bridge: you wait and wait for the duel of the divas and it simply never materializes.
The genuine story in this track is the return of Houston, who sounds fantastic, as clear and confident as ever. It's a wonderful reunion for her many fans and a warm-up that will stir much excitement for her "My Love Is Your Love", due Tuesday (10). Also available on Carey's #1's, due Nov. 17.

[Comment: As far as is known, the release of "My Love Is Your Love" has not been brought forward a week - Billboard are very rarely critical of any music - the last time I read a degree of disappointment in a new release of a "superstar" artist was their review of Mariah Carey's "Emotions" album so this review is not great news - However, it is accurate as my own review of the song stated the same concerns about the bridge which goes no-where. It is very pleasing that Billboard realize the impending release of Whitney's new set is the key to this release and their comments which single out Whitney's vocal presence here all bode well for a well received new album - Manish.]

[Thanks to Andrez for the review]


When You Debut...

Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey's "When You Believe" debuts on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay listing at No.51 for the Week Ending 14 November 1998. On the Hot R&B Airplay listing, the song jumps to No.44 from it's debut last week at No.73.

The song is just three weeks away from debuting on the Hot 100 itself as one of the first ever Airplay only singles allowed to enter that chart.



[This Article From E-Online]

WHITNEY HOUSTON, MARIAH CAREY, BOYZ II MEN, KIRK FRANKLIN, JARS OF CLAY, BEBE and CECE WINANS are among the notable artists lending their talents to one of three albums from DreamWorks Records to be released in support of DreamWorks' upcoming epic drama 'Prince of Egypt.'

In addition to a soundtrack album, two albums are being recorded featuring songs inspired by the film's enduring story: "Inspirational," gathering some of the finest recording artists from the arenas of pop, urban and gospel music; and "Nashville" a compilation of songs performed by Music City's top talents. Go [to article on ET Online] to hear an audio clip of Whitney and Mariah singing the song which will be included in 'Prince of Egypt'

The "inspired-by" albums are scheduled to come out November 17th, preceding the December 18th opening of the film, and will present songs that are inspired by themes inherent to the film's story, including love, faith, freedom, deliverance and family. This marks the first time that three complete albums have been created in support of a single film release.

Head of DreamWorks Records' Urban Division JHERYL BUSBY stated, "I think 'Prince of Egypt's 'inspired-by' albums are two of the most exciting visual-to-music projects in the history of the music industry. I think it would be limiting to call it 'gospel' or 'urban' or 'rhythm & blues'; it is truly music of passion... music of inspiration."


MTV Report...

Whitney And Mariah To Share "Prince Of Egypt" Billing [From MTV]

According to the folks at DreamWorks, divas Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey will be splitting the worldwide top billing for their duet on the "Prince of Egypt" soundtrack, "When You Believe."

Last week, the two singers linked up to shoot the video for the ballad in Brooklyn, and despite the squabbling over top billing by their respective labels, the two seemed to get along just fine.

As Houston explained to MTV News' John Norris at the time, uniting and overcoming obstacles is what the song is all about. "The meaning behind the song is, you know, the book of Exodus," Houston said. "The children of Israel were crossing the desert and getting to the Promised Land. It's relative to any situation, trying to get over some obstacle to some other point in life, you know? So, it's just, the meaning of the song is really great."

The "Prince of Egypt" soundtrack arrives on November 17, and the duet can also be found on the upcoming solo albums from both Houston and Carey.


WebCast Report...

