Whitney & Mariah Talk To MTV...

"MTV 1515", the network's weekend news program, added about 50 seconds of footage to the piece they've been running on their news segments at "every 10 to the hour".

Mariah: "On this record, you really can tell the differences; but I'm talking about when we harmonize, certain things that we're doing, we're blending together really well."

Whitney: "She and I singing together, my tones and her tones coming together, and making beautiful music; that's what's it's about."

Mariah: "Whitney and I are both singers; we both respect music and love music and really come from a place of loving music-it's not like about being catty or being competitive right now. We're just doing a project that we're both into right now."

[Thanks Chip]


Second Single...

Arista have stated that they are looking to release either "My Love Is Your Love" or the 'feisty, beat-laden' "It's Not Right But It's Okay" as the second single from the new album. The single will see worldwide commercial release (with a US decision to be made) in January.


Whitney Is Coming To UK & Europe...

Whitney Houston has confirmed that she will come to the UK and Europe in January to promote her "My Love Is Your Love" album.

Specifically, Whitney will appear for only the second time in her career on the UK's "Top Of The Pops" show.

Whitney is also being approached to host the UK National Lottery Show one Saturday in January by the BBC. She has already confirmed that she will appear on the show to sing the second single from the album "My Love Is Your Love".


More Exclusive Billboard Info...

The Billboard Interview with Whitney Houston last week is not the complete picture. The magazine itself includes further information including:

- Clive Davis' thoughts on the new project;
- Arista's expectations for the album's reception at radio & that of "When You Believe";
- Confirmation that Whitney is working on the album until 'The last possible minute' (confirming that the twelve songs already announced may be further added to);
- "R&B Radio is going to jump all over this album";
- In addition to the worldwide satellite press conference on 5 November, Whitney will - that day - host "Breakfast With Whitney", a satellite media junket for six regions of Asia;
- There is also further information about worldwide television appearances.

Read The Complete Interview/Article Here.


When You Believe - The Video...
Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey filmed the video to "When You Believe" earlier this week. The photo (left) is from that shoot and gives an exclusive look at Whitney & Mariah in action.
[From MTV News]




MTV Video Report...
Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey checked their auras at the door and entered the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Tuesday to shoot a video for their duet "When You Believe" from the soundtrack to the upcoming animated film "The Prince of Egypt."

DreamWorks will release the film in December, and one of the studio's honchos, Jeffrey Katzenberg, brought the two divas together. "What happened was Jeffery Katzenberg, he invited me to come to the studio and view the movie," Mariah told MTV News' John Norris during a break on the video set. "We had dinner. It was very grand and elaborate, very Hollywood."

"I think he said to Mariah that I was gonna do it," Whitney recalled.
"So he was like, 'Would you like to do this duet with Whitney?' And I was like, 'Did she say that was cool?'" Mariah said.
"He told Mariah that I was doing it, and told me that Mariah was gonna do it so we both ended up doing it and I don't think we both knew who was gonna end up doing it," Whitney said.

Despite the fact that the union was forged in Katzenberg's deceit, so far the two say that things are running smoothly. "She and I have a good chemistry together," Whitney told MTV News. "The song is, it's powerful."
"People are gonna see when they see the video that there's no drama, there's no cat fighting, there's no ridiculousness going on," Mariah added. "We're having a good time."

The soundtrack also features K-Ci & JoJo and Boyz II Men, and will hit stores on November 17. The duet will also turn up on Carey's new album, "Ones," and on Houston's first album in eight years, "My Love Is Your Love." Both of those records should be in stores next month.
[From MTV News]


Sony Features "Ones"...

Mariah Carey's forthcoming compilation "Ones" is featured at her official Sony Website, www.mcarey.com. The site features downloadable audio files of the Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey song, "When You Believe".

[Thanks Claudia]



Go to Arista Record's Whitney Houston Site for officially available downloads of "When You Believe".

Also on Arista's site, check out the Weekly Word Section (which can be acessed from the above link) for the latest update on "My Love Is Your Love" and information about the forthcoming Whitney Houston Press Conference on 5 November.


Access Hollywood...

The segment of Whitney Houston on Access Hollywood last night (USA) was very short. They did show the new photo of Whitney and confirmed that it was the album cover (the one of her sat in the middle of the road - as above). The remaineder of the segment showed Whitney in the studio recording with Faith Evans and Kelly Price (as in Entertainment Tonight). Access Hollywood mentioning she has a 5-octave range, that the new album comes out November 17, and that she'll be in Atlantic City Nov 13 & 14.