[This is Chip's report of the Whitney Houston / Arista Records Webcast earlier today - Much appreciated Chip]

Prior to Clive Davis' arrival, they played remixes of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)", "How Will I Know" and shockingly enough, "Greatest Love Of All" & "I Will Always Love You". Also shown were interviews with each of the producers & writers for the album, as well as with Whitney & Clive. Each track was played in it's entirety for the audience (most of each track was muted out for the Webcast-they didn't want people making complete copies);
Davis set up each song by talking about the producers/writers involved, and read the lyrics to several of them. Whitney came out & asked her mom to come up & join her onstage-they, with Clive, posed for photos; then there was a half-hour break. The following are the highlights of the press conference:

*When asked why there were no songs about motherhood on the album, Whitney replied that she sings "You'll Never Stand Alone" to Bobbi Kristina;
*when asked if this were her most personal album, Whitney replied "No, not the most personal. They're all personal to me";
*asked what she planned to do next, Whitney said she'd be taking a vacation, trying for another baby, and possibly touring next year;
*when asked what got her through making an entire album in 8 to 9 weeks, Whitney replied "Faith in God; I'm led by faith, not by sight. Otherwise I couldn't have done it";
*Whitney said she didn't choose to do an "urban" album, just great songs;
*she's still deciding whether or not to play Dorothy Dandridge. She said she's "not actress enough" to do her justice & would look at "better players" than herself;
*next album is Greatest Hits, but Clive doesn't know when;
*for her Atlantic City show, she's only going to do 2 or 3 of the new songs, and "a lot of the old ones";
*Disney wants her to do another "Cinderella"-type project;
*one night, 3 weeks ago, every studio at New York's "The Hit Factory" was booked with people working on the tracks for Whitney's album;
*when asked how she deals with a level of fame "few people have ever acheived", Whitney said she prays for patience and prays not to react;
*when she mentioned gently that sometimes the press goes overboard on her private life, there were cheers & applause from the audience;
*she & Luciano Pavarotti(with whom she sang at the 1994 Rainforest Benefit in New York City) share similar techniques to rest & prepare their voices, and have discussed doing something together;
*the final question was about if she were glad that she would never have to explain to her daughter some day that she wore cone-shaped breasts (a la Madonna), Whitney said "It's just an image. I know Madonna, and she doesn't wear cone-shaped breasts everyday."


Another Great Exclusive...

Just seven days before this Whitney Houston Website gives the World's first complete review of the "My Love Is Your Love" album, I have exclusively obtained four tracks from the album. No, Not Downloads.

Conscious that not everyone wants to read a full review of the songs before hearing it for themselves, my comments about the songs can be found at the newly constructed "My Love Is Your Love" Reviews Section.

What I will reveal here is that the production on "When You Believe" that I have obtained is different from that which is commercially being released as a single and that which was serviced to radio stations worldwide. More Details Here.


When You Believe Video...

The Video for "When You Believe" will air in the US for the first time on 16 November 1998 on MTV at 3:30PM (EST).


This Day In History...

It's eight years to the day that Whitney Houston's last studio album, "I'm Your Baby Tonight" was released.


Six Tracks Now Available To Download...

Six tracks from Whitney Houston's forthcoming new album, "My Love Is Your Love" are available to download From The Arista Records Whitney Houston Website.

The songs now available in AIFF, WAV and RA formats are:

My Love Is Your Love;
When You Believe;
It's Not Right But It's Okay;
Heartbreak Hotel;
If I Told You That;
I Learned From The Best.

When Arista said these songs were like we'd never heard before, they were not kidding!! The songs are OUTSTANDING.


Web Cast...

I will not be able to view the Whitney Houston International Press Conference tomorrow (which is broadcast on the Arista Website) and would appreciate summaries of what the event envolved, and details of the tracks that were heard.



My Love Is Your Love Album Cover?...

My Love Is Your Love Cover

Arista Records Have Today Posted This Image On Their Website To Promote The WebCast & The New Album.
No Confirmation Yet As to The Album's Final Cover...


My Love Is Your Love Audio Sample...

A 33 second sample of the song "My Love Is Your Love" is available at the Arista Records Whitney Houston Website.

The song has a great vibe and a fresh sound - Whitney meets Wyclef .


Whitney Houston On ET...