[Thanks Chip]


Capital Competition...

Next week on the UK Pepsi Chart, there will be a competition to win Mariah Carey's "Ones" album and win a trip to New York for a Christmas Shopping trip. The real highlight of the trip though is a visit to Sony Studios to record a virtual duet with Mariah - the song the winner will record is Whitney Houston's part of "When You Believe".

Personally, if I entered and won, I'd like to record Mariah's part and make it a duet with Whitney and if I can't do that, maybe I could just have the version with Mariah edited out? [Mariah Fans: Joke].


When You Believe UK...

Despite Steve Penk of London's Capital Radio calling the song "When I Believe" and touting it as Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston, the duet has premiered in the UK for the first time tonight.

Although hinting that it was a contender for the Christmas No.1 position (which confirms the song will be commercially released) no release date for the single was given.


When You Believe Video...

Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey will be taping the video for their duet "When You Believe" on Monday October 26 & Tuesday October 27 from 6 pm until midnight in NYC.

[Thanks Andy - www.whitney-houston.com]


Entertainment Wire Article...

Entertainment Wire have issued an article about the new album which goes a little way to describe some of the thought processes behind the writing and producing of Whitney Houston's "My Love Is Your Love" album.

You Can Read The Article Here.


Just Hangin'...

According to the Friday October 23rd issue of USA Today, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, & Bobby Brown were spotted having drinks together at L'Ermitage Hotel's Library Bar in Beverly Hills CA.

[Thanks Chip]


Keep The Faith...

I have obtained a pre-release copy of the brilliant new Faith Evans album "Keep The Faith". I can confirm that a duet with Whitney Houston is not featured and there isn't a track on the set called "I Got Five On It".

As reported earlier on the Newsfile, Faith herself said in a recent London interview that she had just removed two tracks from the final set. It seems likely that the duet with Whitney has been pulled. No word yet on whether this song will now feature on Whitney's "My Love Is Your Love" set.

Whitney does get two shout-outs in Faiths closing notes.


My Love Is Your Love: More Tracks Confirmed...

A Further four titles have been confirmed on the list of song featured on the new Whitney Houston album, "My Love Is Your Love";

"My Love Is Your Love" produced by Wyclef;
"Until You Come Back" produced by Babyface;
"If We Could Just Get It Back" produced by Rodney Jerkins
"Oh Yes" produced by Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott.

Dianne Warren wrote "You'll Never Stand Alone" and "I Bow Out".

Rodney Jerkins' "If I Told You That" is being touted as a major dance anthem.

[Thanks Dave]


My Love Is Your Love: Whitney & Billboard...

Billboard Magazine's Melinda Newman Interviewed Whitney Houston to discussion the offically titled new album, My Love Is Your Love in which Whitney reveals details about the writing and producing that went behind the album. The article also confirms that Sean 'Puffy' Combs, Jermaine Dupri and Lauryn Hill were not able to contribute to the album due to scheduling problems. There is no word on R Kelly's reported contribution.

Read The Interview Here.


When You Believe...

Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey's "When You Believe" has debuted on US Radio stations during the past 24 hours. This is some ten days before Arista's statement of issuing the track to multi-formatted radio stations simultaneously throughout the US on 2nd November 1998.

"When You Believe" will not see commercial single release in the US. It will qualify to enter the Hot100 on 5 December 1998 when new charting rules come into force as detailed below.


Billboard's New Look Hot100...

The face of the US Hot100 is about to change. Radio will be the dominant decider in how well a song performs on the singles chart and from 5th December 1998, songs receiving sufficient airplay will be able to chart even if a commercial single is not issued.

The weighting of the chart has been confirmed as 80% for airplay and 20% for sales. Billboard have stated that whilst it will be difficult for an airplay only song to go to No.1, it would not be impossible. They cite Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" as a track which received enough airplay that it could have been No.1 even before the commercial single was issued.

It seems likely that Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey's "When You Believe" will attempt to take the No.1 Hot100 position without being commercially available.


Billboard Confirm US Price...

Billboard Magazine have confirmed that Whitney Houston's new album will retail at $17.98 - becoming one of the highest profile albums to be retailed at this higher price.

Albums by Alanis Morissette, Mariah Carey and the soundtrack to The Prince Of Egypt will also appear at $17.98.


Platinum Club Reports...

Whitney Houston's new album will be in stores on November 17. There is no name for the album as of yet, but we'll update you as soon as possible. The first single from the album is a duet featuring Whitney singing with Mariah Carey. This song is only being released for play on the radio, and will not be available anywhere but on the album. It's called "When You Believe" and airplay will begin on October 27.
A video for this song is being planned. Whitney and Mariah are set to go into the studio next week to begin shooting.

Also...Whitney is appearing on the GQ man of the year award program and will present an award to Mohammed Ali! The show was taped last night, and will be broadcast on October 31st on VH-1...check local listings!

[From Whitney Houston Platinum Club]


My Love Is Your Love...

CD Now have announced the title of the new Whitney Houston album is "My Love Is Your Love."

Confirmation is yet to come from Arista or Whitney.


New Album Details...

Arista Records are planning the biggest marketing strategy in their history for the new Whitney Houston album which has now been revealed via their press pack.

Go Here For Full Details Of The New Album which includes eight song titles, the marketing of the album and confirmation that "When You Believe" will be issued to US Radio on 2nd November.

It appears that Arista have pulled all the stops in marketing this new album and even declared it the Biggest Album in Whitney Houston's Career.


Radio News...
Information from radio station website(WZFX 99.1- Fayetteville NC).

Superstar Whitney Houston is scheduled to release her long awaited yet-to-be- titled studio album on Nov 17th. We have learned that the collection will feature 12 to 14 tracks including a duet with Mariah Carey, and a collaboration with Faith Evans and Kelly Price, Diane Warren, David Foster, Wyclef Jean, Babyface, Rodney Jerkins, Soulshock & Karlin, and Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot have all contributed to the production of the set.
Arista head honcho Clive Davis and Whitney are serving as executive producers. The first single release from the untitled Whitney project will be a radio track, titled "When You Believe". According to sources at Arista, Whitney is still recording vocals for the album."

[Thanks Arthur]


World Première...

The Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey duet "When You Believe" from the Prince Of Egypt Soundtrack will receive it's first play in the World in the UK on Sunday 25th October 1998.

The duet is to be played during the UK Pepsi Chart show which airs between 4pm and 7pm. Premièred songs usually get played after the No.1 song so expect to hear it just before 7pm.

The Pepsi Chart is broadcast via London's Capital Radio and you can hear the show on their site or via the Pepsi Chart Website.

The one weekend I don't tune in to the end of this chartshow is the one where the duet is talked about! I will provide further confirmation as it is announced during the week.


Arista's Weekly Word...

Check out Arista Record's Weekly Word site for confirmation about the new Whitney Houston album.

Arista have confirmed the new project is a studio album and whilst they don't cite the title of the album itself, they do state "...Prince Of Egypt title track duet with Mariah Carey....". It's common knowledge that the song from the Prince Of Egypt is "When You Believe" so it cannot be the title track for the movie.

A safe bet that we've just been told what the album is called?


Christmas No.1...

Whilst the Spice Girls' "Goodbye" is the front runner for the prestigious UK Christmas No.1 spot at 4-6, bookmakers William Hill have tipped the Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston (yes, quoted in that order) at 25-1.


Toni Braxton On Whitney Houston...

In today's "Parade" section(a supplement in most U.S. Sunday newspapers), Toni Braxton is profiled.
She had this to say about her role as "Belle" in Broadway's "Beauty & the Beast": "At first I said no. Then I saw the show and thought 'I'm an African-American woman being offered a role that's not African-American' What opened it up for me was Whitney Houston in Cinderella."

[Thanks Chip]


Entertainment This Week...

"Entertainment This Week"("Entertainment Tonight"'s weekend edition) featured the Whitney Houston material covered Monday Oct 12 plus a little bit more:
*got to hear a little more of Whitney Houston, Faith Evans, & Kelly Price recording "Heartbreak Hotel";
*the reporter mentioned that the "International Achievement in Arts Awards" was founded by Whitney Houston;
*Whitney said the new album had something for everyone: "It's romantic, it's funky, it's today, it's then, it's now.";
*"ET" anchor Julie Moran said the single "When You Believe" arrives at radio "two Mondays from now"(that would be Nov 2); she also mentioned the album is still "untitled".

[Thanks Chip]


History To Repeat?...

The long time Whitney fans may remember that the last time Whitney Houston went head-to-head for No.1 honours against Ice Cube was with "The Bodyguard" and "The Predator" albums respectively in 1992.