Whitney will feature on Entertainment Tonight this evening. The show will look at the making of the "When You Believe" video and talk to Whitney & Mariah.


Whitney Houston In Store Signing...

Whitney will autograph copies of her new CD entitled " My Love is Your Love" on Thursday November 19th, beginning at 6pm at Virgin Times Square Megastore.
Beginning Friday November 13th at 9am, pre-purchase your copy of the new CD or Cassette and reserve your limited edition pass to this special event. Only people with passes will get in to actually meet Whitney. Limited Space Available.

The album is on sale at Virgin Records for $13.99.

[Information from Arista Records]


Fred's Chartbeat...

I found these comments put to Fred Bronson on the Billboard Site.

To: Fred Bronson
Your decision to put Mariah Carey's name before Whitney Houston's is perplexing to me since Whitney is so obviously the bigger star. Whitney's career has spanned 15 years. She has recorded only three studio albums and yet is the biggest-selling female artist in history. She has acted in three huge box-office movies. She has starred in the most-watched miniseries of 1997 ("Cinderella"). Mariah, although very successful in her own right, has not accomplished half of what Whitney has. Perhaps more thought should have been put into who should receive top billing for "When You Believe."

To: Fred Bronson
Just a little concerned. I don't know which of the artists should get top billing on the song. But what I do know is that Whitney Houston will once again prove that she has what it takes to remain on top as the No. 1 diva. This entire Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey collaboration will be quite interesting to see as I am sure it will break all chart records. Question: Whose name will appear first on the album and single ? How did those involved in making this type of decision decide?
Matthew Henderson.

Dear Jimmy and Matthew,
The billing on "When You Believe" is going to be split down the middle. The radio-only single I received this week lists Whitney Houston first, but I've been told by DreamWorks that half the albums will list Whitney first and the other half will list Mariah first. So to be fair, I'll split the credit down the middle too, listing it one way one week and the other way the following week. As for how credits are determined, who wouldn't have wanted to be a fly on the wall in the negotiations between Whitney's people and Mariah's people on this one!
[Fred Bronson]


Lauryn Made It...

Lauryn Hill did manage to make the deadlines with Whitney Houston and together they have produced a track for the forthcoming album "My Love Is Your Love."

The song, a cover is Stevie Wonder's classic "I Was Made To Love Him" was supposed to remain a secret as a hidden bonus cut but Music Week this week revealed the tracks' existance.


DotMusic Confirms Tracklisting...

UK Music Trade magazine Music Week and their affiliated website www.dotmusic.com have an extensive article about the forthcoming album and also detail the complete tracklisting.

You Can Read The Complete Article Here.


Whitney On US TV...

VH-1 To One, Tuesday 3 November (VH-1);
Saturday Night Live, Wednesday 11 November & Thursday 12 November (Comedy Channel);
Whitney Houston Video Collection, Wednesday 18 November (VH-1);
Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown, Wednesday 18 November (MTV);
Whitney on CeCe's Place, Sunday 29 November (VISN Odyssey).

[Thanks Ciara]


"When You Believe" Airplay...

"When You Believe" looks to have the beginnings of a big radio hit in the US according to Billboard's Theda Sandiford-Waller.

The early leaked airplay the song attained was enough for the song to reach #73 on the Hot R&B Airplay chart and #76 on the Hot100 Airplay chart (just outside the published 75). With a full week's airplay figures due by the end of this week, "When You Believe" is expected to make an impressive debut on the airplay chart.

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VH-1 GQ Men Of The Year Awards...

Presenting the "Courage" Award to Muhammed Ali, Whitney Houston looked sophisticated & sexy, sporting golden auburn hair with matching lipstick, and wearing a long-sleeved black leather dress that came to just below her knees.
She remarked that "Greatest Love of All" is her favorite of all the songs she has recorded (it was written for the 1977 film about Ali, "The Greatest") & told an enthusiastic audience to "Give it up" for Ali when he came onstage to receive his award.

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