That week - 5 December 1992 - Whitney's album debuted at No.2 and Ice Cube at No.1. Of course, as in true Whitney style, her album increased sales significantly the following week to begin it's 20 week stay on top of the Billboard 200.

17 OCTOBER 1998

17 November 1998...

What was going to be the biggest release date in the history of music has reshaped itself after record labels, concerned that their products wouldn't sell so well on that date due to the heavy demand on the public's money on that week, have moved some of their releases.

The schedule was to have seen releases that week from Garth Brooks (a double live album), Ice Cube, Jewel, Metallica (a double album), Busta Rhymes, Offspring, Mariah Carey, Bruce Springsteen (a boxed set), Nas, Genuwine, Foxy Brown, Spice Girls (EP), three Prince of Egypt soundtracks, Seal, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (a compilation) and Whitney Houston.

After alot of shuffling around, the final list of albums that will arrive on this momentous date are Garth Brooks, Ice Cube, Jewel, Seal, The Prince of Egypt soundtracks, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston to battle for the No.1 honour.



Dave Hall is writing songs with one Gordon Chambers for Whitney Houston's upcoming album.


USA Today Report...

"Whitney and I are not doing the diva-y thing," said Mariah Carey. "If anyone would have told me a year ago that we'd record a duet and I'd be honored by her, I wouldn't have believed it."
"We don't box: we sing," Whitney Houston said of Carey. "We get along fine."

Carey was an honoree Sunday night at a gala benefitting the Starkey Foundation and the Whitney Houston Foundation for Children. Houston's hubby, Bobby Brown, just released from jail after serving a five-day sentence for drunken-driving, performed.
The couple brought their 5-year old daughter, Bobbi Kristina. At dinner, Brown affectionately rubbed his wife's back as they sat with Cissy Houston (Whitney's mom) and Babyface Edmonds. Six security guards were assigned to their table. The duo stood and danced in place when Chaka Khan, Michael McDonald, Phoebe Snow, and Sam Moore sang.

Whitney and Bobby are "very happy" said Cissy Houston. "Bobby is a great father...He's finally growing up now, and he needs to do what he needs to do. I think he's learning."

[Thanks Chip]


One Hundred & Forty Two Million...

I am very proud to announce the inclusion to this website a complete listing of all of Whitney Houston's albums & singles sales.

The listing catalogues the 101,000,000 albums and 41,100,000 singles Whitney has sold in her career.

Whitney Houston is confirmed as the biggest selling female artist of all time.

The Complete Sales List Can Be Found Here.


All Revealed...

Wednesday 14 October will see this website announce Whitney Houston's singles sales - breaking down the gobal sales for each single, resulting in an astonishing final figure.

Wednesday - Don't miss it.


Monday's ET...

The much-advertised Whitney Houston piece on "Entertainment Tonight" was VERY short.
Whitney & Bobby (with Bobbi Kris-all three dressed in white) were interviewed in the lobby of the venue where the benefit was held. Whitney said of Kelly Price & Faith Evans' singing, "Those girls can go!".

Of Mariah Carey, Whitney said the duet was an opportunity to show they get along, can sing well together, and are "great friends"(she also remarked "This is music, not a boxing match"). Mariah said she was also glad for the opportunity, and to have "made a great new friend" in Whitney. It was mentioned again that this will be the Whitney Houston's "first non-soundtrack studio album in eight years".

[Thanks Chip]


The Low Down...

Whitney Houston gave a rousing performance at Sunday night's awards ceremony which benefitted the Whitney Houston Foundation For Children; singing "I Will Always Love You" (as a tribute to David Foster) and "I Believe I Can Fly" (originally by R Kelly) honouring Will Smith.

Whitney & Bobby later presented an award to Mariah Carey for her achievement in music in 1998. Whitney closed the evening with "Greatest Love Of All".

All indications are that Whitney gave a very powerful vocal performance - all good news seeing that she has just three songs left to complete for the upcoming album.


4th Annual International Achievement In Arts Awards...

"Access Hollywood" interviewed Whitney Houston in her dressing-room back- stage at the benefit. She said Bobby told her "you need to sing now" (referring to her long absence from recording); Bobby said there's "3 more songs to do".
Whitney said of Mariah Carey that she had just met Mariah (for the duet), they "got to know one another. We hit it off so well, that we're friends. I care about Mariah and Mariah cares about me."
"E!News Daily" added that Steve Winwood was also among the honorees, and that attendees included Leslie Nielsen, Pat Boone, Dionne Warwick(whom they erroneously referred to as Whitney's "aunt"), Rick Schroeder, and the Artist(formerly known as Prince).

Mariah Carey said the "most important thing for me to come out of this was making a new friend, and disspelling all the rumors about, 'we had a cat-fight, diva-ish thing going on between us.' "

[Thanks Chip]


No Faith & Whitney Duet...

As mentioned earlier on the Newsfile, Faith Evans is currently in London and this weekend I have heard three interviews with her on the radio and with that about six or seven brilliant new songs from the album "Keep The Faith".

In the last of the interviews just a few minutes back, Faith was asked by Trevor Nelson (Radio One's Rhythm Nation DJ) if there were any collaborations on the album, like duets. Faith replied that the only collaborations featured are with 112 on one song and some backing vocals featured by Kelly Price. No other duets or collaborations feature.

I did get an e-mail today from Charles H. stating that the CDNow site mentions the album features a duet with Whitney entitled "I Got Five On It" but it seems the song has been removed - Faith said earlier this morning on another radio interview that she has removed two songs from the final track listing of the album earlier this week. It seems the duet with Whitney Houston didn't make the final cut.


Sales Information...

Watch this space for some exciting information about just exactly how many albums and singles Whitney Houston has sold globally.

Compiling the information was a long and arduous task but it's just about complete - information regarding Whitney's albums sales have already been revealed exclusively on this website a couple of weeks back - the singles sales information is nothing short of fascinating...


Faith In London...

If you're a Faith Evans fan, you are going to love her new "Keep The Faith" CD - and if you're new to her music, it's definitely going to be worth a listen.

Currently touring the clubs of London with 112 (and I believe Puff Daddy is here too), Faith was on Radio One last night talking about the new album and playing some tracks from the new CD.

I stumbled across the interview ten minutes in and must have missed any references to Whitney Houston (I don't believe there weren't any!).

The album gets it's UK release on 26 October and US release the following day. I hope to have the album towards the end of next week so we'll soon find out of Whitney really does feature or not.

...And yea, I am kicking myself at the thought that I may have missed the world exclusive first play of Whitney's duet with Faith!


International Achievement...

Tonight is the night of the 4th Annual International Achievement In Arts Awards. The awards will benefit the Whitney Houston Foundation For Children and amongst the honorees are Mariah Carey, Will Smith and Steve Winwood.

Performances are expected from Whitney, Brandy, Monica, K-Ci & Jo-Jo, Chaka Khan, Smokey Robinson and Dionne Warwick.

If anyone is attending this ceremony or sees anything of it on TV, please E-Mail Me with some info.


Whitney On ET: Monday Night...

For those who get it, Whitney will be on Entertainment Tonight once again on Monday 12 October. The show apparently features an interview and will probably incorporate some more of "Heartbreak Hotel" or possibly another song.

Here's to hoping that Whitney confirms what form the album will take and maybe even the title?


Whitney On ET: 'Heartbreak Hotel'...

Last night's appearance on Entertainment Tonight exposed the world to the first hearing of a brand new Whitney Houston song, "Heartbreak Hotel"...

Since you're not around for me to tell you baby face-to-face,

All I really wanted was some of your time,
Instead you told me life with someone else was on your mind,
What you do to me,
That's what you did to me.

Says Whitney of the new album, "It's sounding really good, yea. I'm working with really hot people, really. The best of the best right now".

[Thanks Chip & Rachel]


Whitney ET Exclusive Tonight...

Here is the contents of an e-mail I have just received from Arista:

Tune in to Entertainment Tonight [US] for a first look at Whitney Houston in the studio with Faith Evans, Kelly Price & Producers SoulShock & Karlin
Thanks from Arista Records and Whitney Houston.


Live Shows At The Taj Mahal...

Whitney Houston will profile the launch of her upcoming new album with two live shows at the Trump Taj Mahal, USA.

The shows will be on 13th & 14th November 1998, the weekend before the Worldwide release of the album.

Tickets are priced at $100, $85 and $50. Further details can be found here.


Secret Faith...

Billboard Magazine this week interviews Faith Evans about her imminently due "Keep The Faith" album. Although in the article, Sean 'Puffy' Combs talks about Faith's vocal artistry stepping into the lines of 'Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey..' no mention is made of the duet by either Puff Daddy or Faith of the duet which Whitney talked about in an interview last year.


UK Release Date Confirmed...

UK music trade magazine, Music Week have finally confirmed the release date of Whitney Houston's new album as 16 November 1998 in the UK. They still do not have any information about the project other than that it contains that duet.

In listing the album, Music Week cite the title as 'TBC' (To Be Confirmed).

Seeing that the UK will receive the album before the rest of the world, expect to see an extensive review exclusively on this site on release day.


The Promotion Begins!...

This photo represents the first publicity shot for the forthcoming Whitney Houston album.

You can click on the image to see a large scale image (where the lettering above and below is displayed clearly).

An excellent beginning Arista...

[Thanks Rachel]


Whitney Houston Considers Starring In Civil War Film...

With husband Bobby Brown spending the rest of this week in a Florida jail, singer Whitney Houston has announced plans to co-produce a new Civil War film which she may act in. Houston will team with Lawrence Bender, Quentin Tarantino's long-time producer and partner in their A Band Apart production house, to oversee a film about a female slave and an illegitimate white man whom the state of North Carolina classified as a slave, according to "Variety."

One of Houston's partners in her Brownhouse production company said that the singer, who last appeared on-screen in 1996's "The Preacher's Wife," had yet to decide whether or not to take a role in the picture, and was awaiting screenwriter Paris Qualles' final script before making a decision.

Up next for Houston is a planned starring role opposite Will Smith in the romantic-comedy "Anything for You," although Smith's growing film commitments may keep him from beginning work on the picture after he wraps work on "The Wild, Wild West."

[From MTV News - Thanks Chip & BlackAtlantic]


Exclusive Whitney...

How would you like to see Whitney Houston, Rod Stewart, Celine Dion or Diana Ross in a setting of less than 1,000 people? You can, but it's going to cost you some major bucks. They're all appearing as part of the Cipriani Dinner Concert Series, a new elite schedule of shows to be held at Cipriani's new ballroom located on Wall Street in New York.

Patrons can purchase a table for the 10-concert series for between for between $100,000 and $150,000. Each table seats 10, and the cost of the table subscription includes dinner, wine, tax, entertainment and, thank goodness, gratuity. When you price it out, it's not that much more than you'd pay to go to an Eagles concert. If you pay $150,000 for ten concerts, that's $15,000 per show or $1,500 per seat. Park Avenue Productions has been hired to secure sponsors that want to have their products sampled or given away at the series. For those prices, I expect a Mercedes as a parting gift.

[Report by Melinda Newman, Billboard Magazine, 5 September 1998]


Mariah's Vibe...

Mariah is featured in the cover story in this month's Vibe Magazine. She offers some of her impressions of Whitney's talent and the duet. .

Interviewer: Tell me about the song you did with Whitney.
MC: I wish I could tell you more about it, but unfortunately, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds has that under wraps. We've done our vocals, but now he's in the process of changing it around. I kinda liked it the way it was. It's called "When You Believe," for "The Prince of Egypt" soundtrack.

I: One of those big ballads . . .
MC: It's a very big ballad but in an inspirational way. The movie is about Moses. That she and I came together on this particular song is important. It's not just like, Here we are -- Divafest '98... I don't think we are trying to outsing each other. You really do hear the differences in our voices.

I: What are the differences?
MC: She just has a really rich, strong mid-belt that very few people have. She sounds really good, really strong. I guess I sound airier and lighter than her.

I: Was it dramatic being in the studio with her?
MC: Not at all.

I: You guys are supposed to have this rivalry ...
MC: You know what's funny? When I came out, people had comments. That had a lot to do with me being put with the producers she'd worked with. When you're a young girl, you don't have control and you're being marketed as the New Little Diva.

I: And there's already a Diva. You guys never had beef?
MC: I had never even really talked to her until this. We never had any issues between us. The media and everybody made it an issue. Over the years, as I got more control over my own music, I did my own thing. I don't think we do similar thing at this point.

I: But I mean if we're talking about the pop princesses of the late '80s and early '90s . . .
MC: I didn't come out until the '90s [laughs]. And I hope to be around past the '90s. I don't want to be categorized as "of this era." My goal is to have a career that stands. Otherwise what's the point?

There you have it - Mariah confirmed that she was put with Whitney's producers deliberately at the beginning and she also acknowledge Whitney's undeniable vocal superiority. We also get confirmation that Whitney & Mariah were not 'friends' before this duet.

[Extracted from Vibe Magazine& additional thanks to BlackAtlantic]


Confusion Update...

For those of us who are now totally confused as to what's happening with Whitney's musical output, here's a brief synopsis on what the latest, more official rather than just gossip information is:

The untitled new Whitney Houston album is at last count, due for US release on 17th November 1998. Worldwide release dates will be around this time, give or take a day.

The album - at last count - will be a 'Best Of...' collection on one CD and a completely new studio album on the other. It will be packaged in much the same way as Michael Jackson's "HIStory" set.

Arista have not confirmed any information about the album and the only statement made is the release date which has been confirmed by the Platinum Club. Please take this to mean that final decisions have not been made and it is more than likely that Whitney has not yet submitted the album to the label.

"When You Believe" is the confirmed first single and will officially go to radio on 7th October 1998. It is unlikely that radio stations have the single already.

As reported here some time ago, there is a strong possibility that "When You Believe" will not get to see commercial release - instead, it may become one of the first ever non-commercially released singles to be allowed to debut on the Billboard Hot 100 as part of a new initiative to recognize successful radio singles. Suggestions have also been made for it to become the UK's first ever radio only single. All of this is subject to reactions as radio and retail.

That's the update on the current confusion!


Duet Video...

The latest People has a picture of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston and Mariah talks about the duet. She mentions how she really likes Whitney as a person and that they are going to film the video soon and that it will be a live video.


If You Can't Wait...
[Report Thanks To Niranjana.Ram]

"When You Believe" gets issued to radio October 7, but if you are hard-pressed to get a sample of what around 3 lines of the chorus sounds like the trailer for Prince of Egypt can be downloaded at: www.theatres.sre.sony.
The chorus is sung mainly by a Dreamworks chorus and it pops up at the end of the trailer. However, the very last second of the trailer features what sound like the Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey duet. In my opinion, however, the voice sounds more like Mariah than Whitney. A very high pitched voice sings "....only when you believe." and then it fades into the Babyface production.
BE WARNED: This trailer only offers a TINY peek at what the song might sound like and it takes about an hour to download. The trailer, by the way, looks fantastic. This movie is going to be huge.


Benefit Show...

From "Entertainment Tonight" and "Access Hollywood":
Whitney Houston was a surprise guest Monday Sept 14 at the 24th Annual Evening of Champions honoring Annette Funicello(it was benefit to find a cure for the disease Annette has been battling for years- Multiple Sclerosis. She did a simple but beautiful rendition of "Song for You", which she performed at the 1991 "Welcome Home Heroes" concert.


Classic Whitney On VH-1 UK...

Expect the unexpected - Whitney Houston's "Classic Whitney" is to be aired in early hours of Friday morning on VH-1 in the UK.

TV listings detail the show as being three hours long but if the last showing was anything to go by, VH-1 has accounted for the adverts they insist on showing through the show.

"Classic Whitney" will air at 01:00 on Friday 25th September 1998 - set your video recorders on Thursday night! Hopefully, this time the UK will get the complete show.

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Platinum News...

Whitney's next album is for Arista records is scheduled to be released on November 17th. She is recording songs for this album right now. At this point we still do not know exactly what will be on the record (i.e.; greatest hits, all new stuff...).

You will be seeing Whitney all over the cathode ray tube this fall. Whitney is in the process of scheduling a lot of appearances both in Europe and the United States. Look for her on shows like Saturday Night Live and many others.

[Extracted from Whitney Houston Platinum Club]


Whitney At The Emmys Emmys 1998...

Whitney Houston and her production of "Cinderella" went home empty handed last night.

Whitney did present a special tribute to the show in which Brandy sang "The Sweetest Sound" - Whitney did not perform last night.


Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey

1998 MTV Video Music Awards

For The Record...

There are an increasing number of messages on Mariah Carey websites (mainly) that "The Prince Of Egypt" is an album of songs by Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey. It is not. There is only one song which features these ladies and that is the new duet "When You Believe".

It is on the sleeve that they will switch Whitney & Mariah's names after the initial 500,000 copies. I don't feel this album is in the "must buy" category for fans as is being made out unless it transpires that the version on the soundtrack is in any way different to the commercial release or that which features on the new albums by Whitney or Mariah.


More Confusion...

The Baltimore Sun reports that "The Prince Of Egypt" soundtrack will drop 3 November and Mariah Carey's "1's " set will arrive 10 November. Whitney Houston's "Greatest Hits" is set to arrive 17 November.

Formal confirmation has not been received as to when the album is due to arrive.

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Not That Clive...

The US Associated Press reports that the Clive that Mariah Carey referred to when talking about her original skit idea of the Catfight with Whitney Houston was not Clive Davis, but a Clive who was part of the MTV production team.

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Album Release Date...

Unconfirmed reports state that the release of Whitney's new album has been put back two weeks to 24 November 1998 (US) and 23 November 1998 (UK/Europe).


Whitney On MTV Skit...
[Extracted from Access Hollywood/E-News Daily]

Here's some things Whitney Houston said backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards about the skit she & Mariah Carey did from "Access Hollywood":
When asked whose idea it was for the duplicate dresses, Whitney replied "Mariah's";
From "E! News Daily": WH's exact words on the "rivalry-"Mariah and I have no problem with one another. We find the gifts in one another. That's the great part, so you can stop trying to make us 'bitches'(laughs). We get along great."

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[Extracted from Rocktropolis]

Anyone else think the Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston dress skit during their presenting duties was a bit dumb? Well, Carey had a much better idea. Playing on the long- rumored rivalry between the two, Carey wanted to stage a fake catfight with stunt doubles. However, "Clive [Davis, head of Houston's label Arista] was not feeling that one," said Carey, "so we moved on."

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Madonna On Whitney & Mariah Duet...

Madonna seemed shocked when told of the new duet between Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Asked about the billing of the song, she replied that in her opinion Whitney should get top billing because she'd been around long and because of "Superiority".

Further validation was given by Madonna...Whitney is taller.


1998 MTV Video Music Awards - Whitney & Mariah...

Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey took to the stage for the first time ever as they set up a suitably styled scenario of the duelling divas. Whitney arrived on stage first to the music of "I'm Every Woman" which soon changed to "Honey" - Whitney stopped half way up the stairs whilst Mariah made her entrance. The ladies met at the podium in matching dresses which later revealed ample legs on both ladies.

Mariah didn't seem to comfortable to start with but soon settled into the skit. Whitney - as ever - looked great, sounded good (she only talked!).

The appearance is likely to be an excellent form of marketing - the duet is due out soon and the credibility of the song depends on such an appearance to do away with persistent rumours of rivalry.

Mission Accomplished.


1998 MTV Video Music Awards...

Expect to see Whitney Houston tonight on the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards.

Hopefully the MTV VJs will also manage to catch a word with Whitney at some point and ask her about the forthcoming new album and that duet.


LA Times Emmy Watch...

The Emmy Watch section in the Los Angeles Times dated 31 August 1998 Whitney as being set as a presenter at the Emmys on 13 September and that she also will perform a medley of songs from "Cinderella."

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Duet Airplay...

Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey's "When You Believe" duet will get it's first play on the radio on 7 October 1998 according to Rolling Stone Magazine.

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Lady of Soul...

The 1998 Soul Train Lady of Soul Music Awards will air in the States on 3 September on WGN. Word has it that Whitney will be there.

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Mariah Talks To MTV About Whitney/Duet...

Mariah Carey got a little help from Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat on Saturday when she took the stage at the KMEL All Star Jam in San Francisco.
Despite her newsworthy turn on stage, backstage Carey found herself talking about another chunk of news: her duet with Whitney Houston called, "When You Believe" for The Prince Of Egypt.
The song, recorded in August, will be the first single released on the animated film's soundtrack, and will also be featured on both pop singers' upcoming albums.

"Actually, Jeffrey Katzenberg from Dreamworks showed us both the movie separately and got us both excited about the project," Carey told MTV News of how she got involved in the project. "It's sort of a message song. It's what 'Prince of Egypt' is about, Moses. If we were ever going to come together on any kind of record, this is definitely the right one, and really the coolest thing to me is that after all of the drama and everybody making it like we had a rivalry, she was just really cool and we had a really good time in the studio. We had fun. And so, if nothing else, it was a good experience...and diva-ism, whatever."

Carey's album "Ones" is due out on November 10 , Houston's untitled album is scheduled for the fall, and "The Prince of Egypt" soundtrack will be in stores on November 17.


No Go For Leo...

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Leonardo DiCaprio has made it official that he won't star in the feature film version of American Psycho.
The Lions Gate Films production is again expected to be directed by Mary Harron .

The American Psycho book features a psycho who listens to the music of Whitney Houston (amongst others).

